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    How important is it to you that other people recognize that you r a good parent.

    Very important. Because, it speaks about me as a parent in a society. My tricks work for my kid, if I whack my kid it works or threaten it works, others would definitely judge me as a bad parent. So I hide it from others pretend to be a patient and understanding mother. It gives me a joy to be a perfect parent among others. I am not a bad mother though. ... more


    Devi Nov 8 2017

    Not really. Its important that my daughters turn back and say mom I am happy to be your child. The parent relationship is with your kids. The true feedback need to be from the child. I agree the kids cannot understand completely the reason for our behavior often, in the long run the patience, acceptance, love and care we show to the kids will be realized. Sometimes for the social norms we ruin the bondage with the children. Take time before reacting, respond in a calm tone. Assure them you are there. The truly important credit comes when we raise our children with compassion, confidence, perseverance and love.

    Rohini karnad Nov 6 2017

    Everyone seems to be an ideal parent here. I am opening up a discussion to everyone out there in fb, hoping to see parents on the other side too.

    Mohan Nov 6 2017

    I would be feel good and happy, when my kids become adult and they say, "hey dad you did great job as a parent !!" That should be more than enough, than thinking whether others see me as a good parent or not.

    Mohan Nov 6 2017

    Navyz Nov 6 2017

    for me,it's really not important what kind of parent others judge me as.Each parent has a different perspective of what is good and what is bad,so what is good for me may be bad for some one else.

    Anusha Ram Nov 6 2017

    Do I care what others think about my parenting? I care more about what my children think about my parenting! That said, if they tell me I'm the meanest mother in the whole world because I just said NO - do I care? Children know how to get to you- yes I sometimes fall for their tricks and give in.