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    Preteens and Teens

    How do you talk to your child about puberty? Share with us!

    Preteens and Teens

    How do you talk to your child about puberty? Share with us!

    Talking to your preteen/ teen about puberty is a very important conversation to have. Share with us your experiences of talking to them about this, the challenges you faced and the lessons learnt from your experience. ... more

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    • Jul 15 2019


    Dhinakaran Raj Sep 19 2019

    I remember the day when my 11-year-old curious boy came up to me asking me why he does not have a beard like me. I did not even think twice. I felt he, at his age, deserved to know what is it that he should expect from life, physically, biologically and emotionally. He is 17 now and I am glad that he was well informed about all these from his parents and not from someone else. He had got the right information, first hand from his parents and that in fact cleared most of his queries and he was more confident about addressing these with us.

    Mehek Chauhan Aug 13 2019

    Schools should also start having more open discussions around topics like these. A significant amount of time is being spent in schools and anything taught at home can be reinforced by speaking about it at school. Most schools don't even want to address these topics and are most of the times addressed separately to boys and girls. More the awareness we try to create, the lesser will be any misunderstandings around these.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 7 2019

    Coping with puberty can be challenging for both boys and girls. So, parental support and advice is necessary. Here's how you can guide your child through the various stages of this vulnerable time.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 7 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Thank you for this article! Well explained!

    Komal Kriti Sharma Aug 2 2019

    This is a topic we all fail to speak about with our kids. Atleast in my case, I had no knowledge about this crucial stage in everyone's life during my early teen years and when I got my periods for the first time, I was so scared and burst into tears. If only I had known about this earlier and waited for it to arrive, it could have been a much more enjoyable day! I decided then that I would be open to my kids about adolescence, what they can expect and what they will experience. My kids are 7 and 15 and they both know about puberty from the age of 6 and my elder one has infact even taught her little sister about it.

    Smitha.R.P Jul 19 2019

    Puberty is complete natural process that everybody goes through. I have two daughters aged 8 and 11 years. Talking about puberty ...I remember my childhood days.. when I was in 2nd standard I had curiosity when Ad. of whisper comes on national TV. I used to ask " Why is blue ink dropped on pad". My mother and others used to keep their mouth shut. I came to know about it through books....and more about when I reached higher primary through our classmstes who already had got their periods. Now my daughters have the same curiosity when Advertisement comes on TV. I take them to medical shops to buy pads along with them. My younger daughter asked Me " Are you a baby to buy these diapers" .I smiled little...and said " No my dear...when girls grow up , they have physical and harmonal changes in the body .All grown girls have to use this". I feel it is duty of every mother to explain about menstruation before girls get their periods in more positive way.

    Smitha.R.P Jul 26 2019

    @Smitha.R.P This is so well put, Smitha. Taking your daughters to buy sanitary napkins is a very practical approach to explain and understand the process of menstruation. There are a million taboos associated with menstruation and when we mothers and even fathers take a step forward to debunk these myth we contribute towards making it a less mystified process.

    Mamta Gupta Jul 18 2019

    Mousumi Biswas Jul 15 2019

    Every child goes through the gawky period when he or she undergoes various physical changes . These can make the child sensitive, emotional, irritated or self conscious .
    I have a son . By God's grace I didn't have to face much challenges during his adolescent period . Sometimes he did become irritated about his facial n body hair n cracking voice . That time it was best to leave him alone in his company of books which were n even now ( he is 27 now)his best friends My parents ,me n my husband always laid emphasize on strong character , respect for everyone , honesty , sincerity and empathy for an all round development .

    Sayoni Mondal Jul 15 2019

    Changes are natural. We can't control hormonal changes of our child going through physical, biological stages to transform into adulthood. What is under our control is proper discussion with good explanation. Some important lessons which I learnt from my experience is to provide platform for our child to talk or discuss on whatsoever matter without hesitation. They are curious to collect as many information as possible and are able to give the meaning to their surroundings. I was not fortunate to talk on any matters with my parents. I found many answers by my education and experiences. With God's grace, I am fortunate for minute and unique observations. A child has a power to learn by themselves about what's happening with their body, if he/she is unclear they come to parents/friends for guidance, at that time it is the duty of parents to explain precisely and clearly so that child can put a trust in our words. External environment is unsafe as child may learn many unusual and irrelevant things from that surroundings, parents has to take care in their grooming by teaching an important lesson of focus on education and ignore bad people and situations that comes in our way. This helps that child to grow with a different mindset and can easily achieve his purpose in his life.

    Manish Saxena Jul 15 2019

    We need to talk our childs very carefully in different types of stages. 'Puberty' is a very important topic to tell our teen childs. First, on this topic, we need to talk them very carefully with their understanding it means what they r thinking about their different stages of life they going to the initial stage of their life. They can feel some changes wht we realise them and we told them about puberty stage then they will accept some changes carefully.Its our responsibility how we present puberty topic and life strategy to them which can understand with their excellent know. We understand and responsible for this how we can understand our childs and their understanding as we give them good understanding about all stages in this important stage of life.