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    How can I help my child become more social?

    Team ParentCircle Answered by Team ParentCircle

    Dear Parent,

    Glad you asked this question because many parents believe that children will anyway learn to mingle with others as they grow. However, we know from scientific studies on child development that social and emotional skills can and must be taught to children. A child’s first lessons in social skills and building relationships occur in the home. She keenly observes how her parents relate to each other - are they respectful and kind? The sibling relationship – is it loving most of the time? The child uses these experiences as guidelines on how to interact with people – adults and children. Therefore, stop and think about what your child is learning from you and your spouse.

    Please follow these links to get useful tips on how you can help your child learn social skills.

    How to Teach Social Skills to Your Preschooler (3-5 years)

    Is your child struggling to make friends? We bring you some useful ways that can help her out

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