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    All about Nutrition!

    Home Remedies for Gastritis Relief - Share with us!

    All about Nutrition!

    Home Remedies for Gastritis Relief - Share with us!

    Be it massaging the navel with asafoetida (hing) or drinking fennel water, we all have our traditional family remedies to get rid of 'Gastritis'. Though, age old, but these remedies are less invasive with no side effects.
    Have you tried any of these gastritis home remedies for your kids or family? Or have you benefited from some concoction of your own? Tell us your success story of beating 'gastritis' with home remedies! ... more

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    • Oct 12 2020


    Jasmine Bose Oct 15 2020

    Curd or dahi made from pure milk of cow is a great home remedy for gastritis. It has been estimated that our body contains as many or more bacterial cells than our own native cells. The flora of the bacteria is known as gut microbiome. These bacteria play a pivotal role in the digestion of food.
    Lactobacillus, a group of bacterial species, is one of the key species present in human microbiota, and probably plays a key role in human digestive system.
    A Lactobacillus species is used to ferment milk into curd.
    According to a story, the French King Francis I had diarrhea and his ally Suleman al-Qanooni sent a doctor to cure him - using curd. Thus, there is history to the usage of curd to cure problems related to the Gastrointestinal system.
    Ayurvedic authorities like Shree Nithyanandam has also prescribed the usage of curd for gastritis and related problems.

    Jasmine Bose Oct 16 2020

    @Jasmine Bose Thanks for sharing that Jasmine.

    Viti kumar Oct 12 2020

    Home remedies are always best for kids as they do not harm with their side effects and other than that one do not get used to for such home made medicine .
    Popular home remedy is to apply hing in a little amount of boiled water and apply it around the naval .
    Other remedy is to give them lukewarm water after Boling sauf in summers or Ajwain in winters .