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    3. Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Tree Decoration Contest | December 2021

    Joy of Celebration!

    Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Tree Decoration Contest | December 2021

    Joy of Celebration!

    Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Tree Decoration Contest | December 2021

    It’s that time of the year when the festive spirit is in the air. The family comes together as yummy flavors of cakes and goodies waft through the home, and the colorful buntings add to the festive cheer.
    So, why not share this festive cheer with all of us!!!

    What to do?
    * Get your family to decorate a Christmas Tree - DIY or real
    * Click a picture
    * Share it with us HERE!

    Rules of the contest:
    * Only one entry per family
    * Send original entries only
    * Participants are responsible for the pictures/content they post
    * The contest entries will become the sole property of ParentCircle. The content may be used for publication in the company’s online and print media.
    * The decision of judges stands final ... more

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    Team ParentCircle 5 days ago

    Many Congratulations to our Winners :)

    Team ParentCircle 23 days ago

    Thank you all for sharing lovely pictures of your Christmas Tree :)

    The Contest Stands CLOSED.

    Please watch out this space for Results!

    Madhuvanthy Krishnan 25 days ago

    Chirstmas is in the Air. Ginggle bells.Hurray. Chirstmas reminds my school days where we get winter holidays, chirstmas gifts, watch Jesus birth plays, Visiting church. This tree decoration started when I was carrying my little one. I wanted to create a positive vibe for the little one when the baby is dancing in the womb listening to all the way we decorate the tree,. My journey as a mother started here. It's absolutely a happy moment decorating the tree, creating brighter memories. Wishing everyone a happy, prosperous and healthy New year.

    Saju Johnson 25 days ago

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

    Jayanthy Asokan 25 days ago

    The joy of Christmas starts by putting up the Christmas tree. Every hand in the house does their part of work in putting up the Christmas tree with lots of love and fun. The celebration starts with lovely lighting and gifts for the family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

    Amit Das 26 days ago

    My Mom and my Dad are very simple and so old-fashioned. They are living in the olden days still. They don't like to go out much, and even less now in this winter season. I am really tired of trying to get them to do things, and every Christmas has been a struggle to get them to celebrate even in the smallest of ways. But not this year!!! Oh no!! This year I put my foot down and did not stand for any more of their nonsense, and we celebrated Christmas to the full, as it should be. Christmas was celebrated in full spirits. We made a wonderful Christmas tree, and decorated it all together, with my Mom and Dad helping out too, and we decorated the house with lights to give that real festive atmosphere. Our house now looks like a HOME. See how happily we celebrated this Christmas so grandly like never before, with all of us having fun, especially my Mom and Dad!! This year our Christmas was our best ever.

    Sonika 27 days ago

    This Christmas I celebrate with my family . So. I wish Christmas is for every cat and dog straying out in the streets or temporarily housed in animal shelters to find a faithful owner, a loving home and live a happy life.

    Manoj gupta 29 days ago

    Happy Christmas

    shubham sawarn 30 days ago

    Merry Christmas

    Mukti Sahay 32 days ago

    Merry Christmas

    Aahana Bansal 32 days ago


    Deepika Amit Gupta 32 days ago

    I would love to welcome Santa with chocolate muffins, candles lighting on it and his statue in the middle. He has fulfill our wishes and he certainly needs a break and something that refreshes his mood. Any ways Christmas is the time to celebrate because it:C – Creates memories’
    H – Happiness all around
    R – Refreshes mood
    I – Involves everyone and hug tight
    S – Santa moves all around
    T – Twinkle in every eyes
    M – Meals and gifts to shared
    A - Affection and love around
    S – Star to shine bright and make everything right

    Smitha.R.P 32 days ago

    My daughters along with Christmas tree

    Manoj gupta 32 days ago

    Christmas Tree is decorated to celebrate Christmas Day.

    abhishek chauhan 33 days ago

    my beautiful Christmas tree

    Shannon Almeida 33 days ago

    While the Christmas tree is nice, it’s the family that adds the spice.

    Akum Raj Jamir 33 days ago

    Our Christmas tree 2021

    Subhashree Ravichandran 34 days ago

    Merry Christmas. This is our Christmas Tree with our pet Lab Tintin beside it.

    Neha Savla 34 days ago

    Used plastic bottle's base christmas tree

    Neha Savla 34 days ago

    Plastic bottle christmas tree.. ECO friendly and sustainable Christmas

    Archana Achuthan 34 days ago

    Archana and Tarunya
    Merry Christmas!

    Dr Pallavi Vora 34 days ago

    Merry Christmas

    Dr Pallavi Vora 34 days ago

    Merry Christmas

    Dr Pallavi Vora 34 days ago

    Merry Christmas

    Dr Pallavi Vora 34 days ago

    Merry Christmas
    Here is Christmas Tree Decorated At Our Home
    Dr Pallavi Vora

    suraj Nair 35 days ago

    Made by Anagha Nair (10 Yr), Kochi

    Team ParentCircle 35 days ago

    @suraj Nair Very pretty Christmas Tree Anagha :)