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    high demanding child

    I hv 9 years old.son. He is very demanding, though we r trying to complete his demands which affordable and appropriate bt now he is demanding for new android mobile and continuously he is speaking the same thing. We refused his demand and he is telling tht now I.m going to play some fighting games,which r not acceptable for me. He is observation child means when he saw something new or impressive from his friends. He will start demanding for that.I hv tried to make him understand bt he cant.at last I hv to hit him than.after he is stop demanding. I don't like to hit him bt no other way to stop Him. His observations r very good bt sometime I fees that he has some complex in his mind.
    I don't know.how to treat him? Please suggest ... more


    Team ParentCircle Sep 25 2018

    Children are so easily tempted to get whatever other children have. They can be so demanding. As parents we tend to give them whatever they ask for because they are affordable. The message the child gets is that my parents will get me whatever I want. But when they begin to ask for expensive things, we get upset and tell them its not possible. So now this becomes a power struggle between parents and children. Your son wants a smart phone because he sees other children using it. To begin with, ask him how he feels because he does not have a smart phone. Accept his feelings. This will make him feel better. Next, ask him to think of why you are not ready to give him a smart phone. Listen quietly to everything he says. Then you can explain to him your reasons and most importantly, when you say no to a smart phone, say yes to something else that he can enjoy attend a training class in something that he enjoys, or any other activity that will make him feel good about himself. A child who is actively engaged in something that builds his self-esteem is less likely to make big demands.

    Anusha Ram Sep 21 2018

    It must be so frustrating when your son is so demanding. Its okay not to give in to everything he wants. Instead of you buying him what he wants, can you give him a fixed amount of pocket money every week to spend on what he wants? Instead of spending it that week, he can save all the money he gets from you and his grandparents, aunts etc for his birthday or Diwali. Let him know if he wants something he has to use his own money to buy it. He will learn to value what he buys and he will not demand from you to buy it for him right now. Children will test you to see how they can get what they want.

    Anusha Ram Sep 22 2018

    @Anusha Ram true, I have seen kids of.parents giving pocket money are not demanding and at the same time they understand the value of money and spend less.