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All about Health Insurance Companies

Buying a health insurance policy saves you considerable medical expenses. A health insurance agent can help you choose the best health insurance policy or Mediclaim insurance to cover your family. See our list of top health insurance companies to choose the right health insurance plan for you.

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While choosing a family health insurance policy, you should keep in mind factors such as your requirement, your family’s medical history, proximity of the insurer, outpatient benefits of the policy, and the actual costs when compared to the cover provided. For costly and complicated treatments like cancer care and organ replacement, a floater policy will come in handy. 

A V Senthil, Finance Expert, Chennai


How do I get health insurance?

Getting a health insurance plan is very easy. You could go online and research on the various medical insurance providers in India and the plans they are providing. You can also then contact your bank or an insurance agent to give you information on the best health insurance policies for you and your family. Once you have finalised the plan, you need to fill up the requisite forms and pay the required health insurance premium and the health insurance policy will be activated in your name.

What are the benefits of taking health insurance?

Following are some health insurance benefits: Offers coverage against medical expenses. Provides coverage against personal accidents and critical health illnesses. Grants coverage against hospitalisation charges. Saves taxes. Ensures you enjoy cashless medical procedures

How much does health insurance cost?

Health care insurance cost depends on the plan or the health insurance policy you opt for. The insured amount and the annual premium will differ based on how much you are willing to invest in your medical insurance plan annually. An average health insurance policy of Rs 5 lakhs is enough to cover most medical expenses or emergencies. However, if you live in a metro, you might need a higher coverage.

How do I select the best health insurance policy for me?

The ideal health insurance policy depends on your and your family's needs. If you have senior citizens depending on you, you need a higher health insurance coverage. But, if you are a young family with two kids, you can do with a basic health insurance coverage of Rs 5 lakhs.

What is the difference between mediclaim insurance and health insurance?

Mediclaim insurance is a more affordable health insurance that provides coverage against specific medical expenses. It is often limited to hospitalisation expenses, expenses against accidents and treatment of limited illnesses. Health insurance, on the other hand, is more comprehensive and covers up to 30 critical illnesses or more. A mediclaim insurance offers no flexibility in terms of premium amount whereas health insurance policies offer flexibility in terms of the premium amount paid and the duration of the policy.

What are the critical illnesses covered under health insurance?

You should talk to your health insurance agent, if you feel you need a critical illnesses insurance in addition to your health insurance. Some of the examples of critical illnesses covered under a health insurance are as follows: Heart attack, Stroke, Major Organ Transplantations, Kidney failure, Paralysis, Spinal cord surgeries.

What are the different types of health insurance plans available for me?

Following are some of the different types of health insurance plans available in India: Mediclaim Insurance, Individual Health insurance Coverage, Family Floater Health Insurance plan, Senior Citizen Coverage, Unit Linked Health Plans, Group Mediclaim, Critical Illness Health Insurance, Personal Accident Plan, Hospitalisation cash benefit plan

What are some of the important questions I should ask my health insurance expert?

You should ask your health insurance agent the following points: The critical illnesses covered in your health insurance plan. Personal accident insurance. Cashless insurance. Rules on policy lapse and policy renewal. Total sum assurance. Flexibility in insurance premium paid.

Do I need to go for a medical check-up before getting an insurance policy from any of the top health insurance companies in India?

Most health insurance companies ask for a pre-policy health check-up to reduce their risk in providing coverage for an individual beyond a certain age. These tests are required if the individual is 40 years or above, so the insurer is aware of the policy holder's medical fitness and if there are any pre-existing medical conditions

What is the most affordable health insurance policy?

Medical insurance can be expensive. But some insurance companies provide low-cost medical coverage to individuals seeking it. However, the premium amount can differ based on the age of the policyholder as well as the medical insurance plan you are seeking. A low-cost health insurance can be anywhere between Rs 50,000 and Rs 5,00,000 with the premium amount starting as low as Rs 700 and going up to Rs 2,000.

Can I also include senior citizens in my family in the health insurance coverage?

The premium for a young family is lesser than the premium you'd have to pay for senior citizens like your parents. So, you have to decide whether you want a family floater health insurance plan or a senior citizen health insurance plan.

How much coverage do I need?

That depends on how much you can afford to pay out of your pocket in case of medical emergencies. Do you want insurance to cover all your needs from ambulance charges to hospitalisation to medical treatments and surgeries? Or do you want cover for critical illnesses, personal accidents and medical procedures. Whichever health insurance you buy, it should be able to cover your medical needs for the next five years.

What are the loopholes?

Some medical insurance policies have a limit to the amount of room rent paid during hospitalisation and some do not have a very good record of settling claims. Check all details before you buy a health insurance policy.

What are the benefits of getting a top maternity insurance policy?

Many insurance policies now give maternity coverage as part of the health insurance package. Maternity insurance covers pre and post-hospitalisation costs. Other medical expenses like nursing and room charges, surgeon's fees, doctor's consultation fees and anaesthetist's consultation fees are also covered.

What are the top 10 health insurance companies?

Following are the popular health insurance companies of India: Max Bupa, Star Health, Apollo Munich, Cigna TTK, Bajaj Allianz, National Insurance, New India Assurance, Religare, Oriental Insurance, SBI Health Insurance Company Limited

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