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    Hydrogen Water: Key To Wellness

    Girish Kotwal Girish Kotwal 11 Mins Read

    Girish Kotwal Girish Kotwal



    Hydrogen-rich drinking water is the latest buzzword in the wellness sector. KYK, the market leader in hydrogen and alkaline water, brings you a hydrogen water generator to boost your overall health.

    Infant to 18+
    Hydrogen Water: Key To Wellness
    "Thousands have lived without love, not one without water." - H Auden

    Do you know that 60 per cent of your body is water? And in kids, the percentage is even higher? No, we are not kidding! It's true.

    The water in our bodies is essential for life. Without water, we cannot survive. And the type and amount of water you drink and replenish your body with, can affect your overall health.

    And nowadays more and more families are installing water purifiers at home. But have you heard of the new concept of hydrogen water generators? A hydrogen water generator is a home appliance that generates hydrogen through an electrolysis method and helps to dissolve it in water. Hydrogen water helps maintain the pH levels of drinking water. You might ask why do we need to pay attention to the pH levels in our water?

    Well, according to several prominent health organizations and water experts, the pH level of drinking water should be between 6.5pH to 8.5pH and the recommended TDS is in the range of 50ppm to 500ppm in any drinking water.

    What does pH and TDS mean in terms of determining water quality?

    pH is a measure that determines how acidic or alkaline (basic) water is. The pH range goes from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. A pH of less than 7 indicates acidity, whereas a pH of greater than 7 indicates alkalinity. The pH level of water is a significant indication of the quality of water. The permissible limit in drinking water as recommended by Healthline is between 6.5pH and 8.5pH.

    Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) on the other hand, indicates the concentration of dissolved compounds in the water. And these compounds can be a mixture of salts, metals, and other organic and inorganic substances. The permissible limit in drinking water as recommended by Safe Water Organization is between 50 to 500 mg/l.

    What is hydrogen-rich water?

    If your water contains pure dissolved hydrogen, it is called hydrogen water. Hydrogen water is nothing but water which has extra H2 gas (hydrogen) dissolved into it. It may also be called as Molecular Hydrogen or Diatomic Hydrogen Rich Drinking Water. It tastes just like regular water but considered much healthier because of the added hydrogen, which acts as a selective super antioxidant. And antioxidants are known to fight free radicals in your body. And your regular water doesn't come with these benefits.

    Even if the universe contains about 85 per cent of hydrogen - mostly in the form of water - our bodies do not come with the mechanism to extract that. Researchers have stated that drinking hydrogen-enriched water has its own benefits. And if you have a home appliance that supplies you good quality hydrogen-infused water on a daily basis, then why not reap its many benefits?

    Nature Medicine, a world-renowned and prestigious scientific journal, published a paper regarding the "effective removal of active oxygen by hydrogen" in June 2007. It was by a research team headed by Professor Otashigeo of a medical school in Japan. Since then, hydrogen has been drawing attention as a new material in the healthcare industry, and around 1200 research articles have been published regarding hydrogen. It is garnering attention in the healthcare field as a revolutionary alternative for improving health, in addition to being used in the energy sector.

    What can give me hydrogen-rich water?

    The answer is hydrogen water generators! These water generators provide you with superior quality water than a regular alkaline RO or UF or UV type water purifiers. The device pumps in hydrogen into the drinking water produced. It retains all the healthy minerals present in the raw water; which in turn maintains the pH in recommended levels.

    People all over the world have started realising the importance of drinking Hydrogen Rich Water for a happier and disease-free life. Countries like Japan and Korea have already taken the leap towards Hydrogen-rich water as a solution to many health issues. Water, rich in dissolved Hydrogen is considered the next best thing in the wellness sector.

    About KYK

    KYK Co Ltd is Korea's no 1 and one of the world's best specialised drinking water products brand. The founder of the company, Dr Kim Young Kwi (KYK) himself is a scientist and has been awarded with 13 International Gold Medals for his more than 39 years of research in water science for human health benefits.

    KYK products carry US FDA, Korea FDA and more than 50 quality certifications. These products are being sold in more than 100 countries with 130 plus patents. A market leader in Hydrogen and Alkaline water, KYK products are available in India since last six years.

    Does water from hydrogen generators look or taste different?

    No, molecular hydrogen is odourless and tasteless gas. The minerals protected antioxidant drinking water tastes good. Though these are medical type devices, KYK Hydrogen Generators have a look, which is like that of domestic kitchen appliances. In-fact they look beautiful in your kitchen too, as they blend with all types of kitchen styles. They have a simple and easy user interface and operations.

    Hydrogen Generators now supersede alkaline water ionizers and the understanding of the science of alkaline ionized water. The dissolved level of Hydrogen in Hydrogen Generators is of three times more and of consistent level with zero wastage of water.

    Is it safe for children and pregnant women?

    Hydrogen Rich Drinking Water is completely safe for children, pregnant women and elderly person. Hydrogen is not a new thing for human body. It has no negative effects. Our guts have some level of hydrogen, but it is not enough to provide us therapeutic health benefits which can be achieved with KYK Hydrogen Rich Drinking Water.

    Even if a relatively new concept, hydrogen Rich drinking water has many takers as it claims to have many health properties. The technologies behind these new concepts of drinking water products are path-breaking and promise better health.

    KYK Hydrogen water generators

    KYK applies patented technology to generate high-quality hydrogen water, which is odourless, magnesium (Mg)-free and ozone-free, without requiring a water storage tank. Compared to the general hydrogen water generators, which add Mg to increase the hydrogen content or contain a water tank to supply the electrolytic cell with a sufficient amount of water, KYK's hydrogen water generators produce and dispense high-quality, Mg-free and ozone-free hydrogen water that has a high hydrogen content and tastes clean and pleasant, using the ion separation membrane and patented technology. Devices without an ion separation membrane inside the electrolytic cell produce water that has an ozone smell and is harmful to the body.

    How does KYK Hydrogen Generators work?

    KYK products use patented and specially designed chambers and dissolver assembly for Hydrogen rich water. KYK uses Mg-Free Hydrogen Generation method and serves O3-Free drinking water. They use a multi-stage filtration system for drinking quality raw water to reach before the chamber. The processing chamber consists of two high-quality plates, PEM, and dissolver. It serves dissolved Molecular Hydrogen Rich Drinking Water with a level of up to 1575ppb which is the best for achieving quicker and long-term therapeutic health benefits along-with anti-ageing effects. This unique technology does not cause wastage of precious filtered water.

    Further, KYK claims that they do not use chemicals like Sodium Chloride and Sodium Hypochlorite (bleaching agent) in any of their products. These chemicals are considered dangerous to health if used for generating hydrogen water.

    Highlights and uses of water from KYK Hydrogen Generators:

    • KYK Hydrogen Generators are designed carefully to serve good and consistent quality of drinking water. It helps you to have good hydration and better detoxification.
    • KYK Dissolved Molecular Hydrogen Rich Drinking Water is good for drinking by everyone, of any age, of any health conditions, by pets and by all sports personnel.
    • KYK Hydrogen Rich Drinking Water is good to condition your skin. Take a bathe with it or splash it directly to the skin and leave it for few minutes for glowing and supple skin.
    • KYK Hydrogen Generators also serve as a disinfectant or sanitation water which can be used for cleaning/rinsing of fruits, vegetable, grains, meats, knife, and fresh wounds.

    Health Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen through KYK Hydrogen Rich Drinking Water

    • Antioxidation: Oxidation and reduction(anti-oxidation) are ongoing processes happening in our body. Increasing levels of Hydroxyl free radical type of oxidative stress can cause damages to our healthy cells and eventually our DNAs. Molecular Hydrogen selectively neutralises with these free radicals to convert them into water.
    • Anti-inflammatory: Molecular Hydrogen helps to reduce pains and swelling.
    • Anti-obesity: Molecular Hydrogen helps to reduce and control body weight.
    • Anti-allergic: Allergies means our bodies natural response to non-harmful things. Molecular Hydrogen helps our body to stay anti-allergic.
    • Anti-ageing: Drinking Hydrogen Water regularly helps our body skin to stay healthy and look refreshed.

    Claims backed by research by experts

    Around 90 per cent of the diseases known to mankind are due to cell damage and 10 per cent are because of bacterial or viral infections. As free radicals damage our cells, Molecular Hydrogen selectively neutralises harmful cell damaging by Hydroxyl free radicals and converts them into non-toxic water molecules.

    KYK promises endless possibilities when it comes to the medical benefits of drinking these fortified waters. Dr Testsuji Hokudou, Director of Gastroenterology, National Ohkura Hospital, Japan conducted various tests and concluded that Alkaline water is effective in treating certain gastrointestinal issues like diarrhoea, constipation, etc. Whereas other studies on the benefits of Alkaline water shows positive signs that Alkaline water is good for other ailments like Osteoporosis and skin diseases like Eczema. It is also helpful in treating symptoms of indigestion, abnormal fermentation, excessive acid and even good to check obesity issues too.

    Key highlights of KYK hydrogen water generators as a machine:

    Convenient: Various models of KYK Hydrogen Generators are available to match all kitchen styles and budgets. Top-end luxury KYK Hydrogen Generator can dispense on-demand instant hot or instant cold type Hydrogen-rich water in no time. Design and Hardware of KYK Hydrogen Generators are as per the latest understandings of science and they perform better than the Alkaline Ionised Water Products, in terms of both performance and maintenance.

    Aesthetic design: KYK Hydrogen Generators are aesthetically designed to suit a modern kitchen. The best part is it does not take much space in the kitchen. They can be operated as table-top or wall mounted units.

    Ease of use: You may think, it is must be difficult to operate the machine to get Hydrogen-rich water, right? Wrong. These machines are designed carefully, keeping a common user in mind. Even if you get high-grade water instantly, these machines are easy to operate.

    Long Life: All of KYK products are long-lasting, these are designed to work for a minimum of 10 years. The unique zero wastage water type design makes these products more cost-effective, as the filter life is extended.

    As a family, we all need to start using KYK Hydrogen Rich Drinking Water as Molecular Hydrogen is our new best friend. Healthier children drive our future, bring the miraculous 'H' for Health in their life, at the earliest. Don't neglect the wellness factor in your family's health and invest in good health.

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    Disclaimer: The content in this article is based exclusively on inputs from KYK India.

    About the author:

    Written by Girish Kotwal on 15 September 2019.

    Girish Kotwal is Distributor of KYK products, India.

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