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    Handling an extra-sensitive child

    I am wondering if Im the only one going through this problem. My 7-year-old son is very sensitive that he cries for everything. Tell something sternly, and he is full of tears just like that at the drop of a hat! This happens at school, with friends and at home too. I dont remember my 11-year-old behaving like this at that age. How can I help my extra-sensitive son to thrive? Any advice is appreciated. ... more


    Neha Verma Jul 31 2018

    Kids with a gap of few months also turn distinct mommy... so it's fine, each kid is unique and special .. guess, sensitivity needs to be catered with spl care and love .. empathy, love, patience and tolerance... keep all these with you always .. make him understand when he's in avoid mood, try imbibing good things in him when he's ready to listen... Come down to his level and be a friend, that's what he needs at this stage .. gradually he will get to know what momma wants .. Good luck

    Team ParentCircle Feb 27 2018

    Thanks for reaching out to us. It really is very difficult when a child is over sensitive. We appreciate that you are well attuned to your child's behaviour patterns.
    Children become oversensitive for several reasons, the chief of them being either authoritarian or overprotective parenting. You may not be consciously doing this. Do reflect to become aware. In the meanwhile, have conversations with him about how he feels everytime he cries about something. Some kids use crying as a way to get power or attention from the parent. We look forward to hearing from you once you try these steps.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 27 2018

    @Team ParentCircle Parenting styles refer to how we control and support our children and also the behavioural and performance standards we expect from them. Here are details that will help you make an informed choice.

    Devi Feb 26 2018

    Completely understand your concern. Each kid is unique so you do not have to compare him with your elder son. Firstly, is this started recently or prevailing before, if so from when? Nothing to panic as each kid uses different emotion to express themselves. We need to check from where your child is observing to use the tears to escape conflicts. We need to check what type TV shows, he is watching and the peer group behavior. We need to teach him different strategies to handle the situations before taking away the strategy he is currently using. Be patience with him when he is crying and tell him that he can explain his feelings in word, but you need to assure the kid that you will listen politely. We need to empower the child with polite words as tools to solve the conflicts. Hope you got some valid points.