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    Gadget Free Hour

    #GadgetFreeHour 2020 | Experience the Joy & Magic of Connection!

    Gadget Free Hour

    #GadgetFreeHour 2020 | Experience the Joy & Magic of Connection!

    This year, on World Children's Day, ParentCircle is launching the second edition of #GadgetFreeHour - Disconnect to Reconnect Campaign, urging parents to set aside one hour (from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm) on Friday, 20th November 2020, to spend time with their children, free from the distractions of gadgets and work. Visit www.gadgetfreehour.com, to take the pledge, and be a part of our various activities. ... more

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    Mansi Chaturvedi Dec 1 2020

    The one hour assigned for gadgetfree activity was a most enjoyable time for us. After a long time in this pandemic we as a family stopped work on our respective gadgets. My kids organised family games which were very interesting and we drove and shared views on different topics. There was so much interaction between all that we continued past the allotted time. Actually we did not realise how much time we spent. Thank you team Parent circle for this as it was a memorable experience

    Jyoti Gupta Nov 26 2020

    PIRAI GANAPATHI Nov 21 2020

    Dear Parent Circle Team, Thanks for choosing my son Ramanathan's entry in Creative Writing. Next I would wish to thank the team for the Gadget Free Hour term . Last year itself we had adapted the Gadget free hour in terms of switching off the gadgets but didn't spend the whole hour by playing actively,as I suppose we had to do with the school studies. This year we used it to the maximum by playing Word Link, Snake and Ladder, Ludo board games. My son had got a promise from me yesterday itself,that this week end we are to follow the gadget free hour by either reading story book or playing chess . As we both are employed,the whole day he spends his time in the morning with gadgets and waits for our return in the evening. Yesterday's event was really an interesting ,enjoyable and exciting event for my son that is why he's even planned for today's gadget free hour. Hope we'll adopt this every week. Once again I Thank Parent Circle Team.

    PIRAI GANAPATHI Nov 20 2020

    Gadget free hour was total fun.The whole family got around to play dark room.There was giggles and laughter while hiding and seeking.It helped us connect and make memories! Thank you Parent Circle for this wonderful initiative.

    Jaigopal Nov 20 2020

    My Dog was waiting for this moment . We had lot of fun being gadget free. The most surprised was the dog at home. Looks like very rarely she had all eyes on her. Family even extended the time by 10 minutes to enjoy it fully. I must admit the first 10 minutes was tough to see every one looking at each other as something lost

    Radha Somasundaram Nov 20 2020

    We spent time by doing few activities:
    Cycling within apartment
    Search puzzle crossword
    Learnt 4 thirukural

    Radha Somasundaram Nov 20 2020

    @Radha Somasundaram Thank you for sharing your #GadgetFreeHour story with us! :) We hope you and your family had a lovely time!

    Subhashree Ravichandran Nov 9 2020

    @Subhashree Ravichandran Thank you Ms. Subhashree for sharing your views and showing interest to join hands with us this #GadgetFreeHour.

    Check out https://www.parentcircle.com/gadget-free-hour/ to find various means through which you can spread the word about the Campaign, the various pre-event activities you can be a part of, get access to our content repository filled with articles, videos, expert suggestions, tips, and more that'll help you and your family.

    Team ParentCircle Nov 9 2020

    @Team ParentCircle Watch the Panel Discussion here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=412329613101641

    PIRAI GANAPATHI Nov 9 2020

    Hello Team ParentCircle,
    Today is day 9 of the contest 20-20 challenge. I want to post the experiences of each day with photo. Where can I share? Please guide.

    PIRAI GANAPATHI Nov 9 2020

    @PIRAI GANAPATHI Hi Kanisha! Feel free to post them here: https://www.parentcircle.com/circle-topic/2020-disconnect2reconnect-challenge-share-your-experiences-with-us-a7eb4/

    Mention the Hashtag #Disconnect2ReconnectChallenge and mentioning the Day of your Challenge. :) Looking forward to knowing about your experiences!

    PIRAI GANAPATHI Nov 1 2020

    How to upload a post?

    PIRAI GANAPATHI Nov 2 2020

    @PIRAI GANAPATHI Please click on the +Add Post option - similar to how you have posted this query.