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    Expert Answers - Dos & Don'ts of Social Media Posting by Children


    Expert Answers - Dos & Don'ts of Social Media Posting by Children

    ParentCircle presents an exclusive Expert Answers session on helping you understand the Dos & Don'ts of Social Media Posting by Children. If you have queries regarding the same, then ask your questions to Advocate & Cyber Law Specialist Dr. Debarati Halder. Post your queries between 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM on 28th September and get all your answers by 5:30 PM on the same day. ... more

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    • Sep 26 2019


    Simi Ramesh Oct 3 2019

    It was indeed very enlightening to read Dr Halder's replies. I liked the fact that she put up all the issues and the ideas to let kids know the risk behind putting up personal info on net. The way of her writing is very impressive and consoling and the same time. Grateful to you mam for your time and valuable information.

    Rashmi Nagendran Sep 28 2019

    I notice that teenagers now are very much into posting constantly on Instagram, updating stories and using hashtags. my own daughter's friends have public profiles and post photos almost everyday and they constantly update their lives through stories etc. how safe are all of these? I don't want my daughter also to get influenced by all of these...how can we make teenagers understand the safety aspect of all of these?

    Rashmi Nagendran Sep 28 2019

    @Rashmi Nagendran NO. This behavior is not at all safe. Children may not understand how they are leaking personal data to the perpetrators. Here are three things that can be done to sensitize them
    1. Sensitize them about sensitive personal data. this may include birth dates, passwords, residential addresses etc. in certain cases biometric details may also be included in the list. as parents, we have to tell them that if they accidentally leak these information, the entire family may be in trouble.
    2. Photographs MUST be posted. that shows the skills of the little camera man in your child. Even selfies are also art. But not all photos are for the public viewing. some are for close family moments (please seehttps://www.parentcircle.com/article/10-photos-of-your-child-you-should-never-post-on-social-media/) . Children must know that all photos (even selfies) are not "qualified" to be posted on Instagram always.
    3. Hashtags have deeper technical meaning. They may directly connect the hashtag users to big data. That may not always be a positive thing. Hence Children may be sensitized about how to use which hashtags. Wrong use may attract severe bullying and trolling too.

    Rashmi Nagendran Oct 3 2019

    @Rashmi Nagendran I agree with your views . Nowadays each and everything is put up on the net. Is it safe ..I don't think so.

    Rashmi Nagendran Oct 3 2019

    @Rashmi Nagendran Mam your reply is highly enlightening as i too have the same worries .I am even copy paste this reply to pass on to other parents. Thanks for your time .

    Dhananjay Sep 27 2019

    Mam, can you please mention your email ID, so that the outsiders who doesn't know you can reach you and ask their respective questions and queries.

    Dhananjay Sep 28 2019

    @Dhananjay ccvcindia@gmail.com

    Dhananjay Oct 3 2019

    @Dhananjay Thanks mam. Its beneficial to those who are not here on this platform.

    barghavi Sep 26 2019

    Now a days students major part of studying is wth internet (Igcsc) they are almost wth laptop in hand for hours sending assignments to staff n friends . As a mother I hav to b always consises that wat thy r dong Chkng the mail box and all . Ths makes kids more angry on us wat to do

    barghavi Sep 28 2019

    @barghavi Peaceful Communication is the answer. As mothers we have to win the trust of our children. I appreciate you for checking mails. But do remember children do not like poking in their privacy always. Education is becoming digital and students need to be digital too. In such case, make the child understand about risks of being victimized. Discuss with her what does she think about best methods to avoid online perpetrators and bullies. She can become your best friend and teacher in this.
    Along with it, exercise parental control over the device. Fix a time when the child should not use device any more.
    If you do get to see any problem because of assignments, talk to the teachers so that they can also monitor.
    Happy digital parenting!

    barghavi Oct 3 2019

    @barghavi That's a wonderful way of putting things in perspective mam. Indeed we need to be practise digital parenting.

    Simi Ramesh Sep 26 2019

    Now a days kids not only post photos but they are also personally chatting on social media platforms so that parents sometimes are unaware. One of the teens I know deleted the instagram app from her moms phone but she still used to log in and stay active on her personal page. How to control this or make such kids aware about the proper usage of this social media.

    Simi Ramesh Sep 28 2019

    @Simi Ramesh Yes. Thats a real problem. We have to understand the net era child psychology first. They are smarter than us. We as parents must tell them what we have gone through when were new netizens. You must also tell them that it is the parents who may ultimately help them if anyone is disturbing them.
    1.Parents must support their children's positive digital activities. For negative activities, parents must warn them about legal safeguards and penalties.
    2. If the child wishes to maintain her own page for communications, tell her about the risks and responsibilities.
    3. Occasionally you must check her device. If you get to see too many deleted conversations, get the alarm sign. Ask her calmly if she is in trouble.
    4. Best way to report is report the profile to service provider, take a screen shot and block the profile/number.
    5.don't make the child scared. There is a solution for every problem and such problems definitely have positive solutions.

    Simi Ramesh Oct 3 2019

    @Simi Ramesh Thank you so much mam. ..You have really given me some hope and ideas to take control . I feel obliged and really am grateful to you for your time and advice.

    Team ParentCircle Oct 1 2019

    Thank you so much, Dr. Halder, for your valuable time and inputs to help our users understand and be more aware of Social media posting. For any further questions you might have regarding your child's Digital Behaviour, feel free to ask here!

    Kavita Mahesh Sep 28 2019

    My niece is 12 and uses her mother's phone to make Tik-Tok videos. She keeps posting them and I feel one it is affecting her academics and second it is just exposing her to so many unknown people at such a young age. How to monitor this. Uninstalling the app has not helped as she throws a fit and becomes very difficult to control her!

    Kavita Mahesh Sep 28 2019

    @Kavita Mahesh She has become Tiktok addicted and the good thing is, she can become tiktok star which is tremendously rgo boosting.
    But you are right. She is too young to do all these alone. You have said she uses her moms phone. Slowly she has to be sensitized that the app is not safe to be used alone. Her mother must be keeping a watch on her usage of tiktok and other apps. Do not abruptly stop it. Because she may had been given access to the device itself as s pacifier when she was young. Now she emotionally trusts the device and apps more than real humans.
    1.appreciate her creations and express your desire to see her videos. Appreciate her for the likes.
    2. Try to win back her trust by showing interest in her digital activities. Tell her that you are her biggest fan.
    3. Tell her to share the plans with you or her mom for next video. Once she starts trusting her family, then make her understand how to be safe online and why it is not good to be always on tiktok.
    Please remember strong preventive actions may give opposite results. You may also engage her in different activities whenn she wishes yo go for tiktok. But that should be gradual.
    But above all make her understand that some songs dialogues may be copyrighted and she may be in trouble if she violates the laws. It is therefore always better. to have mom and family with her.