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    3. Exclusive Live Session with Writer Usha Narayanan on 1st November, 2018.

    Joy of Celebration!

    Joy of Celebration!

    Exclusive Live Session with Writer Usha Narayanan on 1st November, 2018.

    Get a chance to have your questions directly answered by Usha, by posting them here - in the Joy of Celebration Circle. For more details on the exciting Live Session, stay tuned!

    Date: 1st November 2018 (Thursday)
    Time: 4PM to 5PM
    Topic: What makes Diwali special across generations? ... more

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    Mathari Ramaswamy Nov 1 2018

    Hi, Can you recommend some Indian stories for my 17 year old. She always finds it hard to get updates on the Indian Stories for Teens.

    Mathari Ramaswamy Nov 1 2018

    @Mathari Ramaswamy Anushka Ravishankar. Nandini Nayar. R K Narayan.

    GAC Oct 26 2018

    What are the key values and life lessons related to the celebration of Diwali that we must share with our children?

    GAC Nov 1 2018

    @GAC We need to teach them the principles and values that our ancestors propagated. We need to give them hope in the future, in the essential goodness of men and women. Warmth, compassion, fellowship - these are important lessons to be shared.

    GAC Oct 26 2018

    Any Diwali related story that we have not heard so far?

    GAC Nov 1 2018

    @GAC I spoke in the video of Nachiketa and his confrontation with Yama!

    sri Oct 26 2018

    you have written a story about ravana and mandodari - what drew you to this unusual story? the most widely remembered myth during Diwali is how he was vanquished - but you focused on the prequel to this ending. any reason you found it interesting?

    sri Nov 1 2018

    @sri It is important that we understand the nature and actions of not just our heroes but also our villains! The challenge is to show that they too have their reasons for behaving the way they do.

    Mathari Oct 29 2018

    How can I make my 10 year old niece understand that Crackers cause Pollution. Any real life story that inspires her to not to use crackers.

    Mathari Nov 1 2018

    @Mathari Show them pictures of people who are affected by the smoke. Tell them about animals in distress. Talk to them of the illnesses and even deaths due to fires caused by the manufacture of crackers in ramshackle sheds and huts. Maybe your child can becone the ambassador for a new age of caring for people and voiceless animals!

    Team ParentCircle Oct 31 2018

    Hi Usha. My son is 5.5 years old and I wanted to know how I can make him start reading stories and enjoy the same. He has started reading short stories recently. What are some tips you can give to make it a practice.

    Team ParentCircle Nov 1 2018

    @Team ParentCircle Make reading a daily habit, maybe at bedtime. Read to him or her if your child is reluctant at first. Choose adventure or fantasy or mythology, whichever interests the child! For very young children, picture books would be very appealing.

    Meera Mathews Marrate Oct 31 2018

    How do we encourage kids to take up writing as a hobby, be it journals or short stories?

    Meera Mathews Marrate Nov 1 2018

    @Meera Mathews Marrate Ask them to write four lines of prose or poetry. Praise their efforts and encourage them to write more and more and read good books as well!

    Mathari Ramaswamy Nov 1 2018

    There is a myth that Naragasura is a black man, and he is from Srilanka. Why the story is racial? Will evil always be black.

    Mathari Ramaswamy Nov 1 2018

    @Mathari Ramaswamy Those are stereotypes that we must avoid. It was a world of black and white then and we need to gradually change mindsets. Thanks for the interesting question!

    Sathiya Priya Nov 1 2018

    Click the below link for joining the live session

    Monali Bordoloi Nov 1 2018

    Hi, recently my 7-year-old daughter got Jataka stories as a gift. But, she is not showing any interest to read the stories, as she is not able to relate to those stories. How do I convince her?

    Team ParentCircle Oct 29 2018

    Join us on the 1st of November for an interactive live session with writer Usha Narayanan!

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