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    Keep Calm Exam On

    Exam Season Q & A | Get answers from our experts!

    Keep Calm Exam On

    Exam Season Q & A | Get answers from our experts!

    If the exams are making you and your child feel scared and tensed, share your concerns and our experts will be there to help you!

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    • Jan 31 2020


    Mannargudi Feb 4 2020

    My son is studying in 11th std, and he is a tennis player. He is not able to balance between the studies and exams. Schedule dates for revision exams and matches are clashing. He is very tired too and not able to score mark . He wants to excel both in his studies and sports. As a father, I am not able to give him advice

    Mannargudi Feb 5 2020

    @Mannargudi Dear Parent,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. Exam time is usually stressful for most students and their parents. It must be hard for you to see your son struggle to cope with exams. You probably feel helpless because you are not sure how to help him. Parents feel stuck because they dont always have answers and solutions. Instead of suddenly stopping your son from playing tennis (it will only make him feel angry and frustrated), heres how you can guide him to make responsible decisions.

    First, let him know that you understand how frustrating it must be for him to give up matches because of revision exams. Then have a relaxed and open conversation with him to understand his struggle - whats on his mind. Let him talk about how important tennis is for him, what it makes him feel about himself. When you show interest in his thoughts and feelings he will be more willing to work things out with your help. Together you could work on a reasonable schedule that gives more importance to exams for now, while he can still play non-competitive tennis to relax and refresh his mind. Help him see that once the exams are over he can go back to playing matches; that trying to score well in exams and matches at the same time can lead to exhaustion and that he could end up doing poorly in both. Hope this helps. All the best!