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Need help planning and organising birthday parties, team-building activities, weddings, fundraising events or cultural activities? See our list of top event management companies with experienced event planners, event organisers and event coordinators to help you organise events for you.

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To have a grand, yet pocket-friendly wedding, appoint wedding event planners to take care of details like wedding purchases, invitation plan, hospitality, décor, honeymoon travel plan and more. They will coordinate the different elements of the event using their expertise and knowledge, within the set budget. This will also ensure your peace of mind.

Santhosh Kumar, Director, Opus Magnum Marcom and Entertainment LLP, Chennai


Why should I hire an event management company?

Birthday parties, team-building activities, weddings, fundraising events and cultural activities are some occasions when we have a lot of fun. But organising events where a lot of people connect and have fun isn't easy. It requires a good idea of event management. So, hiring a top event management company for organising events is a wise decision. Event management companies with experienced event planners, event organisers and event coordinators can envision, plan and organise any event to be a hit.

What are some events organised by event management companies?

Event management companies in India offer their expertise in organising events of various types. Some of the most popular events that these companies plan and organise are birthday parties, low-cost weddings, sports events, exhibitions, music concerts, dance shows, corporate conferences, trade shows, team-building activities, road shows, product launches and board meetings.

What services do event management companies offer?

Event management companies provide a wide range of services related to event organising and management. The important ones are: event planning, which includes finalising the venue, the theme, creating invitations, hiring caterers and so on; event decoration, deciding the decor according to the occasion to create the right ambience; event promotion, to promote the event on social media and other platforms; event coordination, which is all about coordinating and managing the event.

How do event management companies draw up the budget for an event?

Budgeting is one of the most important aspects of organising any event. When drawing up a budget, event management companies consider various factors like the venue, the theme and decor, the scale of the event, promotion expenses, cost of hiring equipment, insurance, printing and stationery expenses, staffing, catering costs and takeaway gifts.

What is the role of an event coordinator?

Event coordinators are involved in every aspect of any event, from event planning to clean up. They do things like attending client meetings, creating proposals, preparing budgets, finding venues, training the staff, coordinating with vendors, and monitoring all the teams involved in the event.

What are the services offered by wedding planners?

Wedding planners take up the important and stressful task of planning a wedding. In discussion with the bride and the groom, wedding planners plan the wedding budget, finalise the venue, take care of wedding decoration, hire wedding catering services, arrange event photography, plan the pre-wedding ceremonies, ideate on entertainment, shop for the wedding dress, hire the bridal make-up artist, take care of guest entertainment, buy return gifts and manage the wedding day.

How do wedding planners charge in India?

Different wedding planners have different plans. However, the following four are common: Charge clients a fixed fee, charge a certain percentage of the total wedding budget, charge on an hourly basis, or charge according to the services offered. If you go through our list above, you can find a wedding planner who can do an excellent job for a very low budget.

What is the role of a birthday party planner?

The birthday party is an event most children look forward to. And, organising a birthday party at a restaurant or in the drawing room of your house is no longer fashionable. A birthday planner can make your child's birthday party a memorable event by selecting the right venue, coming up with a trendy birthday party theme and decoration, coming up with innovative birthday party games for children, planning birthday catering, birthday party photography and videography, and choosing the best return gift.

What is the average cost of organising a birthday party?

The cost of organising a birthday party varies from budget-friendly to lavish. A budget-friendly birthday party can be organised in a few thousand rupees. But, high-budget parties can cost up to a few lakhs. Also, the expenses of organising a birthday party depend on the city where you are living.

What is sports event management?

Nowadays, sport is not limited to playing on the field, but includes a lot of things like budget planning, promoting and organising sports events. All these are part of sports event management. It also includes working for the development of sport, looking for sponsors, ticket management, creating brand recognition and awareness, organising training sessions, arranging accommodation for teams and taking care of their dining needs.

What is corporate event management?

Corporates organise various events for their employees, business partners, shareholders, or even the general public. Corporate event management involves organising and managing events such as annual general meeting, shareholders' meeting, team-building activities, corporate parties, trade shows and award functions. Corporate event planners take care of everything connected with holding these events.

How can I invite a celebrity for my event?

A celebrity walking into your child's birthday party or wedding can be a big hit with the guests. You can hire a celebrity through online booking portals or celebrity management companies. However, before booking a celebrity read the contract well and have a plan B in mind in case things fall apart at the last moment.

How can I find the top event management companies near me?

There are quite a few ways of finding the best event planning company. You can do an Internet search or ask someone around you or browse the ParentCircle Event Management Services directory to find the best event management company.

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