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    My daughter is 3 now. I have started encouraging her to self-feed. I feel, she is eating much lesser than she used to eat when we fed her. Is this okay? ... more

    • Sindhu Shivalingam
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    • Aug 16 2018


    Roopa M Aug 22 2019

    Hi, this is normal. Children usually tend to eat more when elders, (especially mom or grandma) feed them. I've noticed that with my kids too. We should encourage them to eat by themselves from a very young age. It's a good practice but sometimes when we feed them, they do eat better and more. Whether it is rice or a tiffin item, they don't realize how much rice or how many rotis or idlys they enjoy and eat.

    When I was a little child, whenever my grandma was around, she would feed me while narrating stories- stories of kings and queens, princesses, princes, and stories from our mythology. I never realized how the food got over so fast and I would ask for more and she would get a second serving. The food also tasted better. Those were such cherishable moments. I think, sometimes, whenever possible, we should indulge our children, and feed them when they are little. We are giving them happy memories by connecting with them and making feeding time fun for them. They grow up very fast and will cherish those moments.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 17 2018

    Dear Parent,
    Thank you for reaching out to us! We can understand your concern, but this is completely normal for children who are just beginning to eat on their own. Give her some time to get used to it, she should start eating better in a few months. Here are a few tips and activities that can help you make your child eat better.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 17 2018

    @Team ParentCircle Are you hesitant to let your little ones eat on their own? Dont think about the mess and focus on making them independent. Here are some interesting ways to get children to feed themselves

    Team ParentCircle Aug 17 2018

    @Team ParentCircle Once your baby becomes a toddler, it is important to encourage her to eat on her own. Not only will it give you a much-needed respite but also take your child a step closer to becoming independent.