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Wondering “How do I find the best doctors near me?” We have a list of doctors providing medical care and health services near you. The various specialties include Internal Medicine, Oncology, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Diabetology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Eye, and ENT.

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When should I go to a general physician near me?

You should go to a doctor if you have symptoms such as these: (1) persistent, high fever (2) common cold that persists for more than a week (3) severe cough (4) muscle aches (5) flu-like symptoms (6) stomach pain/stomach ache (7) chest pain and shortness of breath (8) sudden weight loss in a short period of time (9) abnormalities in urination (10) abnormalities in passing stools(11) diarrhoea or dysentery (12) vision problems (13) toothache/tooth pain (14) giddiness/drowsiness (15) sleeplessness (insomnia) (16) concussion due to injury (17) swelling or bleeding due to injury (18) gastritis (19) muscle cramps (20) fatigue and tiredness. This is not an exhaustive list, but only some common symptoms that you should look out for.

Which doctors near my location should I consult for treatment of common ailments?

For common ailments, you can first consult a general physician. He is a doctor in allopathy, who will diagnose your problem, identify the disease or disorder, and prescribe medicines / drugs to treat it.

Who are specialist doctors and when should I consult them?

Specialist doctors are healthcare professionals with advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine. If a health problem is persistent for a long period, a general physician will recommend the consultation of a specialist doctor related to that ailment. Some of the important specialist doctors are: (1) Neurologist-diagnoses and treats problems in the brain and nervous system (2) Nephrologist - diagnoses and treats problems in the kidneys and excretory system (3) Dermatologist - diagnoses and treats skin diseases (4) Gynaecologist - usually a female doctor specialising in women's health with special focus on the female reproductive system (5) Cardiologist - diagnoses and treats problems in the heart and circulatory system (6) Pulmonologist - diagnoses and treats problems in the lungs and respiratory system (7) Gastroenterologist - diagnoses and treats problems in the stomach and digestive system (8) Rheumatologist - diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases (9) Orthopedist (Orthopedic doctor) - treats injuries and corrects abnormalities in the bones (10) ENT specialist - diagnoses and treats problems in the ears, nose and throat (11) Ophthalmologist - diagnoses and treats problems in the eyes (12) Pediatrician - possesses specialisation in child health care (13) Dentist - diagnoses and treats problems in the teeth and gums

What is the consultation fees of good doctors near me ?

The consultation fees vary with each doctor, based on their qualifications, experience and other credentials. A general physician would normally charge from Rs300 to Rs800. The consultation fees of specialists would be around Rs500 to Rs1200.

Who are the best doctors near me practising alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine is a non-allopathic way of treating diseases. The doctors who practise it are: (1) Homeopathy doctor (2) Ayurveda doctor (3) Siddha doctor (4) Unani doctor (5) Naturopathy specialist (6) Acupuncture specialist

How do I identify the best doctor near me?

You need to consider the following factors to identify the best doctor near you: (1) specialisation (2) qualifications (3) experience in health services (4) hospital affiliation (5) clinic location (6) treatment methods (7) feedback from existing patients

How do I identify a good private clinic?

You need to consider the following factors to identify the best family clinic near you: (1) availability of the best physician (2) location (3) cleanliness (4) basic facilities such as convenient waiting rooms, access to drinking water, and hygienic restrooms (5) friendly staff (6) efficient paramedics (7) easy access to pharmacy and diagnostic centre

What are the steps I should follow before consulting a general practitioner?

Before a doctor's consultation, you need to: (1) go through the list of doctors and choose the right one (2) fix the doctor's appointment (3) take all past medical records with you (4) be sure about the list of allergies you have

Can I call a doctor's clinic near me if a family member takes ill around midnight?

In case any of your family members takes ill around midnight, you need to reach out to a 24 hour clinic in your area for emergency care. Call them immediately and request an ambulance. You should also inform this to your family physician, as his/her inputs will help the doctor at the clinic.

Which one is the best for a complete health check-up - a walk in clinic or a medical centre?

If you want to have a complete health check-up, you should go to a medical centre which has all the required equipment and facilities.

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