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    All about Nutrition!

    Do you think dieting is the only way to lose weight? Share your thoughts!

    All about Nutrition!

    Do you think dieting is the only way to lose weight? Share your thoughts!

    Share your thoughts on diets, exercise, nutrition and fitness!
    With so many different types of diets, are you often left confused, which is the best one for you? Do you think dieting is the only way to lose weight? ... more

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    • Jul 10 2019


    Smitha.R.P Jul 17 2019

    Eating balanced diet , consuming more liquid and dietary fibres is important for maintaining good health.Every morning sooryanamaakar and evening walk is best exercise to keep ourselves fit. Along with that meditation and prayer is also necessary to lead a stress free life. This will help us to keep mentally fit.

    Roopa M Jul 11 2019

    If dieting means following a diet plan that restricts you from consuming carbs or proteins or fats, or certain foods, then, I dont think dieting is the only way to lose weight but first and foremost, let us look at the definition of diet.

    Definition of Diet (noun) - the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

    Food is a vital part of every persons life and it plays a major role in keeping us healthy and fit. Our diet also provides us with our main source of energy. We are what we eat. When our weight fluctuates too much or our energy is down, there is definitely an imbalance.

    At the same time, we cannot deny the importance of being active and happy. Having an active lifestyle as opposed to a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to weight gain, is extremely important to stay healthy and fit.

    In spite of following a healthy exercise routine and a balanced diet, if somebody is not able to maintain a healthy body weight, there could be underlying problems that interfere with the digestion process; a few examples ranging from hypothyroidism to side effects from medicines they may be taking.
    Similarly if a person is being active and follows a fitness routine and yet struggles to maintain a healthy weight without being able to control their craving for junk food and comfort foods, there could be multiple reasons for that behavior like it could be due to eating disorder, depression, or lack of discipline.

    There are different type of diet plans as we all know and different diets work for different people.
    For instance, lets take a look at a few diet plans for weight loss
    *Paleo diet : here you eliminate whole grains, legumes, and dairy.
    * Atkins diet : In this diet you can eat as much protein and fat as you want but avoid food high in carbs.

    These diets promise weight loss but at the same time they also have some downside as the meals might not be as balanced as they could be. Sometimes you might have to give up healthy carbohydrates like potato, banana etc., Though weight loss will happen eventually, avoiding or giving up certain food in the long term might have some effects.

    It is better to choose food with awareness, that suit your lifestyle and tastes and a routine that you can follow for a long time.

    As a long term plan, to maintain healthy weight, I think it is better to eat food which give all the nutrition and energy required and at the same time, one should be active as much as possible and be happy in the present moment.

    Roopa M Jul 17 2019

    @Roopa M Well said. I agree, Roopa.

    Jyoti Gupta Jul 15 2019

    Along with eating healthy and following a balanced diet regime, is a good way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and for weight management. But only dieting is not the way to loose weight.
    Along with the dieting, exercises like yoga, brisk walking, cycling, swimming etc are important in weight management

    Rashmi Jul 11 2019

    My personal experience is that dieting is an important way of losing weight. It might not be the only way but dieting plays a major role in reducing weight. Ofcourse we have to keep our body fit by going to gym or regular exercise at home,practicing yoga, walking, aerobics, gymnastics, zumba etc. But along with this we have to cut down carbs, opt for green tea instead of coffee or tea. Drinking lemon and honey with warm water is a healthy start of a day. It's better we avoid oily food, sugar and high calorie food and have a balanced diet. Dieting helped me to reduce upto thirteen kgs of weight. Dieting doesn't mean starving. Both dieting and workouts are equally important. Also we need to lead a stress free life to stay fit.

    Riya Jha Jul 11 2019

    I don't think dieting is very important for loosing weight. I loose weight with doing these things.Avoid gluten and sugar. I swear, if i cut those things out of my daily diet, i will notice an immediate change in weight and energy. Buy Only Whole Foods. Avoid Dairy. Do Exercise. Avoid Alcohol. Eat More Vegetables. Drink Water. Eat Meat For Protein.

    Prabha Jul 10 2019

    I don't think dieting is the only way to loose weight. Yes, I agree there are variety of diets. The best one for me is Mindfulness. My thoughts on diets, exercise, nutrition and fitness are materialistic usually to show-off and is a narrower concept. The reason I used this harsh statement is today's world is more on technology driven where physical and mental activeness is not balanced. On broader perspective, human body has a tendency to release any types of waste from their body with strong mindset without dieting. Studies suggest that when humans fail to manage stress they either over-gain, or under-gain their weight. In addition, humans who are hyper-conscious of their body and looks may result into psychological imbalance. All in all, I believe that humans with physical and mental activeness with conscious and confident mind are extremely strong who don't require any amount of dieting.

    Jeena Roseline Jul 10 2019

    A good balance of dieting and physical exercises is what helps in weight loss. Working out very hard and hoarding junk food or starving yourself without any physical exercises both are very wrong and dangerous too. I personally try to have a balance and i prefer making my meals healthy and tasty. I add ingredients that I love and that are healthy too. Having occassional cheat meals is acceptable.

    Mousumi Biswas Jul 10 2019

    Fad dieting is unhealthy and deprives you of all your required nutrients . It's better to eat small meals n portions n burn it by brisk walk . Avoid junk . Healthy food can be both delicious n nutritious .