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    The Story of Diwali - A Play Script For Kids

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    This Diwali, don't worry about not being able to venture outside. Here is a play script of the Diwali story which you can enact together as a family! Help your child learn about Diwali the fun way.

    Pre-schooler to 18+
    The Story of Diwali - A Play Script For Kids
    "The moon may lose its beauty, the Himalayas may become bereft of snow, the ocean may transgress its shores, but I will never violate the promise given by my father."

    This story of a son who spends 14 years in the forest to keep his father's promise is how the legend of Diwali came to be. You might have heard it narrated at every Diwali - how the virtuous Rama defeated the evil demon Ravana and returned victorious to his kingdom.

    This year, take your Diwali celebrations a notch by putting up a skit with your family. Showcase the story of Diwali with your family by enacting this play we have curated specially for you. Scenes, characters, dialogues - we have it all. All you need to do are assign roles, look for props around the house, dress up and get ready for an evening of drama and a whole lot of fun!

    (Curtain rises)

    Narrator: Long, long ago, King Dasharatha ruled over the kingdom of Ayodhya. Dasharatha was a just and benevolent ruler and the kingdom thrived under him. However, in spite of all the wealth and prosperity, Dasharatha had only one desire - a son who could be named his heir. After many long years of prayer, Dasharatha was finally blessed with four sons. Rama, believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna.

    As the year passed, the young princes grew up to be strong and valiant. They were the pride of both their father and the kingdom. One day, the royal Guru, sage Vishwamitra decided to take Rama and Lakshmana to Mithila, to attend a beautiful princess' swayamvara, a ceremony where the bride chooses a groom from a group of suitors. Our story begins here...

    Scene 1: King Janaka's Palace, Mithila

    Characters: Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, King Janaka

    The Story of Diwali - A Play Script For Kids

    King Janaka: (loud voice)

    Welcome, great kings and young princes! This swayamvara is for my beautiful daughter, Sita. Here is the mighty bow that Lord Shiva gifted me. Whoever can lift this heavy bow and string it will win my daughter's hand in marriage. May the best man win!

    (Suitor 1 tries but fails to lift the bow. Suitor 2 tries. He too cannot lift it. One by one, they all try and fail to even make the bow move.

    Rama and Lakshmana enter. Rama looks at Sita, and they smile at each other.

    Rama lifts the bow, strings it and with a great sound like thunder, breaks it.

    The audience claps.)

    Janaka: Prince Rama of Ayodhya has done it!

    Rama (bows): With your blessing, I would like to marry your daughter.

    (Sita places a garland on Rama's neck, conveying her consent to the marriage)

    Janaka: I give my consent. You are strong and wise, and I believe you will be a suitable husband for my daughter.

    Narrator: Rama and Sita get married and travel to Ayodhya. They are welcomed warmly by King Dasharatha and the people of Ayodhya.

    Scene 2: King Dasharatha's Palace, Ayodhya

    Characters: King Dasharatha, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughna, Sita

    Narrator: King Dasharatha prepares to announce Rama as the next king. His wife, Kaikeyi, however wants to make her son Bharata the king instead. She confronts Dasharatha and demands that he grant her a boon for saving him in a battle once. She asks for Rama to be sent to exile for 14 years and for Bharata to be made the king of Ayodhya. Bound by his promise to the queen, Dasharatha has no choice but to agree.

    Dasharatha (to Rama): With a heavy heart, I demand you to leave the palace at once, and not return for 14 years. Bharata will be the next ruler of Ayodhya.

    Bharata: But father...

    Dasharatha: There will be no more discussions!

    Rama (bowing to Dasharatha): I will do as you command, father. Whatever happens, I will keep your promise to mother Kaikeyi.

    (Sita follows her husband Rama)

    Sita: I am coming with you. Wherever you are, it will be my home.

    Lakshmana: I am coming with you too brother. Nothing you say can stop me.

    (Rama nods)

    Narrator: Rama, Sita and Lakshmana set out into the forest to lead a life of exile for the next 14 years. Grief stricken, Dasharatha soon falls ill and passes away. Bharata promises to rule under Rama's name, till his return from exile.

    Scene 3: Rama's hut in the forest

    Characters: Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Ravana

    The Story of Diwali - A Play Script For Kids

    Narrator: Rama, Sita and Lakshmana begin their life of exile in the forest. One day, Surpanakha, the sister of the demon king Ravana, catches sight of Rama in the forest and falls in love with him. She disguises herself as a beautiful woman and visits Rama, but he refuses her advances. An enraged Lakshmana cuts off her nose and send her away. Surpanakha runs to her brother and narrates what happened, and also tells him about Rama's beautiful wife, Sita. Ravana decides to capture Sita and make Rama pay for disgracing his sister.

    (Rama, Sita and Lakshmana are at work outside their hut)

    Lakshmana: Brother, look! A golden deer!

    Sita (to Rama): Oh it looks so beautiful. Will you get it for me?

    Rama: Anything for you, Sita. I will be back with the deer.

    Lakshmana: Brother, do not go alone. I am coming with you.

    Rama: No, I want you to stay here and protect Sita. Under no circumstance are you to leave her alone.

    Lakshmana: As you wish brother.

    Narrator: Rama sets out in search of the golden deer, not knowing that it is actually the demon, Maricha in disguise. Maricha had transformed into a golden deer to steer Rama away from Sita, and help Ravana capture her.

    Rama (distant scream): Help me!

    Sita: Did you hear that Lakshmana? That was your brother's voice. Go help him!

    Lakshmana: But I promised not to leave you alone here...

    Sita: Go now, and save your brother, I beg of you.

    Lakshmana: Okay, but I need to do something first.

    (Lakshmana draws a circle around the hut, chanting prayers as he does so.)

    Lakshmana: This circle will protect you. As long as you are inside it, no harm can come to you.

    Sita: Okay, I will not step out. Now, go and help my husband!

    (Lakshmana sets out in the direction of Rama's voice.)

    Scene 4: The Forest

    Characters: Rama, Lakshmana

    (In the forest, Lakshmana meets Rama who is running towards him.)

    Lakshmana: Brother, we heard you scream. Are you alright?

    Rama: That was not me. The deer was actually a demon in disguise. It was him you heard. Did you leave Sita alone?

    Lakshmana: Yes, she persuaded me to come and help you.

    Rama: Something is not right. We must go at once.

    Scene 5: Rama's hut in the forest

    Characters: Ravana, Sita, Rama, Lakshmana

    The Story of Diwali - A Play Script For Kids

    (Ravana enters the scene, disguised as an old beggar)

    Ravana: Please give me some food. I am tired and hungry.

    (Sita hears him and comes out of the hut)

    Sita: Please wait. I will bring you something to eat.

    (Sita comes out of the hut with food and water. She stops at the line drawn by Lakshmana)

    Sita: Please, come and get your food. I cannot cross this line.

    Ravana: Oh generous soul, will you not provide food for this hungry man? I cannot cross the line drawn for your protection. It is you who can come to me.

    Sita (thinks deeply): So be it.

    (She steps out of the line)

    (As soon as Sita steps out of the circle, Ravana returns to his original form and laughs)

    Ravana: You are now mine! Your husband will pay for what he has done.

    Sita: You demon! You can never take me. Help! Help!

    (Ravana drags Sita onto his magic flying chariot and flies away. Sita drops her necklace on the ground, hoping that Rama will see it.)

    (Rama enters and sees Sita's necklace)

    Rama (to himself): Sita, I will find you, no matter what it takes.

    Lakshmana: Don't worry, brother. I will help you find her.

    Scene 6: Kishkinda, Sugriva's kingdom

    Characters: Rama, Lakshmana, Sugriva, Hanuman

    Narrator: Rama and Lakshmana arrive at the kingdom of Kishkinda, as they continue their search for Sita. They become allies with the monkey king, Sugriva. Among his troops is Hanuman, blessed with divine powers.

    Sugriva: My prince, I will send troops as far as possible to search for maa Sita. They will look everywhere and bring us news. Do not worry.

    Rama: Thank you so much, Sugriva.

    Hanuman: My lord, I will not disappoint you. I will bring good news soon.

    (Rama nods and smiles)

    Rama: Here, take my ring. When you find Sita, give it to her so that she will know that you are my messenger.

    Narrator: Hanuman and a few others travel south and reach the ocean. In a distance, they see the island of Lanka. Hanuman, with powers to alter his form, grows to the size of a mountain and flies across the ocean to Lanka.

    Scene 7: The garden where Sita is held captive in Lanka

    Characters: Hanuman, Sita

    The Story of Diwali - A Play Script For Kids

    Narrator: After reaching Lanka, Hanuman finds a city occupied by the demon Ravana and his people. He shrinks down to the size of an ant so that nobody can see him and starts looking around. He discovers Sita in a grove, guarded by demons. Hanuman waits till they fall asleep, and then approaches Sita.

    Hanuman: Maa Sita! How good it is to see you at last!

    Sita (in shock): Who are you and how do you know me?

    Hanuman: I am Hanuman from Kishkinda. I come in search of you, in the name of Prince Rama. He has been looking for you and worries deeply about you.

    Sita: How can I believe you?

    Hanuman: Here is Prince Rama's ring. He bid me give it to you so that you would know I am his aid.

    Sita (in tears after seeing the ring): My husband is looking for me! How I wish I could see him now!

    Hanuman: Maa Sita, I pray, do come with me. I can take you back to Prince Rama and away from these demons.

    Sita: I cannot do that. It is my husband who must come for me.

    Hanuman: But it is he who sent me to look for you...

    Sita: I refuse to move from this place till I see my husband. Go, tell him that I am safe, and that I am waiting for him to take me from here.

    Hanuman (bows): As you wish, maa Sita.

    Scene 8: Sugriva's Palace, Kishkinda

    Characters: Rama, Lakshmana, Sugriva, Hanuman, Sugriva's court members

    (Hanuman stands, bowing to Sugriva, Rama and Lakshmana)

    Hanuman: I bring good news! Maa Sita is alive and well. I have found her!

    Rama (gets up in joy): You bring joy to my ears! Where is my wife?

    Hanuman: She is in Lanka, the demon king Ravana's kingdom. He is holding her captive there in a grove, guarded by demon warriors.

    Sugriva: Go on, Hanuman. Did you bring Maa Sita with you?

    Hanuman: I offered to bring her back here but Maa Sita refused, saying she will wait for prince Rama to come rescue her.

    Rama: Then, we will not waste any more time. Let us march to Lanka immediately!

    Sugriva: Let's go at once! All my troops will accompany you to Lanka, prince Rama.

    Rama: Thank you, Sugriva.

    Narrator: So, Rama and Lakshmana march towards Lanka, with Sugriva and his monkey army. When they reach the ocean, the monkey army builds a bridge across the ocean to Lanka. Rama and his army finally arrive in Lanka.

    Scene 9: The battlefield in Lanka

    Characters: Rama, Lakshmana, Sugriva, Hanuman, Sugriva's army, Ravana

    The Story of Diwali - A Play Script For Kids

    (Battle scene - Armies of both sides are seen fighting with each other)

    Narrator: Rama's troops wage war on Ravana's demon army. A great battle ensues. Demons, animals and human fight each other for days. Ravana fights valiantly, but his is no match for Rama's strength and valour. Ravana tries throwing his gada, chakras, arrows, axes and even uprooted trees, but nothing harms Rama at all. The battle rages on for days. Ravana starts using mantras and flaming weapons, but Rama stops them mid-air and sends them back at Ravana. Rama then cuts off Ravana's head, but every time he does, a new head appears in its place. Rama prays to the Gods, takes out a special arrow and aims it at Ravana's heart. The arrow pierces the demon king's heart, and he falls down and dies.

    Troops: The demon king is dead! Prince Rama has saved us all! Long live, Prince Rama! Long live, Prince Lakshmana! Long live, King Sugriva! Long live, Hanuman!

    Scene 10: Ravana's palace

    Characters: Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Hanuman, Sugriva

    (Rama runs to the palace where Sita is held captive. On seeing him, Sita runs towards him)

    Sita: You have come for me!

    Rama: Sita! Ravana has been killed. I am here to take you back.

    Sita: A day did not pass when I did not think about you, my lord.

    Rama: A day did not pass when I did not worry about you. I have come now. You are safe.

    (Rama and Sita embrace)

    Hanuman: Long live, Prince Rama! Long live, maa Sita!

    Narrator: Having won the war against the demons, Rama and Sita return to Ayodhya, victorious. Their 14 years of exile were complete. The people of Ayodhya welcome their new king and queen by lighting clay diyas along their path.

    This is how Diwali came to be celebrated. The lamps signify the victory of good over evil and the light from the diyas are said to dispel the darkness in the world.

    A very happy Diwali to all of you!

    (Curtain closes)

    We bet your children will love to enact this beautiful and enlightening skit about the origin of Diwali. Grab some popcorn and get ready for the cutest show of a lifetime!

    A very happy Diwali from our family to yours!

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