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    Gadget Free Hour

    Gadget Free Hour

    Day 8 - #GFH2021 Challenge 8 | Lets be SENSE-ible!

    Today is ‘Let’s be SENSE-ible’ Day. Remember the time when you sneaked into the kitchen and put a spoonful of jam in your mouth, only to discover it was pickle! So, today you all are going to put your senses (smell, touch, taste, or hearing) to the test and see who amongst you is best tuned in to their senses.
    This is a great guessing game for the whole family. Watch the strange expressions of everyone as they try hard to guess the ingredients, based on the flavors, shapes and sounds of a crazy mix of foodstuffs. There’s bound to be squirms, exclamations and more! Let the yells, giggles and laughter explode all around.

    What you will do:
    ● Family members take turns to play the game
    ● Decide who will go first, second, and so on
    ● Use a big handkerchief or a dupatta to blindfold player No. 1
    ● The other family members run to the kitchen and make a mad mix of pulses, nuts, fruits, vegetables, spices, sauces, and dips
    ● Get inventive with the masala powders, but make sure you don’t set someone’s mouth on fire!
    ● Place the mixture in front of the blindfolded player and ask them to guess the ingredients, using their senses
    ● Repeat the steps so that everyone gets a turn to be blindfolded and guess what’s in the mad mix
    ● The one who guesses all the ingredients correctly gets a flying kiss from all the family members.

    A Reminder:
    At the end of the activity, click a SENSE-ational family picture and share it here ... more

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