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    3. Day 5 - #GFH2021 Challenge 5 | Family Harmony!

    Gadget Free Hour

    Gadget Free Hour

    Day 5 - #GFH2021 Challenge 5 | Family Harmony!

    Today is Family Harmony Day! Sing with glee and set ourselves free.
    Remember how you used to sing to your heart’s content, without a care in the world? Well, set your musical hearts free once again as you sit around with everyone and make up a fun song about the family. Take your musicality to the next level.

    What you will need:
    * Your voices
    * Your creativity
    * A high fun quotient
    * Paper and pen

    What you will do:
    * Let the family members sit in a circle
    * Choose a popular or family favorite song
    * Adapt the words in the song to suit your family
    * Include names of family members in the song
    * Write down the new lines or just make them up as you go along
    * Be a sport and don’t take anything personally, but make sure not to say hurtful things about anyone.
    * Add musical accompaniments such as rhythmic beats

    A Reminder:
    At the end of the activity, click a Musical family picture and share it here :)
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