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    Gadget Free Hour

    Gadget Free Hour

    Day 11 - #GFH2021 Challenge 11 | Sherlock-in-Home!

    Today is ‘Sherlock-in-Home’ Day. Discover the Sherlock Holmes in your family.
    Remember the time when hide-and-seek was the best game ever? Or the times when you were the first to notice when something went missing? Well, today it’s going to be hide-and-guess! A twist to our age-old hide-and-seek game.

    What you will do:
    ● Assemble the family in a room
    ● Family members take turns to play the game
    ● The first player turns toward a wall in the room
    ● All other family members team up and hide an object from the room
    ● Once the object is hidden out of sight, let the player turn around, examine the room and guess the missing object
    ● Celebrate the successes with a BIGGGG Hi5
    Go easy on the very young child who wants to play the game. Hide something that’s obvious. Or a parent could team up with the child. So, what are you waiting for? Let the game BEGIN!

    A Reminder:
    At the end of the activity, click your Sherlock Holmes family picture and share it here 😊 ... more

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