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    3. Contest Alert - #Your100WordStory | April 2022


    Contest Alert - #Your100WordStory | April 2022


    Contest Alert - #Your100WordStory | April 2022

    Mumma, why do you always do that? Oh Papa, not again!
    Have your kids said something similar to you?
    Well, we all have our quirky habits and reactions. What’s yours?
    We bet, there will be many parents who will find your stories relatable.

    Rules for the contest:
    1. Only one entry per person
    2. Send original entries only
    3. Adhere to the word limit (not more than 150 words)
    4. Participants are responsible for the content they post
    5. The contest entries will become the sole property of ParentCircle. The content may be used for publication in the company’s online and print media
    6. The decision of the judges stands final ... more

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    Team ParentCircle 60 days ago

    Congratulations to all our winners.

    Team ParentCircle 73 days ago

    Thankyou all for your contributions.

    The contest stands CLOSED.
    Please watchout this space for results.

    Arathi Vishwanath 74 days ago

    My both kids have different reasons to get annoyed about me. My elder daughter does not like it when I tell her about my past - as an aspirant to do medical I joined engineering thinking that i can earn money. But after marriage I left the job. Now she is in similar stage to take decision, so I keep on telling her to think a lot before joing any course.
    My younger daughter does not like me when I "rant" about maintaining discipline, keeping things clean etc.
    But obviously, I don't stop improving them because I believe they will mark my words in their future!

    Team ParentCircle 73 days ago

    @Arathi Vishwanath Lovely!!

    Saju Johnson 78 days ago

    The number one habit my kids find annoying about me is that I love calling them, with their pet names,in front of their senior friends.They say,I simply degrade their standards in front of their seniors ,but I am sure they have enough of their laughs ,with their seniors ,discussing the way they got their nicknames.It is a way to irritate them to their core,yet give them confidence to face difficult situations in their real lives!

    Team ParentCircle 74 days ago

    @Saju Johnson Agreed :)

    Preeti Agrawal 80 days ago

    My kids say, it's difficult to find just one annoying habit of me because there are many. Well, I asked them all, so I can make some progressive changes and enthrall. And according to them, one most annoying habit of me is not let them watch TV while having meals. I always tell them to focus on eating and encourage them to eat consciously with gratitude. Though they keep insisting me to change this habit, I still continue to make them learn to have meals with reverence and without any disturbance. And they keep on shouting, “Oh no, not again! ”

    Team ParentCircle 74 days ago

    @Preeti Agrawal Mindful eating...indeed will help them to stay healthy. Thanks for sharing Preeti :)

    Debojani Roy 75 days ago

    One thing my kid find most irritating is when I make bitter gourd and green veggies. I want to incorporate vegetables in the diet. Vegetables are the most essential part of a balanced diet. Hence I want to add it whenever possible. It has become a bit of my habit now.
    Vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals which protects us from diseases and flights against harmful effects.
    But every time I add it to the diet, the reaction comes, "Oh no, not again!"

    Team ParentCircle 74 days ago

    @Debojani Roy Heehehe...you seem to be a clever mom creatively adding veggies to everything...Do share some tips for all of us too :)

    Ruby Angel 75 days ago

    My kids in one chorus sing Mamma not again,when I get coconut oil to massage on their head scalp.They have a prejudiced version that oiling hair makes them look non modern.So whenever on weekends ,I call them to oil their hair they run and hide from me.

    Team ParentCircle 74 days ago

    @Ruby Angel LOL!!!!

    Jisha Varghese 74 days ago

    The more you read,the richer you become.I literally force my kids to read the newspaper and they prefer using that time to watch YouTube videos.When I press them harder to read out ,they half heartedly do so ,just because they can't go against mamma.I tell them,on one occasion you will realize importance of the habit of reading,no matter how far technology has advanced.

    Team ParentCircle 74 days ago

    @Jisha Varghese Yes, reading really makes your mind sharp and is a company for life. Great going mommy! :)

    Komal Dedhia 78 days ago

    The most annoying habit of me is I always says no to wake up late in the morning bcoz who r wakeup late in the morning their whole day is spend lazy and my kids like to sleep in the morning so I will play bhajan with full of volume and they r getting Irritating.

    Team ParentCircle 74 days ago

    @Komal Dedhia Totally agree Komal!
    Technique of bhajan on full volume.. lol!!! poor kids :D