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    3. Contest Alert!! - THE ONE-LINER CONTEST | January 2022

    Preschool and Primary

    Contest Alert!! - THE ONE-LINER CONTEST | January 2022

    Preschool and Primary

    Contest Alert!! - THE ONE-LINER CONTEST | January 2022

    There is nothing like parenthood, right? From the very moment you realize you’re about to become one, to seeing your children all grown up. Initially, the whole parenting process may seem like a hectic job, but eventually, you will find yourself learning and growing in it – there may be times when your children inspire you, irritate you, make you laugh, test your patience and what not.

    But being able to find the lighter side of all the chaos can go a long way in keeping your sanity. So, why not share your parenting one-liners - hilariously or accurately describing parenting.

    Rules for the contest:
    1. Only one entry per person
    2. Send original entries only
    3. Adhere to one-liner only
    4. Participants are responsible for the content they post
    5. The contest entries will become the sole property of ParentCircle. The content may be used for publication in the company’s online and print media
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    Team ParentCircle 140 days ago

    Many Congratulations to our Winners!!
    Please check your registered email id for next steps.

    Thankyou all for participating!

    SEEMA RAI CHHETRI 146 days ago

    When will the result be out?

    Team ParentCircle 145 days ago

    @SEEMA RAI CHHETRI In another week :)

    Team ParentCircle 152 days ago

    Thankyou all for your lovely one-liners :)

    The contest stands CLOSED!

    Please watchout this space for results. All the best :)

    Debojani Roy 154 days ago

    Parenting doesn't have in-built set of rules, it's different for everyone, basically it's more about connecting with your child.

    Aarti Gupta 154 days ago

    Parenting in my life means growing up your kids in healthy and peaceful environment to make them responsible not only for him/herself but also for society.

    Arathi Vishwanath 155 days ago

    Parenting is all about moulding your child into a healthy, educated, confident and responsible citizen, and providing them the strength and wisdom to lead their own lives

    U. Bhanu 155 days ago

    Parenting for me is like seeing myself again...absolutely enjoying and learning from this phase.

    Preethi Kamath 158 days ago

    Parenting for Me its like going back to school again but this time to learn more PATIENCE

    Priyangshu Chatterjee 160 days ago

    "The art of forgetting oneself and to live for other human being"

    Sumana Sarkar 162 days ago

    Parenting to me is re-experiencing my life once again from a conscious awareness so that living becomes a step more worthwhile.

    Lakshmi Deepika Chinni 164 days ago

    Parenting means in my way, learn gd things, give encouragement, support, love to children. Patience important to parents.

    Manoj gupta 164 days ago

    Parenting is a bridge on which children cross the life of happy and sorrow.

    Mansi Chaturvedi 164 days ago

    Endless twirls and swirls to cherish

    Dimple Rai 166 days ago

    Adventurous journey of exploration. !!

    Mukti Sahay 167 days ago

    The raising of a child by its parents.

    SEEMA RAI CHHETRI 167 days ago

    PARENTING for me, is realising the real values & sacrifices made by our Parents, while upbringing us with limited facilities & without technologies.

    Preeti Agrawal 167 days ago

    Parenting is a great privilege where we experience boundless creative energy with playfulness that train us to blossom with preparedness, strength, patience and enthusiastic involvement.

    Shreya Suraj 168 days ago

    Parenting is seeing your parents laugh at your children repeating the same tantrums for which we got scolded 20 years ago.

    Team ParentCircle 167 days ago

    @Shreya Suraj Can't agree more :)

    Subhashree Ravichandran 168 days ago

    Parenting is a very enjoyable,educative, loving, fulfilling, roller coaster ride giving sleepless nights , heartaches,kisses and heart melting hugs all through our lives.

    Team ParentCircle 167 days ago

    @Subhashree Ravichandran Lovely :)

    Sushma V.V.L 167 days ago

    Parenting is a Psychological and Mental State testing of two Well-Being parents

    Team ParentCircle 167 days ago

    @Sushma V.V.L LOL!! :D

    Veepanchy 167 days ago

    It’s a very simple and beautiful journey

    Syed Fathima 167 days ago

    Parenting is an ongoing journey of learning and unlearning.

    Nivedita Vikram Singh 168 days ago

    Paranting is 2nd name of teaching and building a good citizen.

    Bhanupriya 168 days ago

    Parenting is never ending job which give in return salary of unconditional love nd bond for life.

    Smitha.R.P 169 days ago

    Parenting is life's greatest privilege ,celebrating the joys and challenges of Parenthood.