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    Preschool and Primary

    CONTEST ALERT! Raising Boys Campaign Special - February 2022

    Preschool and Primary

    CONTEST ALERT! Raising Boys Campaign Special - February 2022

    Oh boy! We can’t wait to hear from you. Give us the highlights, tell us what brings you tears of joy as you raise your boy – right from the wonder of his birth to the innocence of early childhood and the adventurous middle years, and all the way up to the terrific teens.

    If you have a son, a nephew, or a brother you know that boys can be both sweet and wild. So, share your adventurous, loving, funny, nerve-wracking yet memorable stories of how you are raising a boy. Or maybe you have seen other parents raise a boy to become a man with integrity and heart! We are sure there are many parents who will find these stories relatable.

    Rules for the contest:
    1. Only one entry per person
    2. Send original entries only
    3. Adhere to the word limit (not more than 150 words)
    4. Participants are responsible for the content they post
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    Team ParentCircle 129 days ago

    Kudos to all our participants for sharing their thoughts and stories and Many Congratulations to our winners!

    Team ParentCircle 135 days ago

    Thankyou so much everyone for sharing your thoughts and stories with us.
    The contest stands CLOSED.

    Watchout this space for results!

    Debojani Roy 136 days ago

    I think there is not that much difference in raising a boy than girl as you have to give same effort for both. It's the society that dimarcates the difference. In today's modern world there should not be thin line of difference between them. Both girls and boys are treasures for our family. Hence, they should be raised equally.
    I have seen my parents raising my brother and me equally. They had never differentiated between us. So for a healthy society to flourish vibrantly, we must not mark a thin line between raising boys and girls. Infact, right from the beginning they should be taught to respect each other.

    Arathi Vishwanath 138 days ago

    I am a mother of two daughters even my parents do not have boys, but I don't think patenting a boy is different. When I was growing my patents never felt that do not have boy as I was very courageous and bold enough to handle all kinds of situations. Now I am also feeling the same with my younger daughter who has nothing less in anything compared to a boy. She is naughty enough, bold enough, courageous. As I saw many of my friends and relatives with boys, most of their sons are very polite,trustworthy kids.They listen 100% to their mothers words.
    This generation have no difference in bringing up a boy or girl.

    Krishnan SSG 139 days ago

    We are proud parents of our one and only son who is now studying in an engineering college. He attracted everyone with his charming face when he was an young child. He was born after 3 years from our marriage by the gracious blessings of the Lord navaneethakrishnan of the mallur temple on the mysore-bengaluru road. He has been an intelligent student at both school and college. He is at his best in creative drawing and has drawn nearly 1000 artistic drawings as early as at the age range of 5 to 15 years. He has really fulfilled our dream of parenthood and has brought several laurels as feathers on his cap. May god bless him with a happy and bright future.

    Shreya Suraj 141 days ago

    I am proud mother of a 22 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. I am sure both come from 2 different planets. Raising a son who was the second born was a totally different experience compared to my daughter.
    Son looked at cars and wheels, while daughter looked at crows and Crayons. The first thing my son said after coming back from pre-school was, his teacher looked very pretty. He didn't remember what was taught. I got so many comparisons and comments from his teachers that I stopped telling he was "her" brother to save her from embarassment at school.
    Son talks only about Java, Python, Cryptocurrency, he knows everything about parts of the computer, aeroplanes ,bikes. I am at loss to sometimes even to speak to him.
    But he is totally responsible, respectful, loves and adores me . I can only pray for his amazing future and a successful life

    Smitha.R.P 142 days ago

    I am mother of two lovely daughters . And I am grown up with my younger brother who was very naughty, funny and loving. During our childhood we both quarreling like Tom and Jerry for very silly things from Food to clothes, watching TV or playing . I also remember once I stuck chewing gum to his hair , then being scared of my parents I cut his hair using scissors which my mother came to know because it looked like RAT cut ..Now we are responsible brother and sister ,having families of our own .My brother have two sons , my lovely nephews. The elder one has musky color and his naughtiness resembles my brother. The younger one cleverly mischievous , sensitive who is fair , And my mother says he looks same like me ( his Mami). My parents have raised daughter and son, myself both daughters ,and my brother both sons

    Lavanya Anand 147 days ago

    I am a mother of two sons, happily parenting two sweet tiny tots and witnessing their lovely childhood days. My first son Kailash Anand the most adventurous kind, brightens our day with his cute toddler talks; he makes us to hold smile on our face always through his elderly mannerisms to prove us that he is the most responsible brother. My second son Sri Harish is of silent kind new born, who is learning things from his brother and eventually very much attached to his brother much earlier. Feeling blessed to be the parents of two boys and the best part is, I am also growing and learning along with them everyday.

    Team ParentCircle 147 days ago

    @Lavanya Anand Awesome - twosome :)

    Shannon Almeida 148 days ago

    I am a Mother of a doting son and despite the chaos and mess of raising him, with his growling noises and weird sense of humor, I’m desperately in love with being a boy mom. When he calls me Mummy, there is nothing in this world that could feel better than this, its priceless. I love my son Dwayne to the moon and back. He is a very understanding and responsible son. Its great to be a Mother of a son and you need to be brave and have a mighty and positive attitude towards life. I am so proud of my son and would never ask for anything else from the Lord. He is the pride of my life. He used to fall sick when he was small and it gave me jitters, but with his parents by his side, he fought back and is a strong son.

    Team ParentCircle 147 days ago

    @Shannon Almeida Thanks for sharing Shannon :) Lovely pic!

    Preeti Agrawal 147 days ago

    Being a mother of a boy and a girl both, I found no such particular difference raising them. Both are miracles.
    "My joy of raising a boy" is wonderful. My son is a teen and has mood swings which is absolutely natural at his age. But, his creativity and playfulness is always high that fills my home with energy and joy. When he was a little kid, his toys were mostly cars. Still his love for cars continues and he can identify and name almost every car in just a glance. We're more friends now and he's raising my qualities to be limitless, reversing my aging process and instilling me with enthusiasm.
    He involves well in all kind of chores, helps his younger sister also. Oh yes, they fight a lot in every little thing. But, that's the joy of having a sibling.
    We're blessed and growing together!

    Team ParentCircle 147 days ago

    @Preeti Agrawal Thanks Preeti for sharing your lovely story :)