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    CONTEST ALERT - Memorable Trip with your Teen Contest

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    CONTEST ALERT - Memorable Trip with your Teen Contest

    Share Photos or Experiences of a memorable trip with your teenager. Top entries win gift vouchers worth up to Rs. 5,000! Contest closes on 26th September 2019. TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. Send original entries only. 2. It is deemed that participants are responsible/liable for the photos/ content that they post. 3. ParentCircle may use the photographs for publishing purposes in the future at its discretion. 4. The decision of judges is final. ... more

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    Team ParentCircle May 14 2020

    @Team ParentCircle Many Many Congratulations to the Winners!

    Manish Saxena Oct 12 2019

    We must taken care of our mental health as much as our physical health. Laughter is the best medicine. So include humour and fun activities into your life as much as possible.

    Here are few things that I have learnt from elders, and read over the years that definitely help:
    Spend a lot of time with children and people who are young at heart
    Be helpful to others as much as possible. It gives a lot of satisfaction and happiness
    Play sports and games
    Visit holy places and pray often
    Sleep early and wake up early
    Spend time alone also and meditate for few minutes every morning
    Walking, yoga, and simple exercises can keep you fit physically and mentally
    Do pranayama and practice to breathe slow and steady throughout the day
    Develop hobbies and try new things
    Give importance to cultural activities, music, arts, and dance. Such activities are not only entertaining but also have therapeutical value.
    Read a lot
    Stay away from negativity and negative people
    If you are not a people person, try having a pet
    Stay in touch with family members, friends, and people you are close to
    Have good role models and keep learning something from them everyday
    Spend time outdoors for few minutes everyday
    Volunteer at schools and different events
    Do community service when possible
    Help the needy when possible
    Do gardening
    Teach something to others
    Learn something new whenever you get a chance
    Spend time outdoors in the sun for few minutes everyday
    Take a break from hectic work and regular routine and travel when possible
    Be creative
    Try different cuisines
    Learn about different cultures
    Find ways to deal with problems that may crop up with patience. Panicking about different stuff will only make matters worse
    Reduce clutter
    Manage your time and energy in an efficient way
    Maintain a journal
    Write down /note down your expenses
    Organize your home, office table and vehicle in such a way that you become more and more efficient
    Take help from close people when sick
    Listen to your body, rest if necessary, and be kind to yourself and others
    Keep working at finding ways that help you be positive and happy

    Inspite of all the planning and knowledge, things might not go as planned sometimes. The best thing to do is to take things slow and easy. Be easy on yourself.

    To take care of the mental health of our family members, communication is key. We should pay attention to verbal and non verbal communication. Any behaviour changes or any energy differences can tell us a lot about what might be going on in others mind. This will help us to help each other and take care of the mental health of ourselves and our close ones.

    Manish Saxena Oct 12 2019

    @Manish Saxena Hello!
    Why have you copied from me ? You have taken from what Ive written !

    Manish Saxena Oct 14 2019


    Team ParentCircle Oct 14 2019

    We request all parents to share your original ideas and valuable suggestions with us. But, please do not indulge in plagiarism. It is not only unethical but also infringes upon the intellectual property of another person(s). Please refrain from indulging in such unfair practices, Dear Parents.
    We welcome your original ideas and thoughts as that helps us and other parents. Thank you!
    - Team ParentCircle

    Amrita Singh Sep 27 2019

    We went Nepal along with my kids there were lots of things which we learned about there culture religion so many things

    Amrita Singh Sep 27 2019

    Rashmi Sep 27 2019

    Ritika Sultania Sep 24 2019

    @Ritika Sultania Nicely written and beautiful photos too!

    Ritika Sultania Sep 25 2019

    @Ritika Sultania Thank you Simmi ji

    Sayoni Mondal Sep 24 2019

    I like to pen down some inspirational thoughts in context to this contest. In a broader sense, Life itself is a beautiful journey designed by us to reach the Almighty's fix destination. In narrower term, as you sow so shall you reap, that is Day by Day while filling your memories how much grateful, content, happy, kind are you for yourself and others matters more. According to the topic point of view, memorable trip is the trip where you are genuinely remember in someone's heart. My memorable trip is my heart running outside of me, walking, running, crying, smiling, communicating verbally and with non-verbal gestures. A trip is a planned travelling to enjoy and have fun by observing different culture for stipulated time being. Whereas A Memorable trip is a Day to Day observation with learning attitude and enjoying the process to end up with contentment and happiness.

    Sayoni Mondal Sep 24 2019

    @Sayoni Mondal You have such a wonderful way with words . Reading your write up really sums up your attitude and also your philosophical take on this topic. Kudos to you kanisha. Keep writing!

    Sayoni Mondal Sep 25 2019

    @Sayoni Mondal Thank you so much Mam! Your reply soothes my mind and relaxes my heart. Thanks for appreciating my work.

    Kavita Sep 17 2019

    My role as a STAY AT HOME SINGLE mom has curbed my financial ability to go ffor any long trips with my daughter. However we do try to enjoy with each other in whichever small way our budget permits.
    Most trips are to my parents home in pune. These small trips give us the much needed break from our routine monotonous schedules.
    One such trip happened in the month of july this year, when we got just 2 days advance intimation to attend a nephew's engagement ceremony in pune.
    Its not easy for two ladies to plan a sudden rip in the middle of a hectic week . My teenaged daughter faced the worst dilemma in life. She could niether afford to miss the function nor her college.
    First we tried to honestly take permission from college for leave for 2 days, but it was not granted. So we decided to risk by going anyway...sans permission. Planning for outfits for the morning and evening function, ironing and small time repairs to the dresses. Hunting our wardrobes and the market close by for matching jewellery...visit to the parlour etc. Digging out for special footwear from the shoe rack only to realize that the heel was broken which called for a quick trip to the cobbler.
    Finally on the D day we hired a car and began our very pleasurable trip.
    In the short drive of 2 hours, we enjoyed the greenery and scenic beauty of lonavala, devoured the vada pav and lonavala chikki famous here. Once in pune we paid a quick visit to our most loved Dagdu ganpati and chaturshringi temple.
    At the venue we quickly changed our attire, ate and laughed, danced and sang all day. The same routine followed in the evening.
    Next day early morning we woke up at 4 am and left pune st 5...when the world was still asleep. On the way back we slept a bit and gossiped about the previous night happenings. Backnto mumbai at 8.30 am ...dotty dear dressed up for college and travelled another 2 hours to start her normal routine.
    This was the shortest and yet the sweetest outstation trip we both enjoyed the maximum. It left us absolutely rejuvenated and refreshed and fitted well into our shoe string budget too.

    Kavita Sep 17 2019

    @Kavita How nicely written and a different experience reading your outing with your teen.Big or small ..Every moment spent with your child is important.

    Kavita Sep 18 2019

    @Kavita Thank you so much for reading and liking it.

    Kavita Sep 24 2019

    @Kavita My pleasure dear

    Pradeep Sati Sep 22 2019

    Amrita Singh Sep 18 2019

    We went Nepal Trip along with my family..

    Amrita Singh Sep 18 2019

    Shital Bhudiya Sep 17 2019

    Me and my hubby

    Manasi Gore Sep 17 2019

    Anand Swaminathan Sep 17 2019

    @Anand Swaminathan So nice to read about such a temple which is unknown to many. Thanks for sharing it.

    Clifford Fernandes Sep 17 2019

    @Clifford Fernandes Nice pictures ...It must have been a fulfilled trip.

    Jyoti Gupta Sep 17 2019

    Jyoti Gupta Sep 17 2019

    @Jyoti Gupta Beautiful architecture of the temple. It must have been an awesome experience for your kid too.

    Simi Ramesh Sep 17 2019

    Urmila Sep 17 2019

    Pooja shetb Sep 16 2019