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    CONTEST ALERT - International Yoga Day Contest

    Lifestyle for Moms

    CONTEST ALERT - International Yoga Day Contest

    Share photos or a write-up of your fitness routine! Top entries win exciting gift vouchers! Contest closes on 28th June 2019. TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. Send original entries only. 2. It is deemed that participants are responsible/liable for the photos/ content that they post. 3. ParentCircle may use the photographs for publishing purposes in the future at its discretion. 4. The decision of judges is final. ... more

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    SURUCHI PRIYA 351 days ago


    Team ParentCircle Sep 27 2019

    The benefits of yoga are well-known. But, what is the ideal age to introduce your little one to yoga? And how can you make it appealing to children? Yoga expert Rina Hindocha explains.

    Suresh Menon Jul 16 2019

    Anjana Tyagi Jun 27 2019

    Anjana Tyagi Jul 3 2019

    @Anjana Tyagi Thank you, Anjana for sharing your fitness routine during pregnancy! Hope this helps a lot of mommies and to be mommies here!

    Nandita Naik Jun 24 2019

    Sunita Mahato Jun 24 2019

    My little wonder has turned 2yrs.I decided to steal few minutes for myself.The better way I thought for a start is a Morning walk. I started with 15 mins, gradually increased. Them I started adding a little pace to the walk. So, now I my routine is 30mins of morning walk and 10 mins of yoga.

    It keeps me charged up for the whole day and the balance my role of a toddler mom and as well as growing child mom (my elder son is abt to be 9yrs).

    Prabha Jun 20 2019

    Prabha Jun 22 2019

    @Prabha So many benefits and goodness from yoga .Nice article.

    Pratiksha Ramchandra More Jun 22 2019

    @Pratiksha Ramchandra More It is indeed a way of life and state of mind. You are indeed a yoga expert as your photos show it .

    Nandini aggarwal Jun 22 2019

    @Nandini aggarwal Great snap and pose and the health benefits too.

    Prabha Jun 21 2019

    Happy International Yoga Day.
    Like Suryanamaskar has 12 Asanas, I have created 12 Asanas for Mind that I apply for my routine fitness.
    1. Maintaining routine diary Asana: This Asana aids me to organise a day and time effectively with sharp memory. Furthermore, it helps me to observe my mood swings and thoughts which ultimately creates a unique level of thinking.
    2. Gayatri Mantra Asana: In this Asana, I allocate 10 minutes time to write 1 page of Gayatri mantra. It aids in concentrating on a day with courage and focus.
    3. Focus on Present Asana: This Asana is to prepare a mind to focus on 24 hours in order to play well with time, resources and energy. It aids in creating a peaceful direction.
    4. Let Go and Move On Asana: This is one of the hardest Asana. With Consistent practice on inhaling let go and exhaling move on with people and situations, it helps in removing negativity in our thoughts and actions.
    5. Patience Asana: A child teaches us the best lesson on patience. I am on learning process with my kid with this Asana.
    6. Balancing Asana: Balancing health, happiness and wealth is an art. This Asana is not a Day process, it's a life long process by controlling our Ego, Selfish and Jealous default nature. Once learned and applied, it's easy to deal with the process.
    7. Work with Singing Asana: This Asana helps in stress management. There are ample of work in a day, but by combining work with singing it soothes our brain and heart.
    8. Celebrating National and International Days with kid Asana: In this Asana, I use to save national and international days images on daily basis, I click the picture of my kid according to that theme, I use to collage it with date and caption, then take a print out and paste it in my Scrapbook. This Asana aids a punch in my Creativity.
    9. Realistic Observation Asana: This Asana helps me in out-of-the-box thinking, optimistic and wide-angle thinking level.
    10. Awareness Asana: This Asana helps me in playing consciously. I recognise my mistake, admit it wherever I am wrong. I can courageously point out when someone do or say wrong.
    11. Surrendering myself to God Asana: This Asana gives me strength to fight for a day and my future. It's my responsibility to give this soul with peace, happiness, kindness to God Head.
    12. Childlike Asana: This Asana teaches me to Never give up on my goal, be creative, curious, learner forever.
    Disclaimer: This is the lengthiest post. It's worth reading it. As since past few years, I am applying it and it's good for my mental and physical fitness.

    Prabha Jun 22 2019

    @Prabha A good read !!And so much knowledge imparted through this post of yours.

    Yamini Hardik Jun 22 2019

    @Yamini Hardik Wow.a great thought and great snap too. Indeed yoga is a boon to our world.

    Swetha GSM Jun 21 2019

    Swetha GSM Jun 22 2019

    @Swetha GSM Inspire of your busy schedule its so heartening to see you allot time for yoga and fitness. Its an inspiration to all .

    Swetha GSM Jun 21 2019

    Nidhi agrawal Jun 21 2019

    Wake up at 5:45.
    Remember God.
    Open windows for fresh air.
    Drink a concoction of turmeric, saunf, ajwain, salt, rosasted ground coummin seeds, ground black pepper, honey, lemon in 4 glasses of lukewarm water. I will share the detailed recipe some other time. And eat or drink nothing for next 45 mins.
    Bathroom time.
    I have cervical stiffness problem, so I do neck exercises for 15 mins as suggested by my physiotherapist.
    Breakfast is tea with few granules of sugar, a piece of toasted brown bread with some desi ghee applied on it before toasting it, and a small amount of sev bhujia.
    2 spoons of roasted flax seeds.
    Time for bath.
    A glass of milk with 5 soaked almonds. No sugar. Just an almond or kesar mix in milk for enhancing taste.
    Reach office.
    Fill my water bottle to finish during the day.
    Take a glass of green tea.
    Take frequent breaks from my seat to walk up to washroom or pantry.
    Home cooked lunch including a dry vegetable and a dal or kadi or something in gravy and half roti.
    No water post lunch for 90 mins.
    2 spoons of flax seeds again.
    A glass of water after 90 mins.
    A glass of green tea again.
    36 mins of treadmill in office gym with gradual incline of up to 16 and a gradual increase in speed up to 6. I can't run because of cervical issue. Warm up and cool off is important.
    A fresh fruit plate from office canteen.
    Back home.
    Take rest for 10 mins, change and go out for 1 hour walk.
    Have a toasted bread, milk, 5 soaked almonds.
    Repeat my neck exercises.
    Keep phone away from my bed.
    Sleep. To wake up again at 5:45 next day. And repeat.
    On weekends as I can not go to office gym, I compensate by walking for 90 mins instead of the usual 60 mins.
    That's my daily fitness routine.

    Reena Rana Jun 20 2019

    Reena Rana Jun 21 2019

    @Reena Rana Yes it's true that yoga helps in releasing tension and stress and the snap shows you in a peaceful mudra too. .

    Anni Jun 20 2019

    Anni Jun 21 2019

    @Anni It is indeed good to know that your asthma got relieved by doing yoga. Ir will be an inspiration to many . Thanks for sharing and more power to you

    Abhishek chauhan Jun 21 2019

    @Abhishek chauhan Such a perfect pose and click...

    Prabha Jun 20 2019

    Prabha Jun 20 2019

    Prabha Jun 20 2019

    Lovey Jun 19 2019

    Lovey Jun 19 2019

    @Lovey How very cute and that bond is sure to stay when it is infused with so much love and care. Loved that sweet pic and pose of you two@

    Lovey Jun 20 2019

    @Lovey Thank u so much dear. Actually trying out to create fun moments while dancing and in dancing indulging some of the yoga poses as well.

    debsena dey Jun 20 2019

    Shilpa Bajaj Jun 20 2019

    Neetu Grover Jun 20 2019

    Neetu Grover Jun 20 2019

    @Neetu Grover My fitness mantra is daily exercises nd walk for an hour.Eat healthy nd fresh veggies & fruits.Drink plenty of water.Say no to junk food.Always think positive .Last but not the least tension lene ka nahi, enjoy every little moment of life.

    Shannon Almeida Jun 19 2019

    My fitness mantra is to eat well and exercise well. My routine includes two days of weight training (one day upper body, one day lower body) with two days of yoga and one day of cardio. I walk the treadmill to keep myself trim and fit. I believe that in order to be successful and achieve something, you will have to be fit, otherwise you will not be able to work as hard as you want to. I start my mornings with a warm glass of water and tea without sugar. In my diet, I replace all whites with brown. I also try and finish my dinner before 8.00 pm so that my body has enough time to digest it. I do a lot of walking throughout the day to maintain my weight.

    Shannon Almeida Jun 19 2019

    @Shannon Almeida A very good mantra for all to follow. Kudos to you!

    Sunita Katyal Jun 19 2019

    @Sunita Katyal So inspiring to read that and to do it with your daughter is really a great idea .With good health ,you are also sharing a healthy time away from gadgets !

    Amrita Mallik Jun 19 2019

    Being a victim of body shaming I have never really comprehended the actual definition of 'fitness'. It is just not the number on the weighing scale; it incorporates both mental and physical health. Only recently when staggering under excessive weight and hormonal imbalance I visited a dietician. There began my fitness journey. Although not a junk food freak or a compulsive eater, my lifestyle was indeed unhealthy. I was too much under the burden of 'what they think, speak or act against and about me'.
    The diet started. I began with eating several times a day and drinking plenty of water (which I always did). Exercise included simple brisk walking. After six months I lost around 15 kgs with knee pain and irregular periods gone. Then I came across a 3-month program with a lifestyle coach. That really paved the way. A 30-minute rigorous weight training and cardio on alternate days, a further healthy twist to food and lifestyle finally defined 'fitness' in its truest sense.
    Today I cannot think of missing exercise and 10k steps any single day. Adding fruits and vegetables, including mangoes and bananas, to the daily diet has become a habit. Spending at least 10 minutes reading and saying at least 4 nice things to myself take care of my mental health. Finally a good sound sleep (though not possible with a little kid, but still improved one) completes my day.
    From a low-confident woman blaming and punishing myself for every little wrong to a confident person, I have come a long way.
    This International Yoga Day I pledge to keep myself fit and healthy in every way - thoughts, acts, behaviour apart from physical and mental health. I am too eager to learn yoga, especially for mental grit. Whenever I can avail it I will take the plunge.

    Shivam Bishnoi Jun 19 2019

    My workout sessions are usually between 15 and 45 minute long. My schedule consists of a mix of cardio and strength training. And when I say cardio, I dont mean spending hours on the elliptic or the treadmill. I seriously hate that!

    Im a big believer in HIIT workouts aka high intensity interval workouts. HIIT is a form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense exercise with less-intense recovery periods (thank you Wikipedia for explaining it better than I could ;)). For example, one of the HIIT workout I do frequently is running 15 minutes on the treadmill, alternating 30 seconds of high intensity and 30 seconds of rest, with the legs on the side of the treadmill. And when I say high intensity, I really mean HIGH intensity. Like I-cant-do-more-or-Im-gonna-die kind of intensity. Thats really the key if you want the workout to be efficient. Its short, but intense. I have tried many workout types and HIIT workouts have been by far the most efficient ones to lose body fat and build a strong heart in a short amount of time.

    My actual workout schedule varies from week to week. I follow Zuzka Lights ZGYM workouts and I cant recommend her enough. Im seriously looking forward to having my butt kicked each time!

    Here are some of my favorite exercices:

    Burpees I love burpees so much! And I hate them, too. They are tough, especially when you do a lot of them but they activate a lot of muscles in your body and are a great cardio exercice.

    Side Jump Lunges I do a lot of lunges variations and side jump lunges are my favorite kind. They target the glutes and hamstrings, just to name a few. Its also a great cardio exercice if you switch legs quickly.

    My Fitness Routine: Exercises, Frequency and Meals - NotEnoughCinnamon.com

    Mountain Climbers Heres another total body exercise that will get your heart pumping. Its particularly great for the abs.

    My Fitness Routine: Exercises, Frequency and Meals - NotEnoughCinnamon.com
    Kettlebell Swings This move is a little more advanced than the other ones but once you get the hang of it, you will see how efficient it is, especially for the lower body. Unfortunately, you really have to use a kettlebell for this exercice, you cant use a dumbbell instead.

    My Fitness Routine: Exercises, Frequency and Meals - NotEnoughCinnamon.com

    Quad Hip Extension Its a basic but great exercise that targets the glutes and the back of the leg. No weights needed so you can do it anytime and anywhere