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    CONTEST ALERT - Interesting Moments with Teen Contest

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    CONTEST ALERT - Interesting Moments with Teen Contest

    Share photos & write about the interesting moments you've had with your teenager! Top entries win gift vouchers worth up to Rs. 5,000! Contest closes on 17th April 2019. TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. Send original entries only. 2. It is deemed that participants are responsible/liable for the photos/ content that they post. 3. ParentCircle may use the photographs for publishing purposes in future at its discretion. 4. The decision of judges is final. ... more


    Mathi Vivek Apr 17 2019

    Happy Parenting
    Few days ago 4 to 5 guests came to my house.As I was busy cooking they were having a good chat in my garden. There were 4 chairs in the garden and all were occupied. Suddenly my daughter came near the garden. She wanted a chair.So one of my guest who was 40 to 45 years offered her a chair.My daughter immediately said "Aunty no thanks please dont get up and she sat down".
    On one end I was very happy as my daughter learnt to respect elders.
    But on the other hand,one teen who was sitting on the chair looked down upon my daughter. She was over conscious on her dressing, that she was not ready to get it spoiled. It depends how we see the world.
    Mathi Vivek

    Kanisha Apr 14 2019

    I would like to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience. When I was a lecturer, I was curious to solve pratical issues of students. Majority of students issue was on TRUST issue. During their age, they are innocent and rely on others quickly but once their heart get broken due to fake relationships, it is difficult for them to trust themselves and others again. With my pratical knowledge, I replied to them TRUST ONESELF and set boundaries.

    Swati Soni Apr 14 2019

    Pritinivoriya Apr 12 2019

    @Pritinivoriya Me and my daughter make it together and also got First prize this creative thing

    Sheetal kapur Apr 11 2019

    My daughter who is a teenager
    If you treat them as your friend's they are the best friends to share your secrets ,watch movies,eat your favourite junk food.
    But if you treat them as your child then they are the ones you feel always away from you not sharing anything always busy on their mobile.
    So I treat my daughter as my friend making tiktok going for movies,food.

    Vishnu Kant agrawal Apr 11 2019

    Lots of them, but what stands out was one day when I was driving somewhere with my middle kid.

    She asked me a question about a very divisive topic, one that I had strong feelings and thoughts about. She asked me what was wrong with the people who were on the other side of the topic.

    I left my body. I found myself suspended in space, like a cartoon character going over a cliff. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I was at a crossroads, with tremendous implications for my child and for me.

    I had two choices:

    I could tell her what was wrong with the people on the other side of the issue. I could destroy their argument and make them look like ignorant fools.

    In other words, I could try to strongly influence to see the issue the way I saw it. I could let her know what I expected her to think.

    Or . . . I could help her see both sides, and explain in a neutral way why I believed the way I did without disrespecting those on the other side, and leave it open for her to make up her own mind.

    I chose Door Number 2. And quickly, which was great, because I was driving a car. :-)

    Ive never regretted it. In fact, I saw it as a Great Moment in Parenting, in which I realized that my job wasnt to make her into a person who agreed with me, but to let her become the person she was.

    And I realized that you sure as hell better change and grow and become a better person as you raise your kids, or you aint doing it right.

    Urvashi Mahato Apr 10 2019

    Teenage is that moment when "you trip, fall, get up and then walk away , hoping that no one saw you"
    Now, when, I'm a parent, and think about my past teenage life, I sit and laugh my heart out.
    Dealing with a teenager is really a tough task but it can be made simpler with each other's (parent-child) support.. Both have to be calm and patient in order to get close to each other as this is the age when a teenager's attitude changes..
    Being calm is the real "MANTRA"..

    Moments shared with a teenager is really a fun..
    This is the time when one can be friends with each other.

    Once, I remember, going on an excursion with my teenage students organized by the school, where I was one of the teachers...
    That was the time when we were not talking about studies and I got to know about my teenage girls better.
    It was an awesome time spent with them, they remembered my birthday (which was falling during our 10days trip) and had planned a surprise party for me.. Gifts, bouquets, decorations, Lots of talks- from listening to their problems to solving them, It was a great moment with them and near to my heart as well!
    I don't know how they managed to arrange everything on our trip. (Still a surprise for me)
    But the girls gestures made my day! I was overwhelmed..
    At the end I adviced them to " Save money, and when they grow up and start earning, that will be the best return gift to me".
    It's been 3 years since I have left that school, but my "TEENAGE STUDENTS" still make it a point to call me and wish me on my birthday
    It's the best moment, I've ever had with my teenagers...

    Simi Ramesh Apr 10 2019

    Yamini Nagarajan Apr 10 2019

    My elder one, this year going to enter into college...more unforgettable teen moments between us. not able to share our photos, as she didn't like it..apologies! but sharing memorable moments of her teen! now her age 17 and my younger daughter age 11. Elder daughter more mature, short temper but forget it easily, whenever she will get angry she goes to her room and be quiet till her mood gets happy. Always Mischievous with her sister. In her teen age i thought to surprise her by celebrating her 16th birthday a bit grand as she won't like to celebrate her birthday! so me and my little one planned the things through amazon and surprised her on that day. She never thought like this surprise and she was overjoyed with happiness. And she told us this is her unforgettable birthday in her life. Every teen age girl have more dreams to do makeovers, to hang out with friends , travelling around..but my daughter had none..her only dream is to become doctor and she is putting all her heart and soul into it..and next month is her NEET exam. Please all of you bless her and pray for her. Why she selected this profession? because my husband is kidney transplant patient and i'm kidney donor....when she was 8months baby iam the donor to my hubby..so she knew how much we are suffered that time, because of his father health and my health. She always tells me mom don't worry i will become doctor and i will take care everything! Nowadays she is telling to her sister, m not ur sister, m your mom, i will take care of you and i will get you whatever you want in future. Her Teen moment unforgettable is her 16th birthday and this year to join in medical college. God blessing her.

    Eram Khan Apr 10 2019

    Amrita Singh Apr 9 2019

    @Amrita Singh It's amazing moment for me when my elder daughter asked me about the holi and meaning of the colours