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    CONTEST ALERT - Innovative Learning Contest

    Make Learning Easy

    CONTEST ALERT - Innovative Learning Contest

    Write or Share photos of the Innovative Learning methods you follow for your child!! Top entries win gift vouchers worth up to Rs. 5,000! Contest closes on 3rd March 2019.

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    • Feb 18 2019


    Kanisha Jan 8 2020

    Dear Team,
    Is this contest results declared?

    samriddhi's Shadow Feb 27 2019

    For my little one i ....Go with poem ,rymes method ....Every night i sing a song of hr notebook stories ...When i sing she repets me and learn easily.....For math I draw a mathematics game in hr room where she learn easily with playing with jr friends nd itself too.....For hindi.....I make a calender with mangatic tape and paper cute where i wrote hindi letters and meaning .....And when i teach him for ? ?? ???...?Than she trow the paper cuts on magnetic tape ...The paper cut ....Sticks with tape ....And she lerns very easily ...Whole day she throw paper cuts on the poster.....This is very innovative trics for me...Other hand I let him go on park...Mall.... Zoo for extra learning....Some times I saw him 3 d pictures, videos for ...Hr thinking capacity encouraging..... Learning is also fun for me when I m making tools for him on home....

    Shabnam Desai Feb 26 2019

    I as a parent, I learn many things from my kid. From the time he was born till date now he is nine years old. My son has been a very meticulous kid and does his lessons and studies day to day. Toake him learn I make him explain topics to me and see how much he has understood. If I am satisfied with his explanation I know that he is 100 percent sure of the topics and makes him more confident with the subjects.

    Jayanthy Asokan Feb 25 2019

    I'm here to share some methods of learning which I followed when my son was a kid...( now he's grown and married)...
    Learning should be simple and it has to be enjoyable for the kid's. Always,they should ask for more or continue the conversation. Mother is the First Teacher to a kid. She can easily identify the kid's interests and taste.... when my son started to crawl and grab thing's around his vicinity,I used to spread different coloured stacked rings and merry go round toy....It helped him to learn colours,sound ,eye co ordination and concentration.....
    I used to take him to Pre kg not in two wheeler ( though I had) but by walking.... it helped myself to interact more with him and also he used to interact with neighbours , vegetable vendors and helpers working in other quarters...There he developed interaction skill which helped him in school...I personally feel these type of interaction helped him to perform well in school functions without any stage fear. Communication and friendly relationship with his classmates was so good...
    He was so fond of vegetable push cart fully stacked with coloured veggies.... I used to ask him to take veggies by name and numbers..there he learnt colours, name of the veggies and numbers. He loved to separate the veggies and drop in the bags... This helped him to arrange his book bag later.
    These simple learning with the available resources around us ,is more than enough for a kid's basic learning...This basic foundation for a kid is the one which helps them throughout life ...

    Muthamizh Feb 25 2019

    Muthamizh Feb 24 2019

    Kids r as candle...In which mould will put the shape us ready..The first thing to teach children's we should teach ourself first...children see us in their day to day life n learn the same...the kids r flower let take care of them till they grow up ...usually we teaches our children by fun n learn method..which they enjoy more n learn easily...I have two kids one son of 5 yrs n one daughter of 7 yrs old...

    Gowthami Yedla Feb 24 2019

    For teaching my 8 year-old daughter I use a technique that helped me during my learning years. I ask her to visualise everything that I goes into her mind. So much so, that even when she writes down a spelling I ask her to remember the page and the order of letters in that word. This way whenever she has to recollect the spelling, she would just close her eyes and recollect the picture of the book she wrote the spelling on. Similarly for stories in English or Hindi I ask to imagine a picture of the scene being explained.
    So far, this technique had helped my daughter in her learning process.

    Muthamizh Feb 24 2019

    As we know,now our kids learn everything within a span of time...more graspive,quick learners,all these are techies .... thinking like humans,working like machines...in simple child androids...
    If I want to teach them mathematics,I will get some pebbles,and make them to learn thru these pebbles...
    If I want to teach them English,explain new meanings, synonyms....I will narrate the stories...
    If I want to tell them science,I will explain them by experiments...
    For their fine motor skills developments,I will make them to play with sand,rice,dal's...teach them to make dough...cutting fruits with safety knife...
    I will teach them morals,ethics,values by narrating stories with Guided Visualisation...
    They will assume their own world and will learn everything...

    Ambi Sherpa Dcunha Feb 23 2019

    I have a 4 and half yr old daughter
    We as a parents both me n my husband shared equal space when it time for us to give her formal education which starts from home first..
    We lived in beautiful state goa which is full of greenaries around...So we do try to keep our daughter grounded and let her learn frm nature at its most.
    1.We do have lots of Coconut n beetelnuts trees around,I let her pick n count those beetelnuts and let her feel hold know the colour,shape and whatsover can be describe.
    2.We let her play wt soil ... feel the texture..Colour.
    3.We take her to beaches ...let her feel connect wt open space and play wt sand...Make shapes
    4.I let her open refrigerator check what is inside and tell me what r those and what its used for.
    5.I give her mix pulses and let her seggregate into different bowls and count at the same time.
    6.I let her question as much as she can out of her curiosity.
    Nature has its all.....

    Neetu grover Feb 22 2019

    Bhawana Jain Feb 21 2019

    Sarika Kumar Feb 21 2019

    There are so many learning methods by which we can teach good morals and values to our kids. I always prefer practical methods for learning like I always go to park in the evening by which my daughter learn good sharing and make friends.
    I always show them slum areas as they should know the importance of life.How people survive . What is the importance of hard work.I always encourage my daughter to collect money. She teaches my maid daily 1 hour and I pay her for that. They should know the importance of money. She always collects money and when I need she gives me .These r the ways I learn to my kids.

    Supta Sarkar Feb 21 2019

    Saran Ramesh Feb 20 2019

    Muthamizh Feb 20 2019

    Thomas Edison has rightly quoted, "The Heart of Innovation: The greatest invention in the world is the mind of a child." Furthermore, Nobel Prize winning Physicist the Great Albert Einstein fruitfully quoted," the goal of Parents is to understand and encourage their child for the growth mindset instead of the fixed mindset." I firmly agree with the aforesaid quotes, hence out of several learning methods I right now choose for my child is EXECUTING UNDERSTANDING & OBSERVING THE MIND OF MY CHILD. Following process I use, to get the desired result:
    1. Accepting the facts, situations, people: for peace of mind
    2. Priority wise work: child is the ultimate priority
    3. Time Management: Effective tool
    4. Healthy Mind & Body : Strength
    5. Detachment & Surrendering myself to God: Trust & Faith
    Above steps are followed to focus on ultimate goal in order to accomplish desired outcome.
    Goal of my parenting: Unlocking the stages of life challenges by balancing health, happiness and wealth
    Desired result: By enhancing childs own capabilities, a child can groom his/her passionate field with focused growth mindset.
    There are several learning methods out of which I prefer to choose and execute observing and understanding my child's mindset due to the fact that Every child on this planet is unique and have their own personality traits.

    aavi.bmsit Feb 20 2019

    Hi All,I basically teach my kid words in English/Hindi with an action or story for it.suppose for an example I want him to learn the word lion.so my story goes like"once there was an animal called lion in the jungle .He was called the king of the jungle who used to eat all animals/humans .whenever he was hungry he used to get angry and show his anger by eating a human/animal if he sees them."this way the kid learns what actually lion is known for and he can always remember this about lion and associate it .

    Dr surbhi Feb 20 2019

    We generally send different color of food according to the days of week in child lunch box. Say for Monday white, Tuesday or orange, Wednesday green, Thursday yellow, Friday any color of child's choice, Saturday black, Sunday red. With this
    1. child able to distinguish between different colors
    2. Able to remember days of week and able to learn Monday ......Sunday.
    3. Helps the child to eat all varieties of food.
    4. Able to remember significance of different colors for each day with different God's ( according to astrology as Monday for moon indicates white color, Tuesday for mangal (Hanuman ji) orange color, Wednesday for Buddh (Ganesh ji) green color, thursday for guru (Saibaba) yellow color, Friday for sukra (Santoshi mata) any color of choice, Saturday for shani Dev black color, Sunday for sun red color

    Best Method for ALL IN ONE learning.

    Muthamizh Feb 20 2019

    Muthamizh Feb 19 2019

    Parul Gupta Feb 19 2019

    Deepika Amit Gupta Feb 19 2019

    School isn't the only place for learning activities. When your child's at home, you're his or her teacher. But everything doesn't have to feel like a classroom lesson. Get your kids excited about discovering something new by disguising the learning activities as fun time. My daughter is three years old. Here i want to tell you what innovative learning methods I use to teach my child.
    1) Play learning games : I learn her every subject by playing. From this activity my daughter learn every subject easily.
    2) Reading: Reading is very important for every child. From this my daughter can recognise sounds and letters. This activity prepares her for spelling and reading.
    Writing: Writing is a skill that she will use it her entire life. I teach her how to hold a pencil. I give her a alphabet book so that she can practice how to write and her shape will be good.
    4) Identity the colour: This activity is very easy. I give her small sweet tablets so that she can recognize the colors and learn how to count. From this she can recognise shape also.
    Beside it I develop my daughter language. When she talks to me I listen her carefully. When she completed her talk i tell her about mistake politely. From this she knows about pronunciation and vocabulary.
    Beside it there are many other activities I teach my daughter like dance, music, drawing, teach Maths, use of computer etc.
    If we will adopt these activities we can find that it is easy to become to raise an intelligent chid. On the other hand i am paying attention these activities so that i can increase the level of my daughter. I am giving attention of her every activity. If she did any mistake I can understand her easily. I also paying attention on her diet and curricular activities. I don't want to become her a bookworm. I want to take her every activity.

    Mamta Gupta Feb 19 2019

    Jyoti Gupta Feb 18 2019

    Trisha Feb 18 2019

    Sumathi Anand Feb 18 2019

    Helping children develop reading skills at an early age can prove very helpful to them in their prospective academic and professional life.
    I teach my child to identify letters and alphabets in a natural surrounding i instill in her a habit of enjoying reading. Technically known as Environment Print, this phenomenon involves teaching the child to acknowledge prints and alphabets in natural settings. This in turn promotes our child to read more often.
    I teach maths in a creative way, i take them to supermarket, i make my child gain familiarity with numbers by letting him read out the price on each item. Then, let him compare prices of items and let me know which one costs less.I encourage my child to total up the price while we are shopping. When checking out, I let him hand over the money and count the change. I also get my child to take a look at the bill to make sure the total is correct. By this way he is more interested in maths and calculates all the sums in a minute.
    I will Start talking to my child even when he simply gives absurd reactions. This will help him develop language skills. I always listen to my child when he talks. I dnot interrupt in the middle. I Correct him afterwards and that too very politely. Children get hurt even by words very easily and this might turn him to become an introvert individual so, i will be verycareful when intracting with him.
    I teach my child to make use of the dictionary as early as possible. Using dictionary will help our child learn new words at an early age, improve vocabulary and have good command over language.i encourage my son to explore and learn whatever he wants through internet. But at the same time i monitor the usage too. This is because children get distracted very easily.

    If we keep in mind these points we will find that it is easy to raise an intelligent child. On the other hand we can also increase the level of intellect in our child by paying attention to these points. Also pay attention to their diet and extra curricular activities. I also Keep an eye on all of the activities of my child so that he can understand the field of interest and also watch out whether he is getting sidetracked or not.

    Smitha.R.P Feb 18 2019

    sahdev gor Feb 18 2019