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    Joy of Celebration!


    Joy of Celebration!


    Dedicate photos or a write-up expressing your love for your father! Top entries win gift vouchers worth up to Rs. 5,000! Contest closes on 23rd June 2019. TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. Send original entries only. 2. It is deemed that participants are responsible/liable for the photos/ content that they post. 3. ParentCircle may use the photographs for publishing purposes in the future at its discretion. 4. The decision of judges is final. ... more


    Sumana Sarkar Jun 17 2019

    @Sumana Sarkar Perfect snap and apt wordings too

    Sumana Sarkar Jun 17 2019

    @Sumana Sarkar Thank you

    Prasaanthi Jun 17 2019

    Khushi Anand Jun 16 2019

    Khushi Anand Jun 17 2019

    @Khushi Anand Very nicely expressed your feelings dear ..Photos are so cute

    Anil jaswal Jun 16 2019

    Daddy it is two years since you left us for heaven's. I still don't forget that most tragic day of my life. I lost most precious thing God has even given me. I admire one of your best qualities not to take anything too seriously. Take situations as they come. Unfortunately people don't have this miracle in them. I still remember you being small individual you put me in a better school. You knew it would be hard to wear expenses but you did it for mere love of yours for me. I still remember you never bought a brand new watch for you and continue to wear Titus watch for 30 long years because you knew it would add to the family expenditure. On the other hand you went to HMT showroom and bought new watches for all your three sons. I still remember your bata shoes which you continue to use for more than 10 years and rest of the family purchased new shoes after every 2-3 years. This was your affection for your beloved sons. I still remember in early 80's there use to be shortage of cooking gas and you use to stand in que for hrs together to get the new gas cylinder so that we can have food comfortably. I still remember once we were going through exams and suddenly there was powershut down and unfortunately it was cold winter night and on the other hand you were ill but you took risk of your life and went to HPSEB's office and requested them to sort out the power shut problem so that we can study and score well in exams. When my mother was suffering from arthritis you always volunteered to prepare food for the entire family and ensured no one goes hungry. And dear daddy I can go on and on for your great sacrifices and affection shown for us.But daddy I will try and prove to be your true son. I will inculcate every quality of yours in me and this way will pay you great tribute. I wish you should be my father in all my births. May your soul rest in peace.

    Anil jaswal Jun 17 2019

    @Anil jaswal Felt moved reading your article. Although not with you your dad's spirit will guide you through your journey in life,

    Sayoni Mondal Jun 17 2019

    @Sayoni Mondal I loved reading that poem which you posted .It is a true fact describing our father's and what better than this day!!

    Kalpana Trivedi Jun 17 2019

    @Kalpana Trivedi What a lovely poem....Great words for a great person ..Dad!

    Abhijeet Chatterjee Jun 16 2019

    Dear Baba:

    You have always watched over me when I was a child, protecting me from harm and encouraging me in whatever I chose to do. You gave me your precious time, heard my problems and always tried to provide solutions. But the most important reason why I love you so much, Baba, is you taught me to be independent. I remember when I was learning how to drive, I was intimidated and wanted you to take over and you refused. You said "Trust yourself and you can do it." There was no looking back for me after that and you always knew I would be an excellent driver. You let me take my own career decisions and told me 'don't fear failure.' You shared your failures with me and said that you learned a lot from your failures and that I should learn from mine. This was another valuable lesson, Baba. I have ventured into a lot of professions, had success at some and failed at some but there was always a takeaway. I am a mature individual today and a survivor thanks to you. Thank you, Baba, for all that you have done and continue to do for me.

    SANDEEP SARKAR Jun 16 2019

    My father is an oasis to me. He is a wall to me. He is a cool shade to me. He is a boon to me. He is an Aladin to me. He is the light to me. He is the world to me. He is the best dad to me. He is God's blessing to me!!!

    Hemangi shah Jun 16 2019

    Stuti Jun 16 2019

    Neha goyal Jun 16 2019

    Damini Gupta Jun 16 2019

    Damini Gupta Jun 16 2019

    @Damini Gupta I know I don't tell you enough but thank you. Thank you for everything, Papa.??

    Sayoni Mondal Jun 16 2019

    @Sayoni Mondal My father is my hero no.1,he is like my backbone,he always be my side whenever I needed,he supported me in all my ups &downs,even in my decision of marriage with my choice of guy..i am fond of his qualities,when i find some of them in my husband,i feel lucky..whenever I hear the song "mujhe maaf karna Om sai ram tujhse pehle lungi Mummy Daddy Ka naam" I get emotional & try to touch with him..even after marriage & mother of twin girl,he care for me..
    I love u Daddy.... U r always my hero no.1

    Sayoni Mondal Jun 16 2019

    #ContestAlert #Fathersday #Photo #ThankYouDad #Contest #Giveaway #Chance #Prize #Win
    Everyday I am thankful and grateful for a new memories and new stories I have which remind me how important my father is to me. Everything I have learned today is because of him, to never give up, to keep on trying and to do what is right when u feel from the heart. There are so many fond memories to cherish with him, when I was a kid I would always jump in to help him whatever he would do, gardening, cleaning car on a Sunday, painting walls, creating best out of waste and what not. I can never thank him enough for his unconditional love and sacrifices he did for me. Thank you for all that u have done not just for today but for all these years. Thank you papa

    Kapil Bansal Jun 15 2019

    My father Sh. B R Bansal always has lived his life to give happiness to his children and his family, He always take care of our smaller needs and desires and always makes it possible for us to fulfill it. He is a very helping and caring personality who always ready to help every one anywhere unconditionally. I always try to follow his rules in my life one thing I have learnt from him is punctuality, he is very punctual, when he was in job always reached his office before time and completes his work before the arrival of his colleagues, now he has retired from his job but still he is very punctual with his time, He is my inspiration, I wish him a very Happy Father's Day from the core of my heart. May he live a very long and healthy life.

    Mamta Gupta Jun 15 2019

    SanviGuru Jun 15 2019

    Aditi Ady Jun 15 2019

    "Myfathergave me thegreatestgift anyone could give another person, he believed in me." "I've said it before, but it's absolutely true: Mymothergave me my drive, but myfathergave me my dreams. Thanks to him, I could see a future." "Mydad'smybestmate, and he always will be."
    Dear Pappa,

    You have never been as vocal as Mummy, and you never have been the parent who has escorted us to school, or even the first parent I called in times of despair??all of that has always been Moms job.
    But, as I grow old, Ive realized that your spirit, your influence, your character, and your quiet, yet strong presence are invaluable to me. In so many subtler and finer qualities I have turned out to be so much like you.
    There are so many times, when I will suddenly show some trait and it would strike me that this is my fathers trait I have inherited!
    From your grin to your organizational skills, from your method of studying to your timeliness, from your open mindedness to your selflessness, from your helpfulness to your co-operative nature, I have gained all of that and more from you! In so many ways I am so much like you and I am proud of it.
    Youve taught me to be fair, humble, kind, independent and adventurous. You have taught to explore, to follow my dreams.
    You have never looked for praise, you just went on working quietly, for those you love the most.
    You have never been vocal about the struggles you faced while living alone, in the prime 7 years of your life to make sure you earned well to give us a bright future.
    Most of the time your worries have gone unspoken and yet, being the selfless person you are, in the times of our worries, you have been a firm foundation.
    You have stood with us like a rock through all the storms of our life.
    You have been a sturdy hand to hold to in times of stress and strife.
    You taught me how to be committed, not by words but by example.
    Your commitment towards mom, despite the distance; your commitment towards us; your commitment towards our studies has been inspirational.
    I still, very often, fondly remember the times of our exams when you used to take leave from office to help us study.
    You have taught me the value of education. You have taught me the value of hard work and money. I have seen you work two jobs and study at the same time.
    You have been so very caring, not by words but with actions. Yet you were also tough when that was what was demanded of you!
    I still remember how you almost forced me to my exams when I had given up after a failure. I remember how you pushed me to finish what I had started before I pursued anything else. And I am glad that you did!
    Now when I think about all the times I blamed you for not letting me try newer stuff, I feel guilty, because, in hindsight I can see how volatile and wavering I was in my choice of career and that had you not pushed me to finish my Chartered Accountancy exams, I would have probably fallen into a habit of leaving things midway to pursue a new passion.
    Talking about passion, inspite of pushing me to get my certification, you have always encouraged me to pursue my passion at the right time.
    Your standing by me after I got my professional degree and supporting my decision when I wanted to give up a superb paying job to pursue a passion inspired me. Seeing you pursue your passion for collecting coins inspires me.
    Though you are a man of few words, but we talk through our eyes and affection, we talk through our actions and these are the conversations I love the best!
    You are one of our greatest blessings.
    Happy Fathers Day!:)

    Nidhi agrawal Jun 15 2019

    Happy Fathers day papa, u r the best father in the world, u r always wish that me and my brother was happy and Achvie Success in life

    Every child's most closest for her father, i'm also much more closest to my dearest Papa. Love u papa

    Vishnu Kant agrawal Jun 15 2019


    Thank you. Thank you for a childhood of sports leagues and family movie nights and souvenirs brought back from the places you had to go to work.

    Thank you for always supporting me, whether it was knitting or swimming or the gifted program or singing or baking. Even though you cant always understand my interests, youve always tried.

    Likewise, thank you for never pushing me too hard to do anything I didnt want to do. You let me develop my own interests, and as a result I harbor little to no resentment over anything I pour time and energy into.

    Thank you for not comparing me to others, especially my big brother. Ive understood that he is smarter than me ever since he figured out division when we were seven, but youve never made me feel useless over the accomplishments of others.

    Thank you for loving me and the rest of our family. Thank you for holding Moms hand in public.

    Thank you for working, even when you feel unsatisfied in your job. I know you sometimes want to put your head through the wall after a long and stressful day, but I want you to know that I appreciate your hard work.

    Thank you for teaching me how to road rage calmly, how to punt a football, and how to laugh at myself. Thank you for refusing to let me put myself down. Thank you for believing in me, thank you for celebrating with me, thank you for caring for me.

    Im almost grown, but I still remember the days when you would make us lunch and take us to the park. I still remember when you would put me on your shoulders and I still remember feeling like I could see the whole world. I still remember when you would read me bedtime stories and occasionally watch the Simpsons at the same time, and I still remember asking you why Bart didnt have eyelashes but you did. Im almost grown, but I know Ill still be your baby boy.

    I love you, Dad. Happy Fathers Day.

    Anup kumar sahu Jun 15 2019

    East or west my father is best.

    Ajita Pandey Jun 15 2019

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    Sayoni Mondal Jun 15 2019

    You are the best papa...... luv u.

    Archana Jun 15 2019

    Roopali agarwal Jun 14 2019

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    Roopali agarwal Jun 14 2019

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    Rashu Naveen Jun 14 2019

    Hii I m new member to this group

    Jaya Rath Mishra Jun 14 2019

    My 6 yrs old daughter's message for her papa :You are my Source of encouragement to excel.My papa my hero.Thank you for everything u do for me .I love u so much papa u r the best.with lots of love-your cute princess Riddhima

    Minhaj Ahmed Jun 14 2019

    Minhaj Ahmed Jun 14 2019

    @Minhaj Ahmed My dad is mine super hero who made me a man with values such a great person my dad,he gave me whatever I want in my life without any hesitation,he is the creator of my destiny

    saibabu321 Jun 14 2019

    Sir on this great occasion I remember my parents always. In 1969 I get train accident I lost my left leg below knee for that day my parents taken very care on me with their help I completed Degree and get Government jod with help I married with God girl and two childrens with all this help my parents. I pray God to help them in his house and keep them happy see me from their with blessings from y.saibabu GUNTUR below given parents photo

    saibabu321 Jun 14 2019

    Silja Nair Jun 14 2019

    Silja Nair Jun 14 2019

    Nihal Saleem Jun 14 2019

    My father is a man of few words. He wouldn't speak of love or say anything much to us, unlike modern family. However, through his actions, he displayed his love for us.
    The greatest lesson my dad has taught me is to help people in needs sincerely through our means which give both parties happiness that is priceless and meaningful.
    My dad is my source of inspiration and the most special man in my life. He has taught me so much about loving and caring for others unconditionally.
    My dad had worked hard for 35 years and for those years he had sacrificed a lot just to give us all our needs and give us a better life.
    Dad I know you had done everything for us in a great sorrow and pain. He is the best role model and taught me how to live even in hardships.
    LOVE you 3000 Times Dad ??

    Shikha Kanojia Jun 14 2019

    @Shikha Kanojia This is my last pic with my papa.. I miss him so much bcoz I nvr felt that he s my father. He was my best friend I share almost every single thing with him. I lost him in 2017. I know he s my guardian angel now.

    Bipasa Sarkar Jun 14 2019

    My dearest Father , Sarkar Dipak

    Kumud Pawar Jun 14 2019

    Neha Jun 14 2019

    Neha Jun 14 2019

    @Neha A father is always a superhero of every child.Dad don't show his love but his love is pure n unconditional.some beautiful words ..chulhe m maa jalti h,dhup m baap tapta h,jb ja kr dosto ghr m aulad palti h

    Harry Bindra Jun 14 2019

    Nehal Roy Jun 14 2019

    Mansi Chaturvedi Jun 14 2019

    A person whose life is spent catering to the needs of his family, aperson who works hard so that he could give all that is needed by his children, a person who in his own special way shows his love and care but all that he does is in silence for he keeps that tough and strong appearance outwardly that you need to see him through your heart. That's a dad and I have the most amazing Dad one could ever have. He has been always there telling us that don't worry all will be fine, believe in yourself and move on. He has tried in his way to fulfill all that we wanted, made us enjoy every moment of our childhood. Now that we are parents we understand how much he has done and all the efforts he too has put in to make us stand tall. I am so proud to have a Dad like you. The best quality of yours I love the most is that you have and still do appreciate the most simplest and ordinary things anyone does and the encouragement you give all. Love you Dad Raj Kumar Chaturvedi.

    R. Brinda Jun 14 2019

    My Dad Mr. GANAPATHY was a wonderful person with had special qualities like LOVING, PUNCTUALITY, BROAD MIND, NO DISCRIMINATION AMONG THE PEOPLE, TREATED EVERYONE WITH RESPECTED ....like many qualities he had. He was an EX-SERVICEMAN. So he had discipline in every activities in life. In this Father's Day I saluted him with proudly because he only gave me a good Education for me. Before 40 years back, no one gave education for the girls. By that period itself he gave me a good education for me. By this education only today I achieve so many things. Once again I saluted my father.

    Nisha joshi Jun 14 2019

    Gunjan Jhalani Jun 13 2019

    I dont know from where to start. The day when you hugged me in your arms with a promise to treat me like a princess and give the best. My daddy is a magnet who has pulled me away from the worst and close to the best of what life has to offer. My mom use to tell me now that when I was going to be 9 years old we went to the market and I started crying for a fairy dress. My dad asked the price and it was too much and he couldnt buy that instantly. My dad asked me that he will buy it to me on my birthday. And my mom tells that he did part time work for 3 months so that he could buy that dress for me. On my 9th birthday he came with that pink fairy dress and he was in tears. I was happy because I was so small t think that my dad has gone through to get me this dress. Now I realized the depth of love of a father who plays a silent role in a childs upbringing. He never shows his love for kids but fulfill all their wishes and dreams. You held my finger for the first step, you cried after giving me a slap.
    You were awake to make me a nap, I feel protected in your lap.
    Im healthy as you take care of me, Im successful as you were with me.
    I love you dad as you are the best, And your love is without any greed.
    You are the best dad for me in the world, I love you so much.

    Pinaki Chowdhury Jun 13 2019

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    Mamta Jun 13 2019

    Shabnam Desai Jun 13 2019

    My dear daddy, I miss him a lot, no man in this world can be as good, caring,loving, sacrificing as he was. When I was young he always taught me to give, be helpful and kind to people around me. He never thought about himself but seen that me and my brothers and sisters got what we wanted maybe not at that same moment but he tried his level best to give it to us. I thought when I settle down in life with a good job. I will take care of him as he took care of us. But he left us and went too quickly before all of us could do something for him.
    I will never forget the 6th of October, the worst day of my life that my dad was no more among us. That day still haunts me today. He loved us with his whole heart and especially me as I was the youngest of my siblings. But he taught me to be strong, independent and never give up on things. Wish I would fight with God and get him back. When anyone ask me what will you do if you are given a chance to go back to the past. I tell them I will rush my father to the hospital much earlier so he can be saved and I can life my life with him again. I know now you are like a guardian angel looking over me and saving me from all the troubles.
    I love you daddy always and forever.

    Ria Harchandani Jun 13 2019

    No words to describe for your love and affection u have given.Just one word BEST. Love u papa.

    Sheetal Nale Jun 13 2019

    I am dedicating this poem to my Dad.
    My father is a simple farmer,
    Who always struggle's for us,
    Day and night in the field,
    And even don't think of himself,
    Always sweating in the bright sun,
    With the bright smile on his face,
    Seeing this I forget of all the superheroes,
    Because my dad is the best.

    Shivam Bishnoi Jun 13 2019

    Dad. You have given me the best things in life: Your time, your care, and your love. I am truly grateful to have you in my life. Happy Father's Day!
    Thanks for acting like a kid when I was a kid, acting like a friend when I needed a friend, and acting like a parent when I needed one. You are the best man I know. Happy Father's Day
    Dad. Although time and distance may separate us, your guidance, advice, and love has stuck with me through it all. I would not be who I am today without you. Enjoy your special day.
    The older I get the more I realize how important it is to have a dad like you. You have provided stability in my life and the love and acceptance I needed. Happy Father's Day!
    Happy Father's Day to my hero and role model. Thank you for everything you have done for our family. We love you with all our hearts

    Ramesh Jun 13 2019

    Sabari Dhar Jun 13 2019

    Susmit Chakraborty Jun 12 2019

    My father taught me to never give up and fight even when you are without hope! In recent months, dad had brain stroke followed by paralysis and was bedridden for nearly for months and how he fought against all the odds and was able to walk and talk again like normal person, inspires me everyday to keep on fighting against all the odds!

    Neethu.P Jun 12 2019

    When God made Dad... I got the best one..thank u God for giving me most lovable,adorable star on this planet.

    Shelly Gupta Jun 12 2019

    #ContestAlert #Fathersday #Photo #ThankYouDad #Contest #Giveaway #Chance #Prize #Win
    There are articles and articles on mother-kiddos but very few on father's. Perhaps as it's very difficult for a father to express his emotions, it's also difficult for children to put their feelings for their father in open. I too had such a restricted relationship with my father when I was a kid as the love expressed openly is understandable only by kids. But as I grow older, a little mature , I could see that love .

    The way he made notes for me inspite of his busy schedule.
    The way he never let me do the moping whenever our maid was on holiday.
    The way he fought with his own family for not allowing me to do Lakshmi Poojan before my cousins and brother.
    The way he stood against all his family to send me to hostel for further studies .
    The way he helped me in all household chores when my mom got operated and hence not with us.
    The way he let me made all my decisions and stood like my backbone.
    I can continue this list and it will go on endlessly but still the words are less to tell him how I feel about him, my love for him and how I feel blessed to have him as my father. Infact if there are seven births, I want him as my father always. No one can do better than him. He is my pillar of strength, his honesty and hardworking nature are milestones of my life too. Papa I never told you that all our birthdays and anniversaries are incomplete without your wish song which you sing tonelessly but with pure heart.

    I love you papa and I really don't know if I love you more or respect you more. May God bless you with all his bestest wishes and bless you a healthy and happy life.

    Anni Jun 12 2019

    @Ramesh not on FB
    My dad is my superhero .I am very close to my dad .he is definitely the wind beneath my wings he is the only person that I can trust my heart and soul with and the only person I can depend on to take away my fear and downs before they take me away.I know that no matter What I go through in life my dad will standby my side he always supported me in pursuing my dreams and has been a voice of encouragement every step of the way .he is my biggest cheerleader and supporter if I told him about a goal in my mind he never let me do anything less than achieving it. he believed in me and wanted the best for me .my dad is the perfect examples of a loving father who goes above and beyond to make sure his family is taken care of .if you could look up the hard worker in the dictionary my dads picture would be right by it .no matter what fight or raising of the voice happens between him and me he still loves me unconditionally .my dad sees me in the worst of moods and chooses to love me without a second thought .I have been truly blessed with a man who doubles as my best friend .he is my go to Paul ,my partner in crime ,and my hero .I am so immensely grateful that I am blessed with a father like him .thanks dad for watching over me from afar yet giving me the space to make my own mistakes and learn my own lessons .for fearing for me yet never letting it show on your face and most importantly for letting me be me.....

    Rinki Ghosh Jun 12 2019

    Ajay Bhalla Jun 12 2019

    Rajamani Revauthi Jun 12 2019

    #ContestAlert #Fathersday #Photo #ThankYouDad #Contest #Giveaway #Chance #Prize #Win
    I Miss You Dad! "No matter how much it hurts me, I still think of you. No matter how painful it is, I still love you".

    It does not matter whether it has been weeks, months or years, the pain of losing a father will pinch his son or daughter for a lifetime. And, Yes it does. I miss my dad.

    Death and funerals are the bitter part of our lives. No one can deny that. Even now I cry my heart out every time I think of him. This is the only way I could mourn, move on and accept the reality that he has passed away.It's natural to feel deeply sad. After all, someone who loved you unconditionally and cared for you as no one else could have is now gone. I miss his hand that would embrace me whenever I felt like I needed the warmth.

    He always made everything right for his children . All he ever wanted was his kids to be happy, I know that nothing would devastate him more than knowing that his death had caused so much pain to his children.

    It's been thirty years now, the grief doesn't crush my heart like a gloomy monster that once threatened me. As I'm no longer trying to fix my grief, it's subtle now and with time, I learnt to live with it and those memories does not vanish.

    They still follow me like a shadow and linger in my heart which I hold tightly in my secret Chambers as they are precious thoughts. Grief is the gift that one pays for the true love. Grief does not end, it comes and goes. My father was and remains my hero and he will be my hero forever.

    You will forever remain alive in our hearts and thoughts, and though we are learning to live without you we still miss you and love you so much, daddy.

    Kirti Garg Jun 12 2019

    Karan Pareek Jun 12 2019

    Sayoni Mondal Jun 12 2019

    In a school bag, the Rough Book will have the worst condition because it bears the load and responsibilities of all other subjects.
    Similarly the head of family ...Dad... his efforts we can't see to bring up his childs.... My role model my dad .... I love u so much....

    Anu Modi Jun 12 2019

    Jyoti Bansal Jun 12 2019

    Jyoti Gupta Jun 12 2019

    Smitha.R.P Jun 12 2019

    Jalpa pandit Jun 11 2019

    Amit Kapoor Jun 11 2019

    They are always there to embarrass me in the worst times, make you laugh with all of their great jokes, and most of all love you when you need it the most. They may not understand everything their son go through, but they are always there supporting you no matter what! I am lucky enough to have a father like this.

    He constantly shows me unconditional love, and now it's my turn to share why I love him by gifting something special to my Dad.

    Neha Bajoria Jun 11 2019

    Pranati Patra Jun 11 2019

    When a person is with you,generally we take things for granted.Life is a great teacher .Absence of vastness is felt in the presence of narrow suffocating compression.My father was wise , generous, grand and loving.I love him very much.His insights and perceptions are source of light for us.

    Abhishek chauhan Jun 11 2019

    wanted to write you a love letter, and a thank you note Maybe its both. I want to thank you for all of the hugs you have offered me to squeeze the sadness out and all of the pep talks you have given me when I doubted myself. Most of all, thank you for being my partner. Thank you for being my best friend in the world.

    There's no one who can take your place.
    Now that I am miles away from you, I am missing you. I am missing talking to you, sitting in front of you.
    There not a single moment of my life which doesn't remind me of you! My job, my skill, my knowledge is all because of you. When people praise me for my work, I may not say out loud, but I know in my heart, that praise is because of you.

    Rashi Goel Jun 11 2019

    As strong as diamond, as weak as eyes,
    Uploading his feelings inside, truth or lies,
    With him by my side every battle is won,
    Even the most difficult task he taught with all fun,
    Magistrate during our sibling fights turning decisive,
    Being neutral at times, interchanging soft and abrasive,
    Celebrating our victory as his own,
    Failures taught as lessons not to mourn,
    When mom is not around, he always became one,
    Never said a no, even when tired a ton,
    Dad for me is a word so compassionate but robust,
    Irreplaceable, one of a kind, a protective trust.

    Rashi Goel Jun 11 2019

    Saya Sharma Jun 11 2019

    Amrita Singh Jun 11 2019

    Amrita Singh Jun 11 2019

    @Amrita Singh Happy Father's Day team "in the world u may be one but for us u r the world papa "dedicated to my father please

    Cajetan Vaz Jun 11 2019

    Monika Jun 11 2019

    Monika Jun 11 2019

    Monika Jun 11 2019

    Sonia Bindra Jun 11 2019

    Sayoni Mondal Jun 11 2019

    My father is my frist teacher y because My father says to me u just study SSC, not more then y because all students who is complete PHD,Btech or more then 10th are now a days Not doing job, just study & they have only sartificets only. They just completed study.
    after SSC , if u go any hand work or learn some business tricks , u will B definitely successful business man in future. Iam joining a jewellery shop after my intermediate,. Iam learning a tricks & business caliculations NOW iam a doing a OWN business (iam not waiting for any job...) THANK YOU FATHER for ur ADVIES ... LOVE U now iam a doing good & successful life.

    Swati Soni Jun 11 2019