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    Joy of Celebration!


    Joy of Celebration!


    Dedicate a write-up or photos expressing your love for your mother! Top entries win gift vouchers worth upto Rs. 5,000! Contest closes on 20th May 2019.

    TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. Send original entries only. 2. It is deemed that participants are responsible/liable for the photos/ content that they post. 3. ParentCircle may use the photographs for publishing purposes in future at its discretion. 4. The decision of judges is final. ... more


    Team ParentCircle Sep 5 2019

    Did you feel elated or nervous when you first set eyes on your newborn? Motherhood brings in a whole gamut of emotions. Let's hear some heartwarming and touching stories of new mommies.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 2 2020

    @Team ParentCircle Congratulations to inspiring mother's whose articles got published.

    Sayoni Mondal May 20 2019

    Mothers who work full time theyre the real heroes. No day is complete without mom. She is my lifeline. #MothersDay

    Sayoni Mondal May 20 2019

    My mother is my greatest source of inspiration. Mothers leave all their personal needs behind so their children can have everything they need. They will not sleep or eat until you come home and they know youre safe and sound. Mothers will protect their children with the price of their own lives.

    A mother will do all these things with unconditional love, and she wont stop just because youre 50 years old and live in another country.

    Sayoni Mondal May 20 2019

    Mother, a child's lifeline. Without mom life is worse than a hell. A mother is someone who feeds, grows, gives manners, plays, a forever friend. The truth is that no matter how old we are, as long as our mothers are alive, we want our mother. And its a very powerful relationship if its healthy. happy mother's day..

    jagdish jain May 20 2019

    She is the only woman in the world that will constantly forgive your lies, no matter how big they are. She will still give you that warm smile just minutes after you misbehaved and made her angry as hell.

    A mom will endure the pain caused when you reject her and her kisses because youre too cool to be seen with her when you meet your friends. She will be the only one supporting and lifting your spirit up whenever youre feeling down.

    Vaishali Jain May 20 2019

    #Contest #MothersDay #parentcircle
    A mother is not just someone who gave birth to a child. If you ask me, a mother represents the combination of feelings, behaviors and sacrifices that occur while raising a child, whether the child is biologically hers or not.

    samriddhi's Shadow May 19 2019

    ". mother."
    How powerful is mother's love and how healing is child's soul, I get to realise now..Being a working woman and mother of two children, its very tough to care them. But u did it very well. Now I could realise it as a working lady.Till now u treat me as ur little baby ignoring ur joint pain, backache n other illness. Till now u dnt make me understand that I m not a girl now, I m too a mother of a baby. The space provided is too small to write something about u, even about any mother the space is too small and too immaterial. The mother daughter relation is beyond all this. They r very lucky who have their mothers....n I m one of those lucky persons who have her own mother n daughter along with a caring mother-in-law. So everyone should congratulate all the mothers including their mother-in-laws too... Congrats to us also.. I love u Maa, my angel n love myself too for being a mother..

    Raavi May 19 2019

    My mother is a biggest inspiration in my life, she is very caring and loving. My mom always teach me this is right, that is wrong, where u go, this is good for u etc. All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angle mother. She is a world's best cook, I am glad you are my mom. I always remember my mother prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.
    Now I am also mother of a 20 month old baby girl. Journey of motherhood my mom always help me at every step. I pray for mom good health &long life....
    Maa ke baare me kya likhun mujhe meri maaa ne hi likha hai

    mishraaadya4 May 19 2019

    No one fill mothers place..I love my mom lot. God living with us that's mom. My mom face so many struggles and problems in her life she facing all struggles that her children happiness .mom very happy her grand children birth time even she happy lot fr my birth it's no
    When she saw her grand children that's happy no word's to fill.mom I am very happy become God gave u from my mom

    Shloka May 19 2019

    My mom has been my pillar of strength and she has always guided me saying that .. everything is a phase and be it good time or bad time ..all passes away, time doesn't stay the same ..so enjoy each moment and have faith.
    At 1 stage I was about to leave my higher studies and take up a job and file a case against my relative but she calmed me down and said..Just focus in ur studies and career.
    I miss her advice often now. Now that I'm a mom myself.. I can relate to many things she said and advised.#Ekam
    She is made of the same material as of stars.She is the grace in everything that is graceful; she is the real power in everything that is powerful; she is the vigour in our intellect; she is the giver of our nourishment; she is contentment, peace of mind and forbearance.
    Love u mom

    mishraaadya4 May 19 2019

    Love u maa

    I have one Woman Army who empowers ,supports ,paints the canvas of my life with colours of love and positivity.
    She fought against all conservative people around who never wanted a girl child to go out of station for higher studies and helped to fulfill my dreams.
    She has a Heart of Gold, she teaches under privileged children and give training of stitching +handicrafts to slum dwellers ladies so that they can earn not only money but self respect too.

    I feel blessed to have two Moms who shower their unconditional love on me .One is who gave me birth and other is sent by God itself after I got married means my Mother In Law. She has been my strong support, mentor ,cookery teacher as I used to be pampered princess before getting married so was very fussy eater and did not know cooking at all .My Mother In Law made me perfect in cooking now with her utmost patience +support.
    She is my shopping pal and great advisor . Above all she is my honest critic as well in order to bring best out of me. She has never been partial between me and her own daughter . She proved all that so called Saas Bahu sagas myth for me.
    One special quality of my Mother In Law is -Never Give Up and never bear injustice as she believes- No obstacle can be bigger than your courage and self confidence to overcome it". This quality makes her my role model .

    Meenu Ojha May 17 2019

    Meenu Ojha May 17 2019

    Meenu Ojha May 17 2019

    Meenu Ojha May 17 2019

    Deepika May 15 2019

    Dyuthi May 15 2019

    mishraaadya4 May 15 2019

    Maa.. Not a word, Its a Relation, a Feeling, that comforts me in every thick and thin of life! I am proudly like my mother not just by genes but by all means. I am lucky to inherit her grace, strength and elegance in a way that makes her proud of me. Being her shadow to take life as it comes, be strong to face it all and smile across miles. Spreading the vibe of positivity with those dimples on cheek, happiness within is what we both seek, far from the the fakeness, our tribe is all about togetherness. Be it the liking for Adrak Chai, to going for late-night walks and long happy talks, I am same as the one who has not just given me birth but also given me life in true sense. From finding a small pin in a room full of mess,
    to selecting my every dress,
    She has never been more or less,
    Knowing everything just with a guess,
    Hope I become a bit of you Maa, to impress!

    Vinee kaur May 14 2019

    Silja Nair May 14 2019

    Sk Saheb Ali May 13 2019

    Isita Mandal May 13 2019

    KaMaL ADvANi May 13 2019

    KaMaL ADvANi May 13 2019

    Garima Rastogi May 13 2019

    Mom you are my guiding angel who lights up my world and a walking miracle on earth.You are the anchor of my life and my inspiration.Your cheerful disposition and non complaining attitude makes you the best person in the whole wide world.You are a fearless fighter who loves to take risks and challenges in life with a smile on the face.This mothers day I want to thank you for bringing me into this beautiful world and loving me unconditionally and selflessly. You have filled my life with vibrant hues of happiness and fun filled moments. I want to thank u for your constant support and for bearing my tantrums.Love you Mom for being so sweet.

    Nehal Roy May 13 2019

    Sayantani Ray May 13 2019

    Love is letting others know how much you appreciate them..i believe in this statement. So started writing this article. Its Mother's day, time to appreciate two lovely women in my life.

    Let me begin with my mom. My mother is a simple women who is our homemaker. My mothers paternal grandfather was a jamindar of village in Birbhum district. She had an excellent childhood spent in Asansol. Mom did her schooling and completed her graduation in Asansol and got married after her graduation.
    My dad says my mother was very lucky for him and with lot of struggle they were successful. Today my father has become a successful Doctor, who has given his 40 years of service to the people of his town and the nearby villages. Everyone knows him by his name. This would have not been possible without the help of my mom.

    Her subject was History during her graduation, so mom was my teacher of arts subjects until my Madhyamik exam. She is the one who taught me that it is very important to write when you study, which helps to remember better. Today also I say the same thing to my students. My mom is a great singer Completed successfully her fifth year exam on Rabindrasangeet recently.
    If we know how loved, how divine, how unlimited we really are wed see one another through tears of joy!

    My father penned down following words about my Maa in his autobiography.

    To speak of my wife, she is so innocent, sympathetic, affectionate, simple and truthful a lady that it is only Wordsworth who could have depicted her. With her, my cup of life was sweet. It is my belief that Runu had brought me a lot of good luck after our marriage. There is no way I could refuse her. We trust each other and happy with our lives, full of hardship though it was once.
    when you focus on faith rather than fear, you tap into a strength to carry you over even the tallest mountains.

    Now its time to thank my Mom-in-law a lady whom I have not seen to complain about anyone anytime. She is a lady with lot of patience, perseverance and affection. Her small world consists of her kids, grandchildren, Baba and her home sweet home. Having a great dream and belief in yourself is great, but nothing happens until you take action. She invested her life into growing her children and got excellent return a doctorate degree in computer science for her daughter and an engineer son. For her son ( my husband) moms words are everything, visits native place every month. What else a mom can ask for!!

    On this occasion of mother's day I wish them a heathly and great life ahead! We dont get much opportunities to thank our moms, today I will not miss it.

    Today whatever I am it is because of your selfless efforts. Kudos! Go make your life the one you have always wanted, knowing you have the power to make it happen! Happy Mother's day! Cheers to womanhood!

    Komal vaswani May 13 2019

    Mother's day special
    Heaven's father Possess a versatile personality , he crafted everything utmost adorable and since he couldn't manage his physical appearance everywhere ? He pondered of facilitating his innocent children and so he created mother another version of almighty.
    The one who will sense your urge without elaboration , our vary first teacher ,a lifetime guide , reason of our existence
    On this special occasion i would like to express my gratitude to almighty for giving us such an amazing gift of life #blessing

    Nisha May 12 2019

    Arullatha May 12 2019

    Suman Sharma May 12 2019

    Anupama Bansal May 12 2019

    #Mother'sDay i want to say something about myself, my lovely mom and my life my son.... Mujhe lagat hai ki is duniya mai koi perfect nahi hai but time aur respect sab sikha deti hai aaj mai 1 maa hu so mujhe ab ehsaas hota hai ki 1 maa ki life mai har pal changes aate hai.. Hum har jagah compromise, adjust kar lete hai but jab kuch apne bache ke saath galat hota hai to hamari soch aur adjustments karne ki sakti khatam ho jati hai qki hum uske saath apna bachpan bhi fir 1 baar jeete hai. Hum kosis karte hai ki har khusi hum apne bacho ko de.... Maine bachpan mai jo bhi galat apni maa ke saath kiya hum apne bacho ko batate hai ye galat hai aur jab bacha ye sab samjh kar kuch acha karta hai to usse jayada khushi ka pal aur koi nahi ho sakta.... Mai hamesha ye hi kosis karti hu ki mai apni family ko khush rakh saku, apni maa ke liye kuch kar saku aur apne bache ko choti choti khushi de saku....

    Ankita Garg May 12 2019

    Vidya. Shah. May 12 2019

    A mom is an Angel whose place no one can ever take over! She is love personified,a giver without any expectations!
    I lost my mom during my childhood days but I can very vividly recollect all her teachings she bestowed upon me!
    She always stressed importance on education by saying money will come & go away but education will always remain with us!
    She imbibed in me the essence of life like to be always honest,truthful,sincere,hardworking,punctual,meticulous & above all a good human being!
    She never in-discriminated between caste,creed or color! She always taught me to respect & value every human beings!
    With her encouragement,morale support & guidance to stand on my feet & chase my dreams,I worked hard to be a doctor! Today whatever I am the credit goes to her!
    Life would have been incomplete without her teachings! Today all her teachings are of great use in my daily practice which I keep spreading to my faithful patients!
    My respectful salute & a bow full of gratitude to my loving mom!
    Love you mom! Keep blessing me!
    Miss you all the way!
    Happy Mothers Day!

    Join in friends

    Tushar Patil May 12 2019

    Sarika Kumar May 12 2019

    My Mother was the most Generous women in the world. I never saw such a nice person on this earth.She was beautiful from outside and inside.She was the beautiful soul.She was very patient. She is not with me today but Her blessings r always there. I miss her every moment of my life. Agar vo hoti to bahut khush hoti aaj mujhe dekh kar. Love you maa

    Sarika Kumar May 12 2019

    ARPAN GHOSH May 12 2019

    Priti Rathod May 12 2019

    Shashi May 12 2019

    Thank you, mom"
    Thank you for being always there.
    Thank you for saying no to that last piece of cake because I wanted more.
    Thank you from saving me from Dad's scolding.
    Thank you for staying up late at night during my exams.
    Thank you for making a coffee for me after returning home tired from the office.
    Thank you for listening to those shoutings because I just had a bad day at school.
    Thank you for staying at home to take care of me.
    Thank you for every sacrifice you ever made to what I am today

    Neha Bajoria May 11 2019

    Usha Jain May 11 2019

    Tulasi May 11 2019

    Ishani dutta May 11 2019

    Nalini Desai May 11 2019

    Parul Gupta May 11 2019

    Sonal Saraf May 11 2019

    Sonal Agarwal

    What a mother is, and why she is so protective and over caring for her children is the thing, which one can understand when and only they become parents. Why we celebrate mothers day only once in year? Its not our culture . I still believe that I always remain her little doll or princess in front of her till she alive and I wish she stay with me forever and she will. She is the one who helps me to become what I am today. She is always there in my hard time and make me strong enough to take my decisions alone. She is my idol and I cant explain what she is for me. One more thing that I have the same and equal feelings for my second mother i.e. my mother in law she is the key of my happy married life. Last but not the least for me every day is mothers day because mothers blessings remain with the child always.

    Nidhi agrawal May 11 2019

    My Mom is a wonder woman. She gave me the best direction how to live, how to respect our elders. She struggled very hard to minimize our insecurities. She gave us everything which we wish to have in our life. She motivates us in every failure of our lives and encourages us to deal with the world bravely. She is my life, she is very emotional, never expects anything from others. She always sacrificed her needs for us and still now she does. I am thankful to God Who gave me such a great blessing as a mother and I pray that unka saya humpay humesha salamat rahay.. Maa jesi hasti duniya mein hay kahan nai milega magar chahay dhoondlo sara jahan

    Narpat Singh May 11 2019

    Nidhi agrawal May 11 2019

    When I was in primary school I was very much worried before going to exam hall. As a school teacher my mother was always beside me all the way to exam hall. On that time when I looked her face it seems to me, she was more worried than me and seeing that it made me more angry and I used to ask her, Why you are so worried? The exam is mine, not yours and you don't have write any answer.' She always smiled and replied that when you will grow up then you will understand the matter.
    When I have to enter for the very first time in the operation theater, I was very much anxious and my mother was beside me holding my hand. On that moment looking to her face it seems to me she was more anxious than me and as usual, seeing her approach I was bit disappointed and asked her, Why you are more stressed than me? The doctor will cut my abdomen, not yours. I have to feel the pain and nothing gonna happen to you. So cheers! Again she smiled and replied, Why I am doing so you will understand later. Its not perfect time to realize.
    Later on, when I was with my kid in the exam hall for his exam, I was very much worried and that time I realize what my mother feel during my exam. And when my son first enter to the operation theater, I was so much anxious. Lots of thoughts were passing through my mind. I wish his all pains come to my body. He is too little to tolerate the pain. And on that time I realize how much pain my mother feel during my operation.
    I didnt realize her love when she was beside me but later on going through the similar tough situations in my life now I can feel it fully.
    Even, now, being a mother of two kids, every single day I realize how much sacrifice and tolerance my mother do for us.
    I know, may be for the world I am someone but for my mother I am her world, likewise my kids are my world.
    Love you ..maayou are the one who first teaches me the true meaning of love and affection.

    Neetu Grover May 11 2019

    Ram May 11 2019

    My moms sweet smile makes me fall in love with her everyday , shes My Distress Friend&a born magician who vanishes all my worries With her sweet smile

    Simi Ramesh May 11 2019

    Mano Ranjani May 11 2019

    M is for Mother Most Marvellous Mother to me
    O for the One and only good thing that ever happened to me
    T is for the Tender love that you have given me for lives
    H is for the Heavens there all my mother's represent on earth
    E is for an Exceptional Lord who else can that be
    R for the Reassuring comfort my Mother brings to me
    Mother dearest Mother, without you where would I have been
    Could I have been where I am today,had it not been for thee
    Your greatest gift to me mother dearest that's you
    Thank you Ma for the precious gift, with the love so sweet, so true
    Thank you all for blessing me with the love so sweet....so true...

    Kumud Pawar May 11 2019

    Reena Rana May 10 2019

    Nisha joshi May 10 2019

    Nisha Mohan May 10 2019

    Sadhna Singh May 10 2019

    Sayoni Mondal May 10 2019

    @Sayoni Mondal Lovely!! :)

    Arpita Goel May 10 2019

    Lovey May 10 2019

    Lovey May 10 2019

    Tanya Setia May 10 2019

    Lavish Kumar May 10 2019

    Pooja Chawla May 10 2019

    Mamta Gupta May 10 2019

    nandini dey May 10 2019

    Hiral Asher May 10 2019

    MOM - Meri Only Maa
    To start describing my mother, I need to think about her as I look at myself I see I have worn a pair of jeans which she gifted me on my birthday when I see my unkempt hair I remember how she always worries about them and scolds me for not caring enough. When I see a bag full of food besides me, it reminds me of her toil to make every single dish and pack the bestest food for my journey. when I am typing I remember her worried face because she feels I use my phone a lot.

    I think this stands true for every mother, it's not their physical presence but her mental presence in her child's each and every belonging which makes her more than special

    komal May 10 2019

    Rahul Agecha May 10 2019

    Saya Sharma May 10 2019

    Jyoti Gupta May 10 2019

    Veeta Gupta May 10 2019

    Smitha.R.P May 10 2019

    Saran Ramesh May 10 2019

    Anni May 10 2019

    Rama May 9 2019