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    3. CONTEST ALERT 14 - Lessons I learnt from you Dad! - A Father's Day Contest

    Joy of Celebration!

    CONTEST ALERT 14 - Lessons I learnt from you Dad! - A Father's Day Contest

    Joy of Celebration!

    CONTEST ALERT 14 - Lessons I learnt from you Dad! - A Father's Day Contest

    This Father's Day, share with us some of the many valuable lessons you've learnt from your dad! Top entries win gift vouchers! Also, stand a chance to be featured on www.parentcircle.com. Contest closes on 26th June 2020. TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. Send original entries only. 2. It is deemed that participants are responsible/liable for the photos/ content that they post. 3. ParentCircle may use the photographs for publishing purposes in the future at its discretion. 4. The decision of judges is final. ... more

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    Team ParentCircle Sep 19 2020

    @Team ParentCircle Congratulations Winners!

    Suman Jun 26 2020

    Suman Jun 26 2020

    @Suman Hello everyone....
    I am Dhruv Garg . I am 5 years old . My dad is my super hero. I loves me so much . I always teach me so many things he told me to take care of my things not to waste them . Sharing is caring is also taught by them . I always share everything .
    He is always there for me and full fill my all wishes
    I love my super hero dad
    This father's day I made my father happy
    I made a card and cake for them ( with my mumma's help)
    He like it very much

    SHOURYA SARKAR Jun 25 2020

    My dad is an economist. He did anything and everything to make sure that his children didnt have to worry about money or go without anything that we needed. Its a trait of his that I loved. He always says ,"save some money for unforeseen situations, never spend your cash all at once my child. For life can be full of nasty surprises that might need money to solve". This pandemic has made me realize how important my Dads advice is. But the most important money lesson that I learned from my dad is that money doesnt have to control you. Even though you will never know when your last day is, you can still save and spend your money wisely, while also living the life you want. Too many people believe that they cant lead a good life on a budget. That is not true at all. You can still live a great life while managing your money, and without regret. I am glad he taught me to be money wise at a very early age.

    SUJATA GANGULY Jun 25 2020

    My dad is the most magnificent and magical man in my life. He is, and always has been, my biggest supporter and most incredible source of inspiration. One thing I have learned from him is that life is not about how you fall, it's about how you get back up again. So don't break down when you meet failures. The failures actually give us some lessons. So get up and try to learn from them . Start fresh .Don't repeat your mistakes. If you repeat them, remember then you have not learnt your lesson well. To be able to reach success, we must first face failure and disappointment. Failure is a normal process in life, but that doesn't mean it's the end of everything. It's just a changing direction before it reaches to the ocean. It is a valuable lesson that I and my family live by. As much as life as thrown at us over the past few years and knocked us down we still manage to not give up and look forward to another day. After all there is always tomorrow and that tomorrow can only get better because it is the start of a brand new day and new opportunties.

    Kanisha Jun 24 2020

    A father solves our jigsaw life puzzle by guiding the light whose love shows us the way. He is neither an anchor to hold us back on where we are leading nor a sail to take us there. No one can deny the fact that there was only one person-your father who encountered the most difficult situations by himself in order to protect the family. My friend, philosopher and guide taught me wonderful life lessons:
    Believe in yourself,
    No matter how hard it may seem.
    Dont give up,
    Know the starting point with hope till end,
    Do good, and forget it
    Live a humble and simple life, no show-offs,
    Always speak kind words
    As unkind people are everywhere,
    Life is precious, stop complaining
    Visit hospitals often and offer help to them,
    Stop holding to grudges, let go and move on
    Nothing is impossible if you are determined.

    Rashmi Jun 23 2020

    Koyena Sarkar Jun 22 2020

    The heart of a child is beautifully designed to respond to a father's love. Yes, that's a father who can burn himself like an incense stick to offer holy smell in form of a priceless child to the lord of society and nation. My father is someone whose emotional stubbornness to convert desires into actions proves his love for me. He made me learn how to sacrifice own wishes to see smile in the ward's face! His teachings is based on "Love & Friendship" between daughter and father. His values and prayers for me helps to thrive of the thoughts about feminism in society and stand against them as a warrior which made the afford in me to be a "Confident Independent Woman".

    LEENA WALAWALKAR Jun 21 2020

    Whatever I am today is because of his teachings take right decision, do right action, do hard-work, have patience and you will achieve success. There is no shortcut to success.

    Jasleen Kaur Jun 21 2020

    Sakshi Jun 20 2020

    Sakshi Jun 20 2020

    Sakshi Jun 20 2020

    Prabha Jun 20 2020

    Hiral shah Jun 20 2020

    Hiral shah Jun 20 2020

    Samreen Jun 20 2020

    Hello everyone. Father is a best creation of God.
    No one ever can take father's place. My father has been an inspiration for me always.
    Whenever I'm in situations where its difficult for me to take decisions I always think of my father ,what would he do if he has to take decision and do that.
    That is another thing he is no more with us,but he is always with us in our hearts ,in our acts ,in our habits ,in everything that's inherited in us from him. We are the fruits of his Beautiful Garden.The sweetness he instilled in us is priceless.
    The lessons what I learnt from him is
    well the lessons are innumerable to list out .
    The life spent with FATHER is the GOLDEN ERA Of our life I feel.priceless.

    Sayantani Ray Jun 19 2020

    My dad is a doctor. He practices in a small town in West Bengal, for past 42 years.
    He started his education at Adra Railway Primary School and the continued in Presidency College and completed at NRS Medical College Kolkata. He always appreciates education and educated people.

    Things I learnt from him can't be counted.
    Be honest in your profession, modest in your behavior and have faith in God. She is the almighty. If you are empowered with her blessings there is no power in the world to defeat you. "A theosophist always wins" ...as my father always says. If you ask him why,,, he adds " I don't know but have felt it many times while in my professional chair".

    It is better to try to be of one than to be Jack of all trades. A peacock looks beautiful when it dances but it can't sing. A cuckoo is dark but has a golden voice. That is why a cuckoo should never dance and a peacock should not try to sing. My friend life is short, the art long. I regard my parents and teachers as my "Gods".

    Thank you Bapi for being my first teacher. Stay blessed and healthy! Keep doing your job! We are always with you! Love you to the moon and back!

    Best wishes,

    Anil jaswal Jun 18 2020

    My father was a inspector police. He started from lower ranks and went onto be reasonable. He was non smoker and once in a while drinker. He loved my mother like anything. Whenever she fell ill, he was the most worried person even more that the patient that is my mother. The same way he loved all his three kids. He never differentiated between one and other. Sometimes my mother use to fall ill and now issue is who will go to kitchen. He will always vollentered to go to kitchen and make food for whole of the family. Once my elder two brothers had exams going on and that day my father was not well. And suddenly the electrcity of our house went off and it was winter nights, raining heavily. Now issue was who will file complaint with the electrcity board. As I was small so I was ruled out. Now eldest two were busy with their exams so they were also ruled out. My father being not well himself took umbrella and torch, went to the electrcity board office and filed complaint. Therefore the precious time of everyone could be saved and they could prepare for exams. So it shows your duty towards your family and kids. He was also very economical in nature. He always lived with in his means. I still remember when we grew up we didn't have the watches. So my father said now kids are grown up they must learn time management. He himself went to the HMT showroom and bought three HMT watches for all the three of us. When we asked dad what about you. He politely refused. He himself continued with old Titus watch and told you see, my watch is ok. This shows your money should be there where your priorities are. He was very sincere and honest. He never had single red entry in his entire police carrier of 38yrs. Although he was always without any Godfather. He was very punctual in his office work. He always reached his office before official time and last one to live. He always kept his table clean means no pending work. He died at the age 91yrs. His fitness was so high class that he use to do his every routine work comfortably at even last stages of his life.

    Sushma Chaturvedi Jun 18 2020

    Ah! Its father's Day and you are not with us physically but always reside in one corner of my heart. Love you "babuji", As we use to address you. A book of memories turning page by page remembering you. Every child is taught and taken care of by parents with all their love and affection. The lesson you instilled in me is the toughest part for a female to maintain and that is to maintain self-dignity . I remember before before marriage how you taught me to never succumb to something to which you are not sure of. You brought me up the way that I never had to compromise with my dignity. Till date from professional to personal reasons I never let you down by compromising for the wrong reasons. Your words always echoes in my mind when you used to say ,"beta hum Choubey hai jhuktey nhi hai. Galat k aage to kabhi nhi jhukana."
    Thank you for infusing the brave thoughts especially in your daughter child. I feel proud to have a great father like you who treated us equal to our brothers and made us the way where we can live our life holding our head high.
    Sushma Chaturvedi.