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    Joy of Celebration!


    Joy of Celebration!


    Dedicate a write-up or a photo for your loved ones! Top entries win gift vouchers worth up to Rs. 5,000! Contest closes on 29th February 2020. TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. Send original entries only. 2. It is deemed that participants are responsible/liable for the photos/ content that they post. 3. ParentCircle may use the photographs for publishing purposes in the future at its discretion. 4. The decision of judges is final. ... more

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    Team ParentCircle Mar 30 2020

    @Team ParentCircle Many Many Congratulations to all the Winners!

    Team ParentCircle Jul 14 2020

    @Team ParentCircle Thank you for selecting me as a winner... how to reach you for the gifts ?

    Team ParentCircle Jul 14 2020

    @Team ParentCircle Hi Dharani, Please drop us an email to rashmin@parentcircle.in with your email ID and contact details.

    Thank you!

    Jayarani Feb 14 2020

    Jayarani Feb 15 2020

    @Jayarani How touching is that!!Hope you sent that one to your hubby as well. Well written !

    Jayarani Mar 30 2020

    @Jayarani Very nice !

    yamini Feb 15 2020

    yamini Feb 18 2020

    @yamini How nice to read your write up! A true sense of arranged marriage turned into love. May you enjoy each other's company and happy Valentine's day to you.

    yamini Mar 30 2020

    @yamini You have expressed your love so well. Nice write up.

    Swathi Feb 17 2020

    Swathi Feb 18 2020

    @Swathi So touching one!. May your love grow many folds and one day he will reciprocate the same.

    Swathi Mar 30 2020

    @Swathi Lovely write up:)

    Banureka baskar Mar 30 2020

    @Banureka baskar Nice Maam. 27 yrs of married life :) Congrats and All the best!

    Deepika Amit Gupta Feb 25 2020

    @Deepika Amit Gupta What a dramatic love story. Nice reading your write up. Stay happy and in love for all the years together.

    Deepika Amit Gupta Mar 30 2020

    @Deepika Amit Gupta Lovely. Nice love story.

    Selvi Feb 18 2020

    Selvi Feb 19 2020

    @Selvi Indeed the best family.after all the support and love you get from your own family is the biggest.

    Selvi Mar 30 2020

    @Selvi Nice. A supportive family is always a blessing.

    Dharani saravanan Feb 19 2020

    @Dharani saravanan Very cute pic. And the love between you and your baby is the purest form of love. May it grow and keep the bond in tact .

    Dharani saravanan Feb 22 2020

    @Dharani saravanan Thank you so much for your love

    Dharani saravanan Mar 30 2020

    @Dharani saravanan Nice write-up. Beautiful pic.

    V.Poorna Kameswari Feb 19 2020

    Dear Grandpa,
    I wish, as I write this letter, it reaches you in its physical form miraculously. Yet, knowing fully that it is too much to ask the impossible, I write this Letter for my Valentine so that it reaches you virtually.
    Ours being a middle class family that supposedly belonged to the orthodox community, you had always allowed me to train my approach and frame of mind on certain aspects such as a girl being independent and self-reliant. You had motivated me to be a proactive person in responding against the social inequalities in general and hyper-sensitive towards iniquity against women, in particular. It is needless to mention that it is primarily because of you, and further seconded by my dad, your replica.
    I still wonder, a person who belonged to the period of, as early as 1907 while the nation was still under the British rule, was a man of liberal and progressive thinking and well ahead of all his contemporaries. Though born in an orthodox brahmin family in days where untouchability too was prevalent, you took with affability the noble profession of teaching and reached out to teach interested but deprived Scheduled Caste and Tribes who had scarce opportunities for education. I still remember the disciples who were eminent doctors who insisted that their children too studied under your care.
    While you always motivated us to be responsible social beings, you still could be such a fond person and fun loving person that today on this Valentines Day, I reminisce the most adorable person of my life, thats you and in todays parlance called MY VALENTINE.
    You were such a gracious person, who in the entire Agraharam, was the only person who had the valour to host lunch for one of your cousins who, an Arya Samaj member, married a Scheduled Caste widow for the ideology. This, of course, has led to your expulsion from the so called ethnic group of orthodox Brahmins. Yet u remained a Rationalist, unmoved to change your principles to please the hypocrites around you.

    Amour propre is my persona and my virtue too, that I inherited from you. My role-model had always been you. Having grown-up with the love and care of such warm and virtuous persons, no doubt, I too imbibed certain qualities of theirs. Grandpa, I always get infuriated whenever I come across and witnessed certain pandemonium of social nature, be it casteism, untouchability, sexual discrimination etc. I do raise my voice and speak up for those who deserve.
    From the age of 8 I had a wonderful opportunity of writing letters to you and today at my 47, whenever I look for the most adorable person with whom I am to converse, it is you that comes to my mind. Being an English teacher in a Secondary School (I still reminisce those nostalgic moments when you would narrate Shakespeares dialogues from the legendary plays), you always encouraged us to write letters in English and rejoiced them. I was probably your only granddaughter who exchanged letters regularly and adored the process as much as you did, which was a seeding to explore my expressive skills and paved way for its enhancement.
    Having grown in such environment and nurtured with such background as you know, right from childhood, I always had not only been valiant in putting my view point across, but also had the fighting spirit within me. I did not give it up till date.
    On this Valentines Day, I, after almost two and a half decades that you left this world, chose to write a letter to you, calling you MY VALENTINE.
    With love,

    Your loving thalli (as I am passionately called)

    V.Poorna Kameswari Feb 21 2020

    @V.Poorna Kameswari Really a touching letter and good to read your long version of your Valentine.

    V.Poorna Kameswari Mar 17 2020

    @V.Poorna Kameswari A beautiful, touching way to express your unconditional love to your grandfather! I'm sure he is reading this from wherever he is!

    V.Poorna Kameswari Mar 30 2020

    @V.Poorna Kameswari Wonderful ! Very touching.

    Dharani saravanan Feb 22 2020

    @Dharani saravanan Looks like a movie story...A beautiful story of arranged cum love marriage. Wishing you a lifetime of joy together

    Dharani saravanan Mar 30 2020

    @Dharani saravanan Nice:) just like a movie story..God bless for a wonderful life !

    Poonam Jadhav Feb 21 2020

    @Poonam Jadhav Lovely words and the collage too

    Poonam Jadhav Mar 30 2020

    @Poonam Jadhav Nice collage !

    Maheswari manikandan Feb 25 2020

    @Maheswari manikandan Beautiful picture lit up with your smiles.

    Maheswari manikandan Mar 17 2020

    @Maheswari manikandan nice family picture !

    Vijayasri Parthasarathy Feb 26 2020

    Parthasarathy my hubby a stranger he was once. Then, with a gentle look he took my hand. As our lives engaged, he lit my life and I held both his hands. Now that decades have passed, our souls have indeed become one. How fortunate we are that we have found the love so true like fine vintage wine, it gets better as it grows older just like both of us.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

    Vijayasri Parthasarathy Feb 27 2020

    @Vijayasri Parthasarathy What a beautiful write up and the words flow like poetry. It's a magic of words strewn on the thread of love. May your bond grow stronger each year.

    Vijayasri Parthasarathy Feb 27 2020

    @Vijayasri Parthasarathy Thanks a lot.....

    Vijayasri Parthasarathy Mar 17 2020

    @Vijayasri Parthasarathy lovely writeup!

    Jasmine Bose Feb 26 2020

    My family are my greatest strength. As a child,teen,youth I was always shy. Though loved to do creative work always but never tried to get any exposure. After my marriage my hubby who also has love doing creative work, encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Even he also started making paintings with me. But after becoming mother I could hardly get any time to even make a sketch in a week.

    Jasmine Bose Feb 27 2020

    @Jasmine Bose It's good to have such a talent and people around encouraging you. Don't give up and I'm sure you will fulfill your creative urge.

    Jasmine Bose Mar 17 2020

    @Jasmine Bose Nice to have a supportive family ! do pursue your dream. All the Best!

    Niyatee Feb 29 2020

    Niyatee Mar 17 2020

    @Niyatee Lovely picture! As a mother, you've expressed your love for them so well!

    kanchan jain Feb 27 2020

    kanchan jain Feb 27 2020

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    ...?? kanchan Hitesh Jain

    kanchan jain Feb 27 2020

    @kanchan jain Bahut khoob !!

    kanchan jain Mar 17 2020

    @kanchan jain Beautiful poem !

    Lalita Chettri Feb 15 2020

    @Lalita Chettri Look at that cute pose! It shows the adorable relation you have with your cutie. Loved it.

    Lalita Chettri Mar 10 2020

    @Lalita Chettri Thank you for your beautiful words.

    Prabha Feb 24 2020

    Prabha Feb 25 2020

    @Prabha How adorable you two look. May you move into future happily loving each other and let this bond grow stronger .

    Prabha Feb 26 2020

    @Prabha Thank you

    Prabha Feb 27 2020

    @Prabha More power to you dear

    Suganya Ram Feb 22 2020

    I love my husband

    Poonam Jadhav Feb 21 2020

    @Poonam Jadhav Aww...The best Valentine nite that I read today. May the love stay alive and the bond grow thicker with each day. How cute the pictures are.

    Prabha Feb 21 2020

    Prabha Feb 19 2020

    These are my kids who are my world, my power and my joy

    Nithya ramesh Feb 18 2020

    @Nithya ramesh He is my son Shri Ranish very talented kid .... He is age 5 years old.... But he is achieved one world record.... I proud of my son....

    Nithya ramesh Feb 19 2020

    @Nithya ramesh Congratulations proud mom

    Deepa Feb 19 2020

    Deepa Feb 19 2020

    @Deepa Nice and modern love.

    Sheela Joby Feb 15 2020

    Sheela Joby Feb 18 2020

    @Sheela Joby Wow ...What apoem. Happy Valentine's day

    Ameeta Sharma Feb 18 2020

    @Ameeta Sharma It's really sweet of you to mention your grandmother. And the immense feelings of love you have for her is indeed rare these days.Hope as long as she lives you can share her wisdom and love.

    Prabha Feb 15 2020

    Prabha Feb 18 2020

    @Prabha Very sweet ! Happy Valentine's fay

    Nalini Feb 16 2020

    Nalini Feb 18 2020

    @Nalini Cutie

    Smitha.R.P Feb 17 2020

    My Valentines are my family. I love my family. In my early stage of my life ...my father and mother are my Valentines. My parents taught me to love life .They input their love with their moral values like patience, Respecting elders ,God loving etc.
    After marriage My husband is my Valentine .I learnt to be more patience ,caring , loving and respecting both our family members of me and my husband.
    Then my beautiful daughters are the anchors of my life. Everyday is new lesson of love and caring . Life becomes beautiful with loved family members

    Smitha.R.P Feb 18 2020

    @Smitha.R.P Indeed a profound thought and with new day the valentines keep changing. How well written dear. Keep posting.

    Belinda Dcosta Feb 17 2020

    My. valentine is my husband and two daughters.God has really gifted me with them ,their love is unconditional and genuine.There were ups and downs in our 12 years of married life but our love for each other was not diminishing,it was only increasing.My 2 daughters are my 2 precious jewels.I. believe this unconditional love between us will never fade away until death seperates us.

    Belinda Dcosta Feb 18 2020

    @Belinda Dcosta What a cute dedication to your family. Happy Valentine's day.

    Vidya. Shah. Feb 17 2020

    I lost my mom during my childhood days and it was my dad who did double duty in my upbringing! He showered his qualitative time towards me so that I should not miss my mom! He inbibed in me the essence of life like truthfulness, honesty,to be always meticulous, hardworking, & to always value & respect all human beings without any indiscrimination between caste, creed or color!
    He always stressed the importance of education by saying that money will come & go away but knowledge derived from education will always remain with us! He educated me to be a doctor & today all his teachings are of great help in my daily practice! Today whatever I am the credit goes to him! I truly owe my life to him!
    My life would have been incomplete without him around me! Feel blessed having him in my life! Love you dad! Keep blessing me!
    Happy Valentines Day!

    Vidya. Shah. Feb 18 2020

    @Vidya. Shah. What more can a father expect. Such love and respect from the child. Hope you get all happiness that you deserve and a happy valentines day to you.

    UAG Feb 18 2020

    For the first time I spent my Valentine's Day with all my loved ones... My mummy, papa, grandma, fiance... After my studies I went in different line and my parents didn't support me much... And still I'm not able to finish that course... My life changed after getting engaged... And now when my wedding date is coming near my parents,grandma and sibblings all are encouraging me in what I'm doing right now... After dropping out from that course I started attending baking workshops, learning crochet from YouTube, making diy stuffs because for me perfect women should know how to handle needle, spatula and pen creatively and now by their support i turned my passion into profession... My dad who always scolded me for ruining my life now supports me alot... I just wished they had given the same support for my previous interests I would've completed it by now... But everything happens for a reason... I'll complete that course after marriage maybe when my kids will turn 5 I'll start my course along with them so they can complete it in young age itself along with me... I'm lucky to have supportive husband who understands me very well and love me unconditionally and now I'm proud daughter of my parents... For them to live in this world one has to be bold and smart and should be able to stand on their feet independently and I did it... By doing it I achieved my happiness as well as theirs... Soon I'll achieve success in my previous field which is main happiness of our spiritual father...

    UAG Feb 18 2020

    @UAG Such a beautiful write up! A family is definitely a person's strength and a touching valentines message makes this so relatable.happy valentines day

    Anu Modi Feb 15 2020

    Anu Modi Feb 18 2020

    @Anu Modi Loved that photo and your emotional attachment to your grandparents. A very rare love in this generation. Good to see it and god bless you.

    Lakshmi Feb 15 2020

    Lakshmi Feb 18 2020

    @Lakshmi Love is in the air....Keep the bond going ! Happy valentines day

    Prabha Feb 15 2020

    Prabha Feb 18 2020

    @Prabha May your love grow more and more.

    Prabha Feb 15 2020

    Prabha Feb 18 2020

    @Prabha Congratulations to both of you for the love and support you extend each other. How lavishly you have poured your love and respect to the woman of your life. Such honest affections are seldom and your wife is a lucky one for sure.

    Revathy Nagarajan Feb 18 2020

    @Revathy Nagarajan Loved the poetic verses !! Keep writing dear and I feel your true emotions flowed out of your heart through that poem.

    Olivia Fernandes Feb 18 2020

    @Olivia Fernandes A lucky man your husband is...I do hope he feels the same for you. A beautiful relationship is when you have a sense of love and respect towards your better half and your write up shows it.More love to you both.

    Prabha Feb 14 2020

    Prabha Feb 18 2020

    @Prabha A perfect picture just as you wrote . May you be happy not only on valentines day but for the years to come.

    Sunita Katyal Feb 18 2020

    @Sunita Katyal Wow....How lovely...You want him for the next 7 years...It must mean a lot.hsppt valentines day dears

    nandini dey Feb 18 2020

    Vidya. Shah. Feb 17 2020

    Kavita Feb 14 2020

    Mine was an intercaste love marriage. 8 yrs of dating with my neighbour and childhood friend.
    I still remember the 16 red roses he gifted me on my 16th birthday. I remember a small red rose he used to come snd give me every year at home, sometimes hidden in his helmet, sometimes his pocket or then in a book.
    We got married after almost a decade of dating. Valentine's Day continued to remain special even after 15 yrs of marriage, with bouquets and chocolates and romatic caller tunes on his phone on this day...that echoed songs like "main kaheen kavi naa bann jaoon, tere pyaar main eh kavita".
    A fairy tale life it was !

    Then suddenly everthing changed from his side. He began distancing himself from me, began lying at home and avoiding me. One fine day he expoded a bomb that shattered my world. He demanded a divorce.
    When me and both families disagreed, he just left home and filed a court case.
    I tried my best to drag on the case for 5 yrs, hoping that he will change his mind...and return to me...but he refused to budge from his stand.
    My daughter was growing old and had reached her 10th std. I had the responsibility of focussong on her career now and had to stop chasing him. So i reluctantly parted ways and we officially got divorced 3 yrs ago.

    I dont know if i still love him after all that he made me.and my daughter go through. But i know one thing. I can never bring myself to hate him and i cannot give any other man, the place he had in my heart.

    I believe that LOVE is a feeling where there is no expectation from the other party. You love a person once and it is eternal. Difference of opinions or misunderstandings, can break a relationship. ..but love never dies. If it is true love, it stays in the heart forever.

    So i still remember him on this special day. We are not in touch with each other now, but i still pray to God to keep him happy, wherever he is and with whoseover he is ! May Gods blessings be with him.forever.

    Kavita Feb 14 2020

    @Kavita Happy valentines day to u too

    Kavita Feb 14 2020

    @Kavita Thanks dear. Wish you the same. Stay.blessed

    Kavita Feb 15 2020

    @Kavita Oh my God...Can't believe what I read in your write up. It's so unbelievable that you still hold the same feelings for him. But that is love and it is eternal. I wish you all happiness in the world. And you deserve it .

    Kavita Feb 16 2020

    @Kavita Thank you so much for your bleasings. You rightly said ..true love is eternal. It believes in giving without expecting any returns

    Fagi askar Feb 14 2020

    Hello everyone i am fahima askar
    Happy to b a part of parents circle.feeling cherished and extremely delighted..coz i am a new mom this year.thanks to almighty god..This modern era ,we find lot of relationship break ups in many families.this us mainly due 2 lack of understanding. ..so at this valentines day i thank my husband for being so jovial and treating me lik a best friend. ..i wish to c smile in ur face.I promise tat il try wholly to b a gud wife to u...inshallah il b there in ur gud nd bad times ever ever....let god bless u with gud health, happiness and peaceful ...we l b a responsible and lovable parent to our daughter ....

    Fagi askar Feb 15 2020

    @Fagi askar Such a lovely write up. Your husband is your friend and that is the greatest blessing i feel. You are lucky and hope the love grows in the years to come.

    Rajamani Revauthi Feb 15 2020

    @Rajamani Revauthi What a marvellous tribute to your husband! How lucky are you to have each other .Can there be a better way to put in words that the love you have for your man. Simply bowled over by your words. May your love grow more and more !

    Prabha Feb 14 2020

    Prabha Feb 15 2020

    @Prabha Very sweet couple and a cute write up as well. May you have each other to love and care for years to come.

    Gurpreet Rana Feb 15 2020

    @Gurpreet Rana What a sweet way to express your love for your wife. She is a lucky one. May your love grow by leaps and bounds!!

    Aayushi Mutha Feb 15 2020

    @Aayushi Mutha A romantic moment captured in frame...May you remain in love forever. Nice one

    Rimjhim agarwal Feb 15 2020

    @Rimjhim agarwal Your looks shoe how much you adore each other. Lovely picture and write up too!

    kajori dhar Feb 14 2020

    My husband is first my friend, he is a very adorable person, but cannot express his feelings, and that is how i love him, i love him for the ways he cares for our family, and my daughter. He gets angry very fast but still i love him. he is the reason of my smile. Thanks for being there for me.

    Jayarani Feb 14 2020

    Shreyashi Feb 14 2020

    Maheswari Feb 14 2020

    I love my husband i help him i work forhim i think of him i cook for him i live for him i walk on his way

    Manjula Rao Feb 14 2020

    Kanisha Feb 14 2020

    Ambi Sherpa DCunha Feb 14 2020

    Dear Parent Circle....Happy Valentine day to you all...Thank you for giving people a platform to jot down thr feelings...it really relieved us to pen down this internal feelings...
    Its a lovely way to express feelings Sometimes we fail to express towards our life partner....Life is not always bed of roses and its is well said....Tera Saath hei to mujhe kya kami hei andhero pe bhi mil rahi roshni hei....And it goes so well wt me n my hubby..lots of up n down have seen in last 10 years of togetherness.. I got my 10th yr Valentine roses as my hubby never miss this on Valentine day frm the day we met....but we stood very strong side by side wt each other n nothing make us break down..Not to mention its a love marriage of ours..Going all the odds n now bless wt 5 years old daughter....All blessed now indeed....Life cant b more beautiful n bless as it is now..At times everything comes alright ....Will b a grt blessing to grow old together n see our grandchilds together....Love makes everything ok at the end....

    Harry Bindra Feb 14 2020

    Dolly Sharma Feb 14 2020

    Jyoti Gupta Feb 14 2020

    Shaila Maheshwari Feb 14 2020

    @Shaila Maheshwari Adorable

    Shaila Maheshwari Feb 14 2020

    @Shaila Maheshwari Thanks

    Shaila Maheshwari Feb 14 2020

    @Shaila Maheshwari Aww....look at her! How round you must be to have a cute daughter like her. May your love grow by heaps and bounds. Happy Valentine's day

    Shaila Maheshwari Feb 14 2020

    @Shaila Maheshwari Thank-you
    Happy Valentines day to you too

    Clifford Fernandes Feb 14 2020

    I loved you since I met you, but I wouldn't allow myself to truly feel it until today. Today, because of you what I learned from you; every choice I made was different and my life has completely changed and I've learned that if you do that, then you're living your life fully it doesn't matter if you have five minutes or fifty years if not for today, if not for you I would never have known love at all. So thank you for being the person who taught me to love... and to be loved."

    Clifford Fernandes Feb 14 2020

    @Clifford Fernandes This sounds so profound! But it's also true. You don't need long years to be in love just a right one! Keep writing.

    Meenakshi Kapur Feb 13 2020

    Love is an important part of everyone's life and mine too and Love is like the soul of our life; with out love we don't exist, it's like an oxygen to my body, with out it I would be a zombie, we love our parents, brother, sister, friends, and the one special person who adds more zing to our life by adding romance in it and its our relations that we develop into a personality who can fight for injustice, who can live up to its stand, who can fulfill commitments, who lives its life to the fullest, and love is the most important part of my life coz it keeps me going on, its the driving force that gives me strength, the power, the attitude to live up to my standards, to achieve my goal and to live up to the expectations that my near and dear ones have from me.
    A special love note to the most special person in my life

    My Dear Prince,
    From the deepest corner of my heart, I wish to say that I will be with you every time you feel lonely to give u comfort, compassion, love, will support you in the hour of need, make a promise to understand, trust you & to love you forever this eternity & make this life a loving dream to be relived again & again & wish to take u on a tour of mirage of ecstasy in the desert of desires where our dream n fantasy gets a life and we behold the path of sleeping desires.
    My heart beats for you & every beat of my heart says,
    Falling in love wid u was tryst with destiny,
    Living a life of dream was my fantasy,
    Let's be together in romantic ecstasy,
    With love shall be the only density!!
    So, here I am to love U!

    Meenakshi Kapur Feb 13 2020

    @Meenakshi Kapur What a beautiful way to express your love. Its such a heartwarming write up and I feel your partner us s lucky one to have you. Wishing you a life time of love not only on valentines day but forever!