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Yummy Recipes With Dried Fruits And Nuts

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Healthy munching is a good habit. Introducing homemade snacks that are rich in nutrients can build your child's immunity and will keep him healthy. With a lot of junk food dominating the Indian food scenario, it is advisable to start serving your child with home-made snacks from an early age, to prevent him from the ill-effects of these high fat foods.

Indian kitchens are known for producing everything relishing from meals to cookies to halwa and other healthy alternatives to the junk food available in the market. These junk foods have high saturated fat and trans-fat which increase cholesterol level and hamper your child's growth. But with recipes like halwa, nut chocolate, shakes and granola bars that are delicious and high on nutrient value, you have healthy alternatives to these junk foods.

It is also to be noted that homemade food is well-processed unlike these factory foods that are produced in bulk and have added preservatives. Freshly prepared food is known to have high-nutrient value which decreases as the age of the food decreases. Thus, it is to be noted that these foods are old, use hydrogenated oil and lack the love with which you would make them for your child.

A popular saying goes by "Happiness is Homemade" and that's exactly what describes why you should serve homemade recipes to your child that are tasteful and healthy.

For more yummy recipes using dried fruits and nuts, go through this ClipBook which is a curation of some amazing links from around the web!


Go Nuts...They Are Good For You!

From prevention of chronic illnesses to weight control, the many virtues of nuts and dried fruits are being studied by researchers extensively today. International forums on nuts and dried fruits have been formed to popularise their health benefit...

Homemade Granola Bars

These healthy homemade granola bars may just convert you from the store-bought kind. They are relatively easy to make and are high in protein, thanks to raw almonds and cashews.

Dried Fruits Ladoo

Dried Fruits ladoo is easy to make and is jam-packed with flavours and nutrients. A perfect short-break snack, kids will gobble them up happily and keep their energy levels high throughout the day.

How To Make Home Made Dried Fruit Powder Mix For Toddlers

The combination of nuts powdered at home is much better than the products available in the market. Nuts contain good fat, vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. Prefer giving your child this dried fruit powder mixed milk before bed time at night.

Dried Fruits Halwa

Dried fruits halwa is a traditional, rich and nutrient-dense halwa recipe with crushed nuts added to ghee, sugar and milk and then enjoyed as barfis or halwa.

Dried Fruits Paratha

This is a wholesome and delicious recipe that is packed with dried fruits and nuts like almonds, cashew nuts and raisins, and flavored with spices.

How Much Dry Fruits Should One Have?

Dry fruits should be eaten in moderation as they are nutrient dense in sugars too, and thus calories. Limit the intake to about 20 grams total of mixed nuts and dry fruits and avoid snacking straight from a bag. It leads to overeating.

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