Yummy Egg Baked Recipes For Your Kids

Baked Egg In A Hole

These bacon-and-egg toasts make for a fun breakfast or easy dinner.

Baked Eggs With Spinach And Tomatoes Recipe

Kids love this recipe. They're fun to build, so let the kids help."

Cheesy Baked Egg Toast

Eggs and toast are such a perfect breakfast staple. Try this Cheesy baked egg toast to your kids and they love it.

Spinach Baked Eggs With Parmesan & Tomato Toasts

Make these as a simple starter or as a tasty brunch for your little one - a great combination of flavours.

Baked Eggs With Herbs & Crispy Prosciutto

The next time you are in need of a decadent and delicious breakfast that's a cinch to put together, follow Fresh Tart's lead and make baked eggs.

Spicy Tomato Baked Eggs

Spicy tomato baked eggs is specially for kids who loves eating spice foods. Vary this dish by flavouring the simple tomato sauce with whatever you have to hand - curry powder, pesto or fresh herbs.

Baked Egg In Ham Cup

Baked egg in ham cup is one of the best fast healthy breakfast food idea for your kid.

Baked Egg Recipe & Soldiers

Smothering the eggs in a thick cheese sauce, and adding a savoury Marmite hit to the toasted soldiers, turns it into a fun breakfast, brunch or even an afternoon snack dish.

Baked Egg Toasty Cups

Try baked eggs instead of fried eggs. Kids will love helping to make these toast cups and will certainly relish the results after baking the eggs right in their creations. Serve with cherry tomatoes.

Egg Nests

It is one of the standard classical French recipes clearly intended for children.

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Yummy Egg Baked Recipes For Your Kids

Here are few egg baked recipes which your kids will love to have it anytime.