Your Parenting Style Versus Your Parents

The Biggest Changes Parenthood In The Past 20 Years

More involved dads Over the past 20 years, dads have become much more actively engaged with their kids, as the amount of time the average father spends on childcare increased 100 percent (to seven hours per week)—its highest level since data first...

25 Years Of Parenting: A Look Back And Ahead - Metro Parent

Robin Monterosso will never forget the day her son was escorted home by a police officer – at the age of 3. While she was taking a nap, the boy slipped out the door for a bike ride around the block. A neighbor called the police to bring the boy ho...

Parenting :: Generational Changes In Parenting Styles

A trend in Australia towards a more lenient and democratic child rearing style is reflected in a pilot study published in Swinburne?s latest E-Journal of Applied Psychology (E-JAP). In a comparison of 31 Greek-Australians and 34 Anglo-Australians ...

Parenting Today Vs The Past

Do you every stop and think about how different the world that we live in today is, compared to when we were kids? You know, “the good old days?” While we are thankful for so much of the positive change that the past 20+ years has brought...

How Parenting Styles Have Changed

The way we raise our children is undoubtedly changing, and has been changing and developing for a considerable time. The days of children being seen and not heard are long gone, and although it is a fact that there are still children across the UK...

It's Not Your Mom And Dad's Parenting

So much of how you parent is shaped by how you were parented. There are things you do in the same way, because you see them as correct, or wise, or because they’re the only way you know. And there are things that you deliberately do differently — ...

Change In The Parenting Styles | Igenius Blog

There is one thing I remember clearly from the early days of when my daughter was born. Besides the euphoria of having a little angel in our lives, it was the constant advice that has been etched in my memory. Right from how I should keep her suit...

Longing For The Carefree Parenting Style Of Yesterday?

Editor's note: Kelly Wallace is CNN's digital correspondent and editor-at-large covering family, career and life. She's a mom of two girls and lives in Manhattan.

How Parenting Has Changed In The Last Century And Why Progress Isn't Always Positive

My 90-year-old grandmother had her first daughter over 60 years ago. She tells a story of when my aunt was an infant and was frequently fussy and irritable, and calm only when held.

10 Things Parents Didn't Do 10 Years Ago

I always thought that you needed to be very old and very cranky to begin a sentence, "When my kids were young...." It turns out, the urge to look backwards can overwhelm us even before our kids have left home. If you see a crazy middle-aged mom ru...

“Kids Nowadays Get Away With Everything!” Has Parenting Really Changed?

I always find it amusing when people talk nostalgically about "the good old days" when arguing that today's generation is "out of control." "Today's kids are so violent... When I was a kid I would have never gotten away with that!," I hear often.


A story that has gone unreported for all three reasons is the gradual and pervasive change in parenting styles that has occurred in this country since the 1940s, and the consequences (or lack of consequences) of that change.

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Your Parenting Style Versus Your Parents

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The generation gap and the advance in technology all make a change in how we raise our kids