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Your Own Terrace, Balcony, Rooftop Or Vertical Garden

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How does your garden grow?

With fenugreek and coriander seeds

And microgreens all in a row!

Always wanted your own kitchen or flower garden but worried you don't have the space for it? Guess what, you can grow your own tomatoes, chillies, mint or coriander on your balcony, terrace, rooftop or even, walls! Urban gardening makes this possible. And information is easily available and accessible today -- from DIY videos, (home composting, making your own potting mix, re-growing veggies from kitchen scraps), how to grow microgreens and, what kind of vegetables/fruits to plant and when. What's more, urban gardening is something the whole family can enjoy. Your children can help you plant and tend to seedlings and, learn some valuable life lessons in the process. 

Flip through these Clips to know more urban gardening, start-ups in this space and gardening hacks as well as new techniques. So that you and your family can grow your own food!


Grow The Garden That Suits The Space You Have

In our cities, where space is at a premium and pollution at toxic levels, wouldn't it be wonderful to have your own living, breathing, green garden? A patch of land to grow the vegetables and herbs you need everyday or even, your favourite flowers...

Everything You Want To Know About Terrace, Balcony And Rooftop Gardens

So what is a terrace, balcony or rooftop garden? It is the urban phenomenon of growing vegetables, fruits or flowers on terraces, balconies or rooftops. In fact, some gardening enthusiasts have such flourishing and lovingly tended gardens that the...

Valuable Life Skills Children Can Learn From Gardening

Watching a seed take root and grow is immensely beneficial. Not just for you, but your children too. Get them off their digital devices and involve them in tending to your garden. It will teach them to respect nature and all living things and, bec...

How To Space Your Vegetables

Now that you've decided what kind of garden you want, it's time to get down to earth. Literally. This is when you realise that spacing vegetables is important. Different kinds of vegetables need different spacing. Here is a ready reckoner or guide...

Compost At Home And Convert Your Kitchen Waste Into Green Gold

Did you know that urban India generates 62 million tonnes of garbage every day! Our kitchen waste is also part of this trash pile. As concerned, civic-minded citizens, we can all help in effective waste management. For instance, we can compost at ...

What Are Microgreens And How Can You Grow Them?

Microgreens are baby plants, literally. These are tasty, extremely nutritious and miniature versions of full-grown vegetables, herbs and other plants. So, you can have tiny fenugreek or cilantro or radish or beets, all power-packed but small sized...

Ingenious And Innovative Soil-Less Gardening Or Farming At Home

The science of soil-less gardening is called hydroponics. As cities get more crowded, hydroponics is often considered the future of urban farming. Hydroponics involves growing healthy plants without the use of a traditional soil medium. Instead, a...

Indian Startups In Urban Farming

'Eat what you grow' is a concept that's catching on like green fire, across Indian cities. And this has led to interest in urban gardening, terrace gardening or urban farming. Given that this is such a growing market, can startups be far behind? H...

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