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Your Guide To Winter Skin Care

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Does your child have chapped lips or cracked flaky skin during winter? For parents of toddlers, this is a fairly common problem during the winter months. 

When the days get colder, your child's skin may show problems. Flaky, chapped skin could cause discomfort in your child. Your child’s skin is sensitive to cold winds and it tends to breaks out easily. His skin could be itchy and scratching it could make it worse. Sometimes, the child complains of irritation or a burning sensation in his skin. However, there are ways which could ease her pain and discomfort.

In this ClipBook, we covered topics like skincare routine of your child as they grow, skin problems like chapped lips, cracked, flaky skin. Then, we have some natural remedies for your child’s skin care. If you are still confused about whether to use a particular brand of baby product. Read our article on the recent controversy surrounding a baby care product company.

Flip through the pages of the ClipBook to know in details about winter skin care in children. 


Winter Skin Care Tips For Children

With this nip in the air, you need to be extra cautious about your child's skin. Read on to equip yourself with some smart skincare tips for your child.

How To Care For Your Baby’S Skin

A baby's skin is very delicate and tender as compared to adults', and require special care. More so during winter time. Here are some great tips to follow, to keep your baby's skin nourished and healthy.

How To Take Care Of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips in children could be painful and reoccurring. Winter makes this condition worse. However, you can take some simple measures beforehand to prevent it. Read on to know how to heal chapped lips.

How To Prevent Winter Rashes

Did you know that you can have a seasonal rash known as winter rash? During winter, cold winds make your skin dry. Sometimes, it leads to extreme dryness and you can get skin irritation in a particular spot. Do you know that with some lifestyle ch...

How To Deal With Skin Allergy

Childhood skin allergies are part of growing up. Various factors like cold winds could trigger it. Learn about common symptoms of skin allergy. There are some natural home remedies which can be put to use to treat these. Read on to dig deep into t...

How To Treat Dry Skin In Toddlers

Does your child's skin peel off? Sometimes, during winter, young children get cracked flaky skin. It is itchy and could be highly contagious. To get rid of such discomfort, there are some home remedies. Read the article to know.

5 Natural Skin Care Ingredients For Your Toddler

New-age mothers have begun to rely on natural ingredients to take care of their toddler’s skin. In this article, we look at a few natural ingredients that have stood the test of time and are safe and nontoxic.

What Experts Have To Say About Johnson's Baby Powder

If you have used Johnson's product for your child, read the article to know what experts have to say on the subject. Johnson & Johnson, a renowned brand of baby bath and body products that include talcum powder, shampoo, soap, lotion and cream, ha...

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