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Your Guide To Teen Cliques


Cliques can range from a harmless bunch of close-knit friends to socially manipulative bullies. Prevalent in most schools and social circles, here are what you need to know about teen cliques.

So, what is a clique? An article in explains, “A clique is any tightly knit group of friends. But the term has taken on a distinctly negative connotation, denoting any social group where those inside the circle cultivate an air of privilege and exclusivity, and who make those outside the circle feel ostracised and unworthy.”

How can you know if your teen is in a clique? The same article reads, “Girls engage in catty behaviour and nasty comments, judging each other on appearance and material possessions. Boys' cliques behave similarly, but emphasis is more likely to be placed on athletic ability, physical prowess, and appearance.” However, there a few positive aspects to cliques too. It gives a sense of belonging, protection and support to your teenager from his fellow clique members.

Though it might shock you, it is possible that your teen might willingly join these cliques. “Along with a teen's physical development and emotional changes, his social awareness and connected social opportunities are evolving as well. These factors can contribute to the stress of change that may be unsettling for some young people. Some teens navigate these changes by joining a clique to fulfil some of their basic needs and desires,” says an article in Our Everyday Life. Also, separation from parents, a need to find a social niche and fear of being alone can make your teen join a clique.

Handling your teen’s clique would need sensitivity and understanding. For better guidance, flip through this ClipBook, which compiles best available links from the web.


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