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Your Guide To Single Parenting


On Father’s Day, Mrs Ronita wrote a letter to her mother,

“To Ms Rita Suzan Rony,

Raising me up to what I’m today must have taken a real toll on you, but if it weren’t for you I’d be nothing, so thank you. Thank you for being my mother, my father and the world for me. Happy Father’s Day to you, Awesomeness.

Loads of love,


There are millions like Ms Rita among us. Single parenthood is not new a term for any of us, until we face it. “Single parenthood is defined as one or more children dependent on one parent. The causes of this are extremely varied. The other parent could have passed away, been divorced, abandoned the family, or been summoned to active duty. Given the large number of troops overseas it is difficult to determine how many children have been affected, or how severely,” explains Devin Kowalczyk in the article ‘Single Parenthood: Definition & Effects on Children’ published in

Today, single parenting has become a very common affair. There are several organizations to support single parents as well. There are so many challenges that a single parent faces in the society. All it needs is a strong will and relentless approach to wade through these tough waters. This will ensure that the children of these single parents grow up enjoying their childhood just as other children do.

Flip through the ClipBook for knowing more about single parenting, and for learning new strategies to raise your little one all by yourself.


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