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Women Entrepreneurs Make Successful Inroads Into Early Childcare Learning Business In India

“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” Indeed! While women in today’s world are increasingly doing better than their male peers in almost every industry, it is the preschool industry that is witnessing a huge influx of ...

6 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A School For Your Child

When it comes to choosing a school, many questions race through the minds of parents. For some, the infrastructure matters, for others the number of toppers produced by the school. One good method is to visit all prospective schools during school ...

Smriti Irani And Other Women Mps Who Are Balancing Motherhood With Politics

Balancing motherhood with office work is difficult. And managing motherhood with politics that requires one to be on his or her toes all the time is even more difficult. However, there are many women MPs who have managed to achieve a fine balance....

Child Rights Body Says J&J Baby Shampoo "Harmful", Firm Insists It's Safe

Though there have already been allegations of the Johnson and Johnson powder being unsafe, the situation has escalated to it being targeted by a Child rights organisation too. This suggests that the level of harm this powder can do is to a very la...

12 Year Old Girl Takes Deeksha: What Do Child Rights Activists Say?

The case of this tween deciding to become a monk is an unusual and unclear one, especially when it comes to child rights. While we want to allow children to make their own decisions, we need to also keep in mind that we have the responsibility to ...

The Working Mom Dilemma

Managing both household tasks and office duties can be difficult and exhausting. Especially for new mothers. Going back to work after giving birth can be an emotional roller coaster that can make things that were seemingly easy before hard. The tr...

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