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Your Child's Safety At School


As parents, we do as much as possible to ensure the safety of our children at home. But, what about the time when they are in school?

Child’s safety, in today’s age, when incidences of accidents involving children are on the rise, has become important. While we can’t be there in person to be sure our children are safe and well-cared-for, there are certain ways we can make sure our child remains safe at school.

To know more about ways to ensure your child’s safety at school, please flip through the pages of this ClipBook.


Back-To-School Transportation Safety

Whether you plan on driving your kids, walking with them, having them ride the bus, or allowing them to ride their bike to and from school, follow these tips to help make the daily commute safe.

Tips For Parents To Prevent Accidents In School

You can try child-proofing the house and take measures to safeguard your child when you are around, but what about the time he spends in the school?

Five Principles To Keep Children Safe In Schools

Some schools have cameras everywhere. Other schools insist on specific routines. It is these routines that will ensure that the school becomes a safer, more caring place. Here are some things schools do to ensure that they are safer places.

The Importance Of Security In Indian Schools

In recent times schools have realized the importance of having a proper security arrangement and this is being put into place, albeit a little slowly. Some of the aspects that schools have to consider are as follows.

Child Protection Policy - A Must In All Schools

Building a secure learning environment, identifying pupils who are in distress or at a risk of harm and then taking suitable action are vital in ensuring that children are safe at school at all times.

School Safety During Emergencies: What Parents Need To Know

While "school safety" is a broad term with various applications within every school, the information in this article can help parents learn about actions schools across the country are taking to make themselves safer and better prepared for an eme...

15 Questions To Ask Your School Administrator

School safety is something that parents commonly overlook and simply take for granted. But safety needs to be at the forefront of every parent’s mind. The following should be the parents' checklist and questionnaire to evaluate a school’s safety.

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