Your Child Wants To Be A Pilot?

Becoming An Airline Pilot In India

Many people are uncertain about the procedure to become an airline pilot. Here we list the normal stages people follow in their progress to their career as an airline pilot. 1. Pass a medical to ensure you meet the medical requirements. Contrary t...

Failed In My Dream Of Becoming Pilot: Abdul Kalam In New Book

For former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, becoming a fighter pilot was a “dearest dream” but he failed to realise it by a whisker as he bagged the ninth position when only eight slots were available in the IAF. In his new book “My Journey: Transfor...

Career In Pilot After 12th- Pilot

Pilot career is one of the exciting job options field. The airline pilots are highly trained professionals who are assigned to fly aircrafts and helicopters. The pilots have acute acumen of appropriate decisions of landing, take off and complex si...

Kids Love Planes... And Pilots!

Kids love planes. That’s pretty universal. Anywhere in the world, if you introduce an airplane to a group of kids, they go bonkers. Especially in places where it’s not an everyday occurrence. There’s just something cool about a vehicle which can d...

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Your Child Wants To Be A Pilot?

Most children get excited at the sight of the big 'bird' in the sky. So, if they want to steer those birds, here's what you need to do.