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Your Child - The Storyteller


Please read the following fact very carefully as it could be life-changing:

Your child is a storyteller who possesses a huge capacity to imagine and create.

Looking for development in your child’s outlook on life, conversation skills, creativity and learning abilities? Get ready to enjoy the benefits of storytelling. Even though it seems as simple as reading a storybook aloud, the truth is that several psychological processes are involved. “Have an open mind and you will draw out the real talent in your child,” says parentcircle.com.

Here are two celebrated storytellers whose imaginative abilities impact our world today. The first is the COO of Facebook and successful author, Sheryl Sandberg, who uses storytelling to narrate personal experiences so that her listeners and readers can relate to them easily. The second storyteller is the legendary film maker, Steven Spielberg. He says, “…I dream at day, I dream all day; I’m dreaming for a living.”

Your little one’s life is a journey towards self-discovery and self-identity, peppered with stories that help them understand reality. Storytelling can help them overcome timidity and become better communicators. It has been a successful tool in teaching children with special needs. Storytelling involves facial expression, body language, voice modulation and ingenuity.

Storytelling involves storybook making and drawing illustrations, motivating kids to be forthcoming and inventive. Your pre-teens and teenagers can use technology to explore the art of movie-making, which is indeed a form of storytelling.

For further ideas on how storytelling can help better equip your child for the future, skim through this ClipBook. It has lots of information for parents who might want to polish up their skills in storytelling.

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