Yoga Exercises For Hair Growth

10 Yoga Exercises That Will Help You Grow Your Hair Faster

Every woman wishes for long, healthy and shiny hair. But, the stress of the modern day lifestyle, ageing, unhealthy eating habits and non-existent fitness routine often takes a heavy toll on your health, including your hair. Well, let us tell you ...

Yoga Tips For Hair-Loss

Doing yoga and meditation to restrict hair-loss will not only give you healthy hair, but also benefit your whole system. It will improve your all round health physically and mentally also. Yoga will help enhance circulation of blood in the scalp, ...

6 Yoga Poses For Hair Growth

Long healthy hair is a reflection of beauty, vitality and youth. Some people experience thinning hair or even hair loss, which is related to genetics and you...


Sirsasana is considered as king of all the asanas as it supplies pure blood to brain which is connected to our whole body function and acts as regulator. Thus in short sirsasana controls and relulates all body function, as it increases blood suppl...

8 Yoga Poses That Can Protect Your Hair?

Hair is a woman’s pride. It is something to flaunt! But when the thickness of your ponytail starts decreasing it is time to pay some serious attention. It is heart breaking and stressful to comb your hair and find a whole clump of your hair sticki...

Best Yoga Asanas For Stopping White Hair Problem

Buying expensive hair dyes might just be a temporary solution but in order to eradicate it we must follow natural methods. Yoga plays a vital role to help us deal with this problem.


It is considered as the best asana among all the asanas, as it activates most of the important glands and help improve their function. Even old books on Yoga proclaim importance of this asana.


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Balayam is a natural yoga method which can cure almost all hair related issues like premature greying, hairfall, dandruff etc. This is also known as Prasanna Mudra, but the only difference between other mudras and this one is that hand move unlike...

Acharya Pratishtha

This video shows Acharya Pratishtha Yoga to have shiny black hair.

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Yoga Exercises For Hair Growth

Woman loves long, healthy and shiny hair. Here are some yoga poses that are great for hair growth.