'wtf' - Collision Course With Earth

Mysterious Oject Dubbed 'Wtf' Is On A Collision Course With Earth

Mysterious UFO dubbed 'WTF' is on a collision course with Earth: Space junk will crash into the Indian Ocean next month. WTF1190F is predicted to crash into ...

Asteroide, Meteoro Wt1190f Irá Cair Na Terra Em 13 De Novembro 2015 Em Algum Lugar Do Oceano Índico.

WT1190F, LINKS: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/99453/20151026/massive-piece-of-space-junk-wt1190f-to-crash-back-to-earth-next-month.htm ...

Mysterious Space Object To Hit Earth November 13

Scientists have worked out that WT1190F will plunge to Earth above the Indian Ocean on 13 November, making it one of the very few space objects whose ...

Странный Фрагмент Космического Мусора Wt1190f Направился В Сторону Земли

Странный фрагмент космического мусора WT1190F направился в сторону Земли / Geektimes.

'Wtf' Isn't Hitting The Earth Nov. 13 But Mysterious Wt1190f Is On A Collision Course

An object - thought by scientists to be a discarded rocket body – will crash into the Earth Nov. 13 but scientists are more excited than concerned about the collision.

Mysterious Space Junk Will Plunge To Earth In November

The Sun and moon's disruptive presence appears to have kicked WT1190F onto a path that will lead the piece of space debris to self-destruct in the Earth's atmosphere The object is only 1 to 2 meters in size, and its trajectory shows that it has a ...

Mystery Space Object Wt1190f A 'Crash Course' For Earth

Cygnus spacecraft 'Janice Voss' burns up on reentry August 17, 2014. Photograph by Alex Gurst, aboard the ISS. The reentry of mystery object WT1190F, on November 13, 2015, could look very similar to this. Credit: NASA/ESA No, it's not Nibiru. No a...

Reentry Data Will Help Improve Prediction Models

A rare reentry of a suspected rocket body from a very high orbit next month offers an excellent opportunity to gather data to improve our knowledge of how objects interact with Earth’s atmosphere. The expected 13 November reentry of what is likely...

Wtf Ufo: Unknown Space Object Dubbed Wt1190f On Collision Course With Earth

A mysterious piece of UFO space debris dubbed WT1190F is on collision course with planet Earth. The UFO is expected to crash into Earth’s atmosphere next month. Although experts have calculated that WT1190F will crash into the Indian Ocean on Nove...

Object Wtf? No, But Wt1190f Will Enter Earth's Atmosphere

On 27 October 2015, several web sites published stories about a "mysterious" object that was on a "collision course" with earth. While it's true that an object dubbed WT1190F is expected to enter Earth's atmosphere, scientists are not concerned ab...

Massive Piece Of Space Junk Wt1190f Is On Collision Course With Earth

It’s not a catchy name, but a piece of space debris called WT1190F is on a collision course with Earth. The unidentified piece of junk is between one and two metres in length, ready to enter earth’s atmosphere on November 13. It’s expected to fall...

Wt1190f - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

WT1190F (UDA34A3 or UW8551D) is a small temporary satellite of the Earth that will impact the Earth on November 13, 2015. It was first discovered on February 18, 2013 by the Catalina Sky Survey. 2 3 It was then lost, and reacquired on November 29,...

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'wtf' - Collision Course With Earth

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'WTF' is on a collision course with Earth