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Writing Skills In Children

Dr. Arpan Kumar


Can The Use Of Touchscreens Affect Your Child’S Pencil Grip? - Parentcircle

Increased use of digital tools has changed the process of learning. But, does the use of touchscreens affect your child’s ability to learn a basic skill, like how to hold a pencil? Read, to find out. A child today, not only knows how to pose in f...

Tips To Help Children With Dysgraphia - Parentcircle

Does your child tire easily while writing or refuses to do it at all? He may have dysgraphia. Read on to know all about it and how you can help your child. Learning how to write is one of the most important skills children learn, when they first ...

How To Teach Your Child To Hold A Pencil Right - Parentcircle

With more and more children using smartphones and tablets for learning and play, it has become crucial for parents to teach their children how to write and hold a pencil properly. Here are some tips. Parents today often feel happy about how tech-...

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