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World's Most Powerful Working Mothers


“We still struggle with the outdated belief that a woman cannot be both an accomplished professional and a devoted mother.” These are the words of Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States, a successful lawyer and a mother of two. 

The responsibilities that a woman has to shoulder as a mother can make it very difficult for her to deal with other serious commitments in her life. Yet many mothers have worked very hard to meet the expectations of both their workplace and home. Empowered working mothers are proof of the fact that women have become experts in balancing work and family.

Kathy Bloomgarden in her article, 'Why Working Moms Are Every Family’s Backbone', published in the Fortune, tells us how working moms can reshape the way their children think. According to her, successful working moms can use their experience to teach their children "how to dream and reach for the stars, and juggle family and independence."

Because of their ability to successfully manage multiple roles, working mothers are a role model for not just their families but also others around them. Leading the life of a working mother can be complex and requires immense hard work and commitment. Above all, it requires effective prioritisation of tasks that are important.

Go through the ClipBook to learn more about some of the most inspiring working mothers and the story behind their success. 


The World's Most Powerful Working Mothers

As Mother's Day approaches, we take a look at some of the most powerful mothers who have built an inspiring career without compromising on the motherhood.

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