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Should a mother be working or not? It has been a topic of discussion for a very long time. On one hand, women are forced into marriages and on the other hand, they are reserved employment seats. The society raised the standards of working women and at the same time, the society complains about the absence of a mother at home. Gender equality, feminism, rights for the women, women cells and helplines, reservations, etc. have uplifted and empowered the women in our society. But why is there a problem with working women? Has anyone heard of a debate on working fathers?

This is where a balance between work and family life is required. “Employers worldwide realise that a woman who has done justice to her family and made them ready for her role as a career woman is a far more reliable, prepared and a power filled resource rather than someone at loose ends, grappling with marital and parental tumults,” feels Vidya Shankar, Founder, Relief Foundation.

The Father and the mother have equal importance in a child’s life, be it as a baby, a teenager or as an adult. A division and a balance between parental duties is something that is to be seriously thought about.

Family planning not just revolves around the number of kids to be had but also the efficient ways of providing for their holistic development. This is something about “preparing to be parents.”

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Working Mums

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