Women Tricked Into Having C-sections

Are Women Being Tricked Into Having C-Sections?

Many predictions of childbirth are somewhat reliable — the sex of a baby, for example, and the due date, as well as the presence of certain significant medical problems. But no prediction in childbirth is an exact science — including the seemingly...

Labor Almost Always Goes Well: The Risks And Rewards Of Cesarean Births

I mean, there are variations—forceps! hypnobirthing! epidural!—and those are almost infinite. But in general, the baby either comes out through the vagina, or it comes out through the abdomen. The second option is called cesarean birth. Almost by ...

Could You Be Forced To Have A C-Section?

Could You Be Forced To Have A C-Section? Baby Talk May, 2005 By Lisa Collier Cool Amber Marlowe anticipated an easy delivery when she went into labor on January 14, 2004. But after a routine ultrasound, doctors at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, in...

What’S So Terrible About Having A C-Section?

in: Baby>, Pregnant>, You and Your Family>, Dilemmas>, Health & Safety>, Me & My Kids>, News>, Mom Stories A few weeks ago I read a very thoughtful, well done piece from a 40-year-old doctor who was shocked at the pressure she received to get a C-...

An Industry Devoted To Demonizing C-Sections

Slate has published a terrific piece about C-sections written by Dr. Chavi Eve Karkowsky entitled Sorry You Were Tricked Into A C-section; What disapproving friends don’t understand about cesarean births. Dr. Karkowsky perfectly captures the disda...

Caesarean Birth: What Are The Risks And Benefits?

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What Doctors Don't Tell You About C-Sections - Cnn.Com

I was six months pregnant when a smiling stranger on a bus asked where I was delivering. Within minutes, this woman was sharing intimate details of her own birthing experience -- the water breaking, the contractions that failed to get closer toget...

Pros And Cons: Elective C-Section

In the last decade, the number of cesarean sections — or C-sections — performed in America has nearly doubled. In fact, in the country today, approximately 30 percent of all babies born in the United States are delivered by C-section. A study publ...

Vaginal Birth Vs. C-Section: Pros & Cons

A woman can deliver her baby either by vaginal birth or a C-section. Both delivery methods have advantages and disadvantages.

C-Sections: Recovery, Risks, Benefits, Pain, And More

Ellen Spencer, 40, of Hanson, Mass., is recovering from a cesarean section. With a 1-month old to take care of, and her older toddler underfoot, bouncing back from major surgery isn't easy. "I knew I was going to have a C-section," Spencer tells ...

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Women Tricked Into Having C-sections

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Are Women Being Tricked Into Having C-sections?