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Winning Entries Of #gadgetfreehour Contest - Performing Arts

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This year on World Children’s Day, ParentCircle urged parents all over the country to participate in the #GadgetFreeHour initiative. We asked parents to disconnect from gadgets for an hour and reconnect with their children by spending uninterrupted time with them. This being the second year of the #GadgetFreeHour campaign, more parents joined in and took up the challenge.

To make it known how much children want to spend time with their parents, we organised a contest to help them voice their opinion. This 'My Family Time' contest asked children to express how they wanted to spend time as a family, without the use of gadgets and devices. In the performing arts category, children sent us heart-warming videos of what they like doing with their parents, without using gadgets.

Each child’s depiction of #GadgetFreeHour with their families is unique and soul-stirring. They depict the child’s dream of quality family time and undivided attention. We were so overjoyed by looking at the kids’ performances that we wanted you to see it too! Here is a collection of some of the entries we couldn’t help sharing with you. Flip through this ClipBook and see what children think about gadget-free time with the family! 

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